Jiang Jianye’s expression was like a dark lake.
His eyes had a sinister light, and his hands were tightly clenched as if this was the only way to suppress the anger he was feeling.

The moment he heard of his son’s death, he was livid.
He never thought that his son would die and that it would be at a child-like training camp.

With his son’s strength, such a camp should be nothing to him.

But his son had died.

As there was no such thing as family planning in this Kunlun Area, Jiang Yusheng was not the only son.
On the contrary, couples were encouraged to have children, because the number of humans was too little compared to the number of monsters that were their enemies.
The competition between two people was a competition of strength.
However, the competition between one race and another race was determined by the numbers.

Among Jiang Jianye’s sons, Jiang Yusheng had been the most promising.
He even had a chance of entering the Innate Stage in the future.

Even in a financial group and a big family like the Jiang family, not everyone could be successful.
Of course, even the disciples of the Jiang family who were not successful were much more powerful than ordinary people.

Even with the Jiang family’s strength, it was still very difficult for them to nurture descendants who could become the number one high schooler of Calm Ocean City.
As for nurturing a top scorer of the college entrance exams like Jiang Lingxiao a few years ago, it was purely a matter of fate.
That kind of person had to be nurtured step by step.

Moreover, there were countless experts at the core of the Jiang family.
The competition was fierce.
One could imagine the fury Jiang Jianye felt when his most promising son died just like that.

In front of him stood a middle-aged man who was wearing a suit.
This middle-aged man had a powerful aura and was a powerful martial artist.
However, at this moment, his back was slightly bent as he stood in front of Jiang Jianye.
He dared not stand up straight.

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“Have you found out? What had caused this to happen?” Jiang Jianye asked as he suppressed his anger.

“The scene was a mess.
The bodies of the young master and those bodyguards have all been swallowed by the monsters.
It’s impossible to tell what happened through the corpses.
However, from the clues at the scene, we have found that there might have been a great battle between Acquired experts,” the middle-aged man said.

I sent Elder Wu to protect Yusheng.
He isn’t weak even among Acquired Stage experts.
How could he have been killed? Even if he encountered a monster swarm, not all of them would’ve died!” Jiang Jianye reprimanded the man without holding back.

“From the words of the experts we sent to the scene, there seemed to have been two Acquired Stage experts and or above attacking one another.
That’s how the young master and Elder Wu were killed,” the middle-aged man hurriedly said.

“Two Acquired Stage experts.
Besides the army, only the Monster Cult can send such a lineup.
The army has no enmity with us.
There’s no need for them to ambush a junior member of our family.
It must’ve been the cult!” Jiang Jianye said, enunciating each word.

In a behemoth like the Jiang family, Acquired Stage experts were respected figures.
It did not matter how many Energy Refinement Stage experts died.
Every year, there were many Energy Refinement Stage experts among high schoolers, not to mention universities.
However, most Energy Refinement Stage experts were unable to step into the Acquired Stage.

This made the Acquired Stage extremely precious!

If one could step into the Acquired Stage, they would be able to enter the ranks of the core Jiang family members.
Jiang Yusheng had such a talent, but he had been defeated in a mere group training.

“The cult actually dared to attack the direct descendants of our family,” Jiang Jianye said as he patted the armrest, “Pass down the order.
Put a bounty of two billion on the black market.
I want the head of the cult leader of Calm Ocean City.
I want them to pay the price!”

Jiang Jianye had determined that only the cult could have such a level of Acquired Stage experts.
Other people were afraid of the cult, but not him.
The Jiang family was not to be trifled with.

“Also, think of a way to put pressure on the army.
If they had not made a mistake, my son wouldn’t have died,” Jiang Jianye said.
“Oh right, and who was the person who was at odds with Yusheng?”

“It was a student named Chu Yunfan,” the middle-aged man in a suit said.

“Think of a way to kill him,” Jiang Jianye’s eyes flashed with a terrifying killing intent, “He made my son lose face in public.
Why is it that he gets to live when my son is dead.”

“Sir, the government is keeping a close watch on us.
If we make a move in the city, I’m afraid the backlash will be too much to bear.” the middle-aged man had a somewhat troubled expression.

In modern society, although there was a behemoth like the Jiang family that could cover the sky with one hand, the government was even more powerful.
They would never allow anyone to disrupt the stability of human society.

These wealthy families were also very sensitive to matters that targeted individuals.
Of course, the probability of wealthy families targeting civilians was very low.
Things such as this were unlikely to happen.
It’s just like how a person might accidentally step on an ant, but who would specifically target an ant.

“Then put a bounty on the black market.
Fifty million.
I want the head of him and his entire family,” Jiang Jianye said coldly, “I want them all to be buried with my son.”

Fifty million was nothing to Jiang Jianye who was a core member of the Jiang family, especially when compared to the bounty on the cult.
If it was only fifty million, not many would dare attack the leader of the cult.
However, targeting an ordinary civilian was a different matter.

Although it was possible to be caught by the government, the success rate was still very high.
Moreover, there was not much risk.
It was easy money.
Assassins were likely to come one after another to earn it.

Jiang Jianye intended to bury Chu Yunfan’s family along with Jiang Yusheng.
Although, Chu Yunfan was probably just an ant on the side of the road in his eyes.
He was not bothered to pay too much attention to him.

Chu Yunfan was just someone for Jiang Jianye to vent his anger on.
What Jiang Jianye did not know was that the person that he had vented his anger on was the one who had truly killed his son.

The power of 50 million was enormous.
It affected Chu Yunfan’s family almost overnight.

Chu Yunfan looked at the three assassins who were killed as soon as they entered the Spirit Moon Community with an ashen face.
Spirit Moon Community was one of the most high-end districts in the Calm Ocean City.
Needless to say, the level of security in Spirit Moon Community was superb and was very difficult even for Acquired Stage experts to break in.

However, the arrival of these three assassins signaled to Chu Yunfan that someone had placed 50 million yuan in the black market on his and his family’s heads.

And the other party did not even bother to cover their tracks.
It was Jiang Yusheng’s father, Jiang Jianye.

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