50 million was enough to turn the world of a common-class family upside down.
Killing commoners for 50 million was as easy as picking up something for nothing.

This was especially easy for those vicious people who already walked in the darkness and had completely disregarded the laws of the government.

It was too simple of a job.

And that was the scariest thing.

After the attacks, Chu Yunfan contacted Xue Bailong.
With Xue Bailong’s strength, he found the origins of these assassins very quickly.
Jiang Jianye had no intention of even concealing his identity.
He just wanted to vent his anger and let everyone understand the anger of Jiang Jianye and the Jiang family.
The real deal was that he had put a bounty on the head of the Monster Cult branch leader on the black market.
As for Chu Yunfan, he was just within the blast radius.

“Jiang Jianye had put a bounty of 50 million on the heads of you and your entire family,” Xue Bailong said from the other end of the line.

During this period, Xue Bailong had also been under a lot of pressure.
The Jiang family had put a lot of pressure on the upper echelons of the army.
If it were not for his backing, the Jiang family would probably have kicked him out.
He was annoyed by the Jiang family’s private use of public goods, but he knew that this was the reality and had no way of changing it.

“You have to be careful,” Xue Bailong said.

“Lieutenant Xue, do you know of any top-notch experts who have retired from the army? I want to hire some of these experts,” Chu Yunfan said after a pause.

There must be many who coveted 50 million yuan.
While within Spirit Moon District, Chu Yunfan had nothing to worry about unless it was an Innate Stage expert who took action.
But who would risk their lives for fifty million yuan?

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But what if they were to forcefully snatch one of his family members off the road? Although it was risky, 50 million yuan was really tempting.
It was money that ordinary people could not earn even if they worked for a few lifetimes.

“I know some people, but they don’t come cheap,” Xue Bailong said.

“Money isn’t a problem,” Chu Yunfan said confidently.

Not only was the Jiang family offering a reward of 50 million yuan, but the cult was also targeting their family.
It was necessary to hire a bodyguard.
After all, his parents were only ordinary people, and his sister had just started cultivating, so she was powerless.
For his parents’ safety, any amount of money was worth spending.

“I didn’t know you were so rich,” Xue Bailong said with a smile, “You really should be hiring a bodyguard.
Whether it’s the black market bounty or the cult, they’ll be finding trouble with you.
When the dust has settled, we’ll talk about this further.

“We’ll also cooperate with the Federation Government to increase the intensity of the sweep.
I don’t think the cult will have the time to find trouble with you for the time being.
However, I can’t do anything about the Jiang family.
This time, not only you are affected.
I’m also under a lot of pressure.
If I didn’t have a background, I would’ve been beaten up,” Xue Bailong said, “It’ll be much better when you get into Federation University.
Even if someone is greedy for 50 million yuan, they still have to consider the weight of the university.
The federal university is a giant in itself, and your seniors will be the upper class of human society.
They won’t dare lay their hands on your family members.
After all, who doesn’t have a family? If revenge were to be taken on their family members, who can bear it?”

Chu Yunfan understood what Xue Bailong meant.
As long as he could get into Federation University, everything would be completely different.
Just his identity as a student of Federation University was enough to make those rascals not dare to lay their hands on his family members.
Moreover, a true expert would not shed all pretense of cordiality with Federation University for the sake of 50 million yuan and break such an unspoken rule.

“Oh right, about the matter of you wanting to hire an expert, I have an uncle who runs a security company.
They recruit elite soldiers who have retired from the military.
There are both men and women.
They are powerful and loyal.
The only drawback is that the price is relatively high,” Xue Bailong said.

“Money is not a problem,” Chu Yunfan said.
He was about to get a large sum from Bai Hong.
No matter how expensive it was, he should be able to afford it.

“Generally speaking, Energy Refinement Stage experts range from tens to hundreds of thousands a month.
A peak Energy Refinement Stage expert’s annual employment fee is around one million,” Xue Bailong said.

“What about Acquired Stage experts?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“You sure have a big appetite, but the price of an Acquired Stage expert is even higher.
an ordinary Acquired Stage expert would cost you at least ten million a year.
A true peak Acquired Stage expert be tens or even hundreds of millions.
Acquired Stage experts aren’t people you can hire with money,” Xue Bailong said.

Chu Yunfan was speechless at this price.
No wonder the Tengda Group could only afford to hire Zuo Wenbin who had been an Acquired Stage expert.

“Help me hire six Acquired Stage experts.
I don’t believe that isn’t enough to overturn the sky,” Chu Yunfan said as he gritted his teeth.

He planned to hire six Acquired Stage experts to secretly protect his family and try to solve the secret trouble without alerting his family.

“Six? The fees for Acquired Stage experts have to be paid one year in advance.” Xue Bailong was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s huge financial resources.
It was simply a joke.

Six Acquired Stage experts would cost at least tens of millions, and at most, hundreds of millions.
Even Xue Bailong would not be able to take out so much money in one go.

“Yes, six,” Chu Yunfan said and nodded.

Of course, Chu Yunfan did not have the money at the moment.
However, he could get some money from Bai Hong in advance.
Chu Yunfan had yet to take any portion of the sales of the Body Refining Pills.
Although it was a lot of money, it should be just loose change for an alchemy expert like Bai Hong.

Xue Bailong acted quickly.
On the same day, the security company Xue Bailong mentioned came directly to Chu Yunfan’s door.
A big client had to be treated seriously after all.

Chu Yunfan chose six Acquired Stage experts.
There were men and women, and without exception, they were all top-notch experts.
All of them had an extremely powerful and terrifying aura.
None of them was inferior to Zuo Wenbin who had been killed by Chu Yunfan previously.

The most important thing was that each of them had vast experiences in protecting people.
In the army, they had been responsible for the security of the leaders.
All of them had gun licenses.
When necessary, they could use them.

With a defense network formed by these people, everything was now foolproof.
Even if an Innate Stage expert came, they would not be able to succeed in their mission.
Chu Yunfan managed to solve the problem without alerting Chu Wencheng, Yang Yayun, and Chu Qingxuan.

Of course, Chu Yunfan had to pay a total of 150 million in hiring fees.
This sum was paid in advance by Bai Hong.
Bai Hong knew about the bounty that the Jiangs had put on Chu Yunfan’s family and thus gave the money very quickly.
In any case, the dividends owed to Chu Yunfan were far more than this.

Now at ease, Chu Yunfan wholeheartedly began to prepare for the college entrance examinations.

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