No one would dare provoke an adult Thunder Winged Beast because it was a terrifying existence that was above the Innate Stage.
Its offsprings would be imbued with powers of wind and thunder.

Thunder Winged Beasts were born with the divine ability to control thunder.
When it matured, it would develop the divine ability of wind in the form of wings.
At that time, it would gain the terrifying ability to control winds.

In battles between humans and monsters, Thunder Wing Beasts have appeared before.
It had been a terrible bane toward the humans.
When it flapped its wings, it could create huge tornados out of thin air where there was no wind at all.
It could even call down bolts of thunder.

That was the real terror!

And juvenile Thunder Winged Beasts were no less terrifying.
Even if it was just born, it would be at the Energy Refinement Stage.
Once it entered its growth stage, it would reach the Acquired Stage.

Chu Yunfan observed the beast in front of him.
At the height of about two meters, this Thunder Winged Beast should be in the growth stage.
To the current Chu Yunfan, this was still an unrivaled existence.
He knew that he must have mistakenly entered the nest of this Thunder Winged Beast.
He had not been expecting a monster to use this parking lot as a nest.
He had no way of escaping.
The Thunder Winged Beast was blocking the exit path of the parking lot.
Unless he managed to duck into the Mountain River Diagram, there was no way for him to escape.

‘Since I don’t have a choice, I’ll go all out!’ he thought to himself.

If it was before, Chu Yunfan would definitely choose to hide in the space within the Mountain River Diagram.
But now, things were different.
He now possessed a Beast Taming Pill.
He had not expected to use it so quickly.


The Thunder Winged Beast immediately pounced on him.
It was fast.
Be it wind or lightning, the speed boost it had was extremely terrifying.
Even with Chu Yunfan’s Nine Transformations, he still felt immense pressure.
Every time the beast flew at him, he only barely dodged it.

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Chu Yunfan’s mind entered a state of calm.
The movements of the Thunder Winged Beast, which was originally as fast as lightning, suddenly slowed down.
In his mind, the Nine Transformations flashed through his mind, creating a video-like scenario before his eyes.
His cultivation base, which was already at the third transformation of the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations, had broken through instantly under the frenzied stimulation of the Thunder Winged Beast.

He had broken through to the fourth transformation.

After breaking through, Chu Yunfan’s agility increased even more—and it increased exponentially.
Each transformation of the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations was a brand new world.
The next was completely different from the last.

The Thunder Winged Beast had been trying to capture Chu Yunfan.
However, after breaking through to the fourth transformation, Chu Yunfan immediately felt much safer.
He was able to dodge the attacks of the Thunder Winged Beast in advance.

After breaking through to the fourth transformation, the other two movement techniques Chu Yunfan knew also improved.
The Nine Cyclone Phantoms reached the fourth incarnation and the Wind-haze Form had also ascended to a higher level.

When the Thunder Winged Beast pounced, it would stir up a terrifying gale.
Chu Yunfan could sense it in advance and dodge it just by relying on the airflow fluctuations brought about by the gale.

After having a huge breakthrough in his movement techniques, Chu Yunfan’s transformation was immediately effective.
A little while ago, faced with the Thunder Winged Beast’s attacks, he had been extremely nervous.
One moment of carelessness and he might be finished.
But now, he could face the beast with ease.


The Thunder Winged Beast had failed to kill Chu Yunfan several times.
It grew furious.
It opened its mouth and roared.

‘Here’s my chance!’ The thought flashed through Chu Yunfan’s mind.

He had been waiting for this moment.
The Beast Taming Pill appeared in Chu Yunfan’s hand.
Then, like a meteor, Chu Yunfan sent it flying into the open jaws of the Thunder Winged Beast.

After swallowing the Beast Taming Pill, the Thunder Winged Beast felt its movements slowing down.
Its pouncing movements were no longer as smooth as before.
Slowly, its originally incomparably fierce eyes began to lose their hard edge.

Chu Yunfan knew that the Beast Taming Pill had taken effect.
Now was the time when the Thunder Winged Beast was at its most vulnerable.
If he wanted to subdue the Thunder Winged Beast, this was his best chance.

Chu Yunfan immediately sat down in front of the Thunder Winged Beast.
Then, he gestured a hand seal and performed the ritual.
He chanted a complicated and difficult chant.
Back in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, only a few people could understand it, let alone now.
Chu Yunfan must be the only one who knew it.
This was a hand seal of spiritual communication.
It was the most crucial step in using the Beast Taming Pill to tame a monster.


Chu Yunfan felt a terrifying spiritual power sweep toward his brain like a landslide.
Even though this Thunder Winged Beast was just a juvenile, it was still a monster in the Acquired Stage.
Its spiritual power was much more powerful than that of an ordinary human.
If he wanted to tame the beast, he had to tame its spiritual power.

Chu Yunfan kept making the hand seals.
In his mind, the Godhead suddenly burst out with a huge ray of light.
The spiritual power of the Thunder Winged Beast, which was about to take over Chu Yunfan’s mind, was instantly repelled and disappeared without a trace.
He let out a slight sigh of relief.
Without help from the Godhead, it would have taken him a long time to tame the spiritual power of the beast.
If he was not careful, he might even suffer a backlash.
Now, everything was settled and there were no side effects.
He could feel his spiritual power enter the Thunder Winged Beast’s mind without any hindrance.
The man and the beast had completed the telepathic connection.
With just a thought from Chu Yunfan, the Thunder Winged Beast would know what Chu Yunfan wanted from it.
They cooperated extremely well.

Chu Yunfan opened his eyes.
The Thunder Wings Beast had recovered from its dazed state.
However, when it looked at Chu Yunfan, there was no violence in its eyes.
There was only a docile look.

Chu Yunfan patted the Thunder Wings Beast’s lowered head.
Other than the parts covered by its bone armor, the rest of its fur was very soft.
However, there was a faint glow of electricity on its body.
This was a sign that it was about to form a lightning divine ability.

Suddenly, at this moment, a series of hurried footsteps and shouts came from outside the parking lot.


“Found it.
He should be here!!”

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