Although this talent black market was illegal, it was unexpectedly orderly.
It even had an exclusive management agency to handle all sorts of issues.
Clearly, there was a major faction supporting this and it had not just come out of nowhere.

The first thing Chu Yunfan did when he arrived at the talent black market was to go to the management agency, which was located in a skyscraper.

He paid 5,000 coins to apply for a stall at the talent black market.
It was the smallest stall, and it could be rented for 5,000 per day.
As for what he was going to sell, the talent black market did not care.
They did not even ask about his background or name.

If they were to ask questions, perhaps they would scare many away and people would not dare to come.
Even though the talent black market was operating openly, it was a black market after all.
Those who came in looking for business were still illegal.

It operated the same as all black markets.
They would not ask about one’s background or what they were going to do.
They merely did what they were supposed to do.
Since it was a black market, naturally, dog-eat-dog situations were inevitable.
One could only depend on oneself.

Chu Yunfan rented a small stall, and he put ‘Refining all sorts of medicinal pills at a discounted price!’ on the digital screen in front of it.

He then sat with his legs crossed.
He cultivated while waiting for customers to come to him.

Although the stall he applied for was located in a rather secluded area in the talent black market, the foot traffic was quite high.
There were many people coming to enquire about alchemy in the morning.

However, they immediately lost interest as soon as they heard that he merely had an advanced-level alchemy apprentice license.


Chu Yunfan looked like a teenager, which was another reason nobody trusted him.
Those medicinal pills would cost tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousand coins, so nobody was willing to take the risk.

Finally, a slender figure approached Chu Yunfan.
He lifted his head and saw a lady with a slim body before him.
She looked to be about 20 and had exquisite features.
She had proper makeup on and a neat professional uniform.

“You sure are boastful to say that you can refine medicinal pills of all sorts.
Can you really do that?” Her doubt was plain to see as it flashed across her face.

It sounded like she had met with many alchemists.
Normally, all alchemists at such a talent black market would list all of the medicinal pills that they could refine so it was convenient for the clients to choose from.
Normally, no one had the audacity to say that they could refine all sorts of medicinal pills.

“I wouldn’t dare to say that I can refine all, but most of the common medicinal pills shouldn’t be a problem for me!” Chu Yunfan said.

That young lady was obviously even more doubtful and asked, “Do you have an alchemist license?”

Of course I don’t have an alchemist license.
Would I be at this black market if I had one? I would’ve gone to the regular talent market!”

Chu Yunfan was getting rather impatient.
This lady seemed to be skeptical and appeared to be mocking him with her questions.

“You…” Chu Yunfan had triggered the young lady, but what he said next quickly calmed her down.

“Would I be here if I didn’t have the proper tools or talent? Do you think I applied for a stall here at 5,000 coins per day just to waste your time?” Chu Yunfan said.

The lady thought about it and figured it made sense.
Those who came to the black market were usually not exactly good people.
Some even planned to do something harmful there.
Nobody would be bored enough to apply for a stall just to waste people’s time.

“Tell me, what medicinal pill do you want to refine?” Chu Yunfan asked.

Although he was a little testy, he did not want to give up on this client.
Of all the potential clients that came by in the morning, she was the only one who did not leave right away.
It seemed she had greater urgency than the rest.
Even though he looked like a teenager who did not even have an alchemist license, she did not want to give up on the opportunity.

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After considering, the lady said, “I’m thinking of refining a batch of Body Refining Pills!”

“Body Refining Pills? Why don’t you go to the Alchemist Association instead?” Chu Yunfan asked rather doubtfully.

It seemed this lady was something else.
The Body Refining Pill was a regular medicinal pill that was sold legally.
It was not a controlled medicinal pill, so the fastest way to get it was to go to the Alchemist Association directly.

Moreover, she was clearly not consuming them herself since she wanted to refine a batch of them.
She must have been planning to sell them.
Why would she come to the talent black market to do legitimate business?

Although the talent black market usually had the upper hand when it came to prices, there were all sorts of dangers there.
Nobody dared to act recklessly within the market, but it would be a different story as soon as they left.

With the demand for Body Refining Pills, profit was guaranteed even if one was to look for the alchemists at the Alchemist Association to refine them.
Fewer people would come to the talent black market looking for unlicensed alchemists to do such a job.

Normally, those who came to them wanted to refine some medicinal pills that were unapproved and unusual, or illegal medicines that were officially banned.

Although the excavation and restoration works of the Ancient Zenith Civilization were mainly done by the Federation government, in reality, there were many consortiums, big companies, major sects, and Saint Lands with their own reclamation teams.
That was how many illegal medicine recipes ended up in their hands.
They would then be shared to interested parties through various channels.

Not all factions had the ability to train their own alchemists.
In that case, the talent black markets would be the best choice.

There were many illegal medicines that the Alchemy Emperor was familiar with in Chu Yunfan’s memory.
These medicinal pills were illegal because they were either not thoroughly researched or had excessive side effects on the human body.

“You don’t need to know why I came to you.
Let me ask you this, since you said you can refine all sorts of medicinal pills, can you refine Body Refining Pills or not?” the lady asked.

“It’s just the Body Refining Pill.
Naturally, it won’t be a problem at all!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
Although he had his doubts, he decided to take up the job in the end.
He did not care why she came to the black market.


He wanted to seize the opportunity to make a bucket of gold.
Many things that he had planned would be much easier with the money.

The thing that Chu Yunfan was most lacking now was seed money.
The path of cultivation in the future would be a process of spending a fortune.
This was just the beginning.

Since that lady said she wanted to refine a batch of Body Refining Pills, the quantity would be high.
He might be able to make the 400,000 coins that he needed.

“Anyway, I can’t trust you just like that.
You must first prove your ability!” the lady said in all seriousness.

“Sure, that’s no problem at all!”

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