ening now, it was not difficult to guess who was behind it.

‘This isn’t good.
The Monster Cult has made their move!’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

No matter how deeply the people from the cult had infiltrated human society, there was no doubt that they could not compete with the army in terms of numbers.
It was unrealistic for them to organize an army to fight.
However, the cult had a unique secret method that could temporarily control monsters, forming terrifying monster swarms that would attack the human army.
These monster swarms would pose a great threat to humankind.

Chu Yunfan was worried about Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu’s safety, so he hurriedly flew toward the training ground.

“Just as I expected.
I’ve been waiting for you,” a cold voice suddenly sounded, and two figures appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.
They were none other than the two undercover spies from the cult who were posing as soldiers who had chased Chu Yunfan previously.

One of them was a plump man with a medium build.
He held a huge hammer in his hand and possessed astonishing divine power.
The other was a muscular man who had a knife in his hands as he stared pointedly at Chu Yunfan.

“As expected, you’ll eventually return.
This is the limit of a student,” the plump man sneered as he spoke, trying to use his words to attract Chu Yunfan’s attention.
The other one had quietly come up on Chu Yunfan from behind.
They were planning to pincer him from the front and back.

These two were both experienced in hundreds of battles and did not need to communicate much.
They could understand each other with just a glance.

“So it’s the two of you.
Both of you will meet your end here,” Chu Yunfan said.
Previously, he had been forced to flee.
Now, it was time for him to take revenge.

Chu Yunfan took a step forward.
His body was like a cannonball as he flew straight out.
His target was the plump man who was holding a huge hammer.

“You trying to get past me? Do you think I’m slow just because I’m fat? Huge mistake!” The medium-sized fatty roared.
The hammer in his hand smashed out like lightning.
The air seemed to split apart, causing a huge explosion.

Although this plump man looked extremely large and did not look like he could move very fast, he was as fast as lightning.
The huge hammer in his hand looked as if it weighed nothing.

It was truly terrifying!

Chu Yunfan stomped his foot and continuously executed the fourth transformation of the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations.
Then, he came to a sudden halt.
In front of him, the gigantic hammer smashed down and landed on the ground.


A loud collision sound rang out as the entire ground was smashed apart.
The ground shook violently.
If Chu Yunfan had been any slower, he would have been smashed into a meat patty.
This strength far surpassed that of the vice-captain of the Blood Wolf Gang whom Chu Yunfan had fought earlier.
It was comparable to an Acquired Stage expert.

However, the plump man did not have the time to be complacent.
He saw a blue figure dart out like a bolt of blue lightning.

This plump man was fast, but this figure was even faster.
With lightning speed, it struck out with its paw.
After that, the plump man was sent flying.

However, this blue lightning did not stop and chased after the plump man who was soaring through the air.
The claws hidden within the soles of its feet suddenly shot out, and like a large knife, chopped down.

The plump man’s head was chopped off.

All of this happened in just a split second.

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