This was cheating!

This did not make sense!

How could it be like this? How could it be like this? Was this not cheating?

Chu Yunfan’s actions caused the others to react.
That’s right.
Why should we be afraid of competing with them in terms of endurance? They had more people, so they could take turns attacking and save energy.
However, we have elixirs, so who was afraid of who?!

These criminals suddenly felt as if they had encountered a group of pay-to-win players—although our skills are not as good as yours and we do not have as many people, my equipment is good, I can take potions, and I can exhaust you to death.

At this moment, the group of students finally understood what Chu Yunfan meant when he said that these people were the points that came knocking on their doors.

That’s right, the advantage they had was overwhelming.
As long as they were careful and did not panic, it was not certain who would exhaust who to death.

With enemies everywhere in such a harsh environment, these students did not seem to have an advantage.
But in reality, their hidden advantage was simply too great.
The criminals had not seen this coming.

The gang of criminals was getting anxious.
One after another, they frantically attacked.
They could not give these students the chance to consume energy elixirs.
Otherwise, the ones who would be dragged to death would be them.

As his physical strength rapidly recovered, Chu Yunfan felt that this battle was exhausting.
Being able to fight against such a top expert was not an opportunity that could be obtained often.

Chu Yunfan treated scarface as an opportunity to temper himself—an opportunity to temper himself while being at a complete disadvantage.

In reality, this was the reason why Federation University sent them here to suppress these criminals.
Otherwise, their turn to shine would never come.
If the army came, they would be able to easily wipe out these criminals.

Scarface finally came to his senses.
Chu Yunfan was treating him as a grindstone and he was furious.

“I’ll kill you!”

Scarface let out a furious roar.
He was like an injured wild beast, roaring incessantly.

Chu Yunfan looked around.
He could faintly make out the silhouettes of monsters that were lying in ambush in the distance.
Those monsters were not stupid.
Monsters that could survive in such an extremely harsh environment were extremely cunning.
They were waiting for two groups to fight to the death before coming out to hunt.

“We can’t delay any longer.
If more and more monsters are attracted by the smell of fresh blood, the situation will become very troublesome,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

“Then lay down and die.
Become our food so that we may survive.” Scarface smiled sinisterly as the killing intent in his heart rose.

“I have to kill you as soon as possible! Sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
300 points.
My, my.
That’s pretty good.” Chu Yunfan realized that his physical strength had almost fully recovered.
He finally released the restraints of the weighted suit he was wearing.


Chu Yunfan’s True Energy flow instantly doubled, turning into a terrifying aura that instantly erupted.

“This is…” scarface saw Chu Yunfan’s strength suddenly erupt and was shocked.
He could not believe it.
Just now, he clearly had not sensed Chu Yunfan hiding his strength.
He had been hiding it all along.

“Even if you hide your strength, you aren’t a match for me!”

Scarface roared and charged toward Chu Yunfan.

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