In between classes, Chu Yunfan read the textbook on his tablet.
He did not want to only be skilled in martial arts, so he made sure not to neglect the liberal arts.
He had been behind all these years, so he had to make up for it.

“Yunfan, are you sure you want to fight Feng Deying?” Gao Hongzhi who was next to him kept asking.
He came to school late that day, but he heard about it eventually.

Nobody could help it, since it was a hot topic.
Feng Deying was their class monitor, and he was even quite popular among other classes of the same year.

Compared to Feng Deying, Chu Yunfan was just an ordinary student.
Only students from the same class knew him before this, and they were going to fight in half a month.
No matter which angle one viewed this from, it was big news.

Even the teachers were alerted of this.
After investigating, they found out it was indeed Mu Zhenfei who attacked Chu Yunfan first, so they did not do much to Chu Yunfan.
They merely spoke to him a little bit, asking him to watch out in the future, and that was all.

On the other hand, after provoking Chu Yunfan, Mu Zhenfei had been injured in their fight.
The tendons and bones in his arms were damaged, and he was still being treated at the infirmary.


“Yeah, that’s right.
He’s never liked me since the beginning of time.
Instead of letting him find an opportunity to bother me, I’d rather initiate the battle!” Chu Yunfan nodded and said, “I’m sure you heard what happened this morning.
Mu Zhenfei came looking for trouble with me out of nowhere.
He wanted to win back his dignity after breaking through to Blood Renewal, but I suspect that his breakthrough had something to do with Feng Deying!”


“That’s right.
I asked around earlier.
Mu Zhenfei was at Feng Deying’s house the past two days.
Hehe, our class monitor put in a lot of effort to fight you.
Given that you defeated Mu Zhenfei in one hit, I wonder if he’d be so shameless to come at you again!”

Gao Hongzhi said with a snicker, “But you have to understand that although Feng Deying is irritating, his skill is solid.
Even I’m not sure if I could defeat him.
Although everyone is saying how powerful you are, in the end, you’re at Blood Renewal.
You’re still far away from reaching Qi Nourishment!”

“Don’t worry about it.
Since I dared to invite him to a battle half a month later, I’m confident I’ll defeat him!” Chu Yunfan said calmly.

“It’s great that you’re confident.
Just tell me if there’s anything that you need help with!”

Seeing that Chu Yunfan had made up his mind, Gao Hongzhi said nothing more.

“But how did you get so powerful out of nowhere a few days back? Don’t try to tell me all those perfunctory things you tell people.
They might not know about you, but do you think I don’t know? You were just at Tier-5 Inner Strengthening a few days back and you’re already at Tier-7 Blood Renewal now?” Gao Hongzhi could not help but ask.

In the Kunlun Era, it was taboo to ask people about the secret to their cultivation.
Liu Yushu was interested in Chu Yunfan’s transformation too.
She wanted to know, but she could not ask.

However, it was different for Gao Hongzhi.
They were close, so he was not worried about such a taboo.

“Would you believe it if I tell you that I’ve been enlightened?!” Chu Yunfan said while smirking.
He and Gao Hongzhi had a close relationship.
If it was something ordinary, he would share it with him naturally, but it was different this time.
He knew that the consequences would be severe as soon as the secret was revealed.


Not only could die, but he might also drag his family down with him!

Even though Gao Hongzhi was his good friend and was not planning to expose him, he would have to carry the secret for the rest of his life!

Chu Yunfan could only mentally apologize to him.

In truth, his claim that he was enlightened actually made sense.
It was just that he had been reborn and was not as simple as having his mind enlightened.

Gao Hongzhi glanced at him and said, “I do.
Forget it.
I’m not really interested.
All I need to know is that you’re still my good friend.
I only have one request.
Please beat him up thoroughly for me.
That guy is all about his reputation.
I challenged him to a battle a few times before, but he never agreed.
You have to thrash him good for me!”

No problem at all!” Chu Yunfan said with a grin.

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Since Chu Yunfan said that, he certainly had the confidence.

Tier-7 of the Physical Stage’s cultivation was Blood Renewal, and Internal Observation was Tier-8.
This stage was neither difficult nor easy.

Internal Observation did not mean that one could really see what was happening inside their body.
Instead, when one had mastered their body at a certain level, everything that was happening within them would be reflected in their head.
That was the so-called Internal Observation.

The stage required one to master their body accurately after strengthening their physique many times in the past.

By then, one could perform some rather magical abilities.
For instance, when they were injured, they could even control the muscles around the wound to stop the bleeding automatically.

Many got stuck at that stage, some even for two years.
The reason being, it was too exhausting for the brain when they had to control everything that was happening in their body.

Even when one reached the Internal Observation Stage, getting to such a state was no easy task.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan’s mastery over his body was quite impressive after being modified by that mysterious energy.
Given that his Devilish Tiger Punch had been cultivated to the Perfection Stage, though it was a basic punch technique, the mastery of his body had peaked throughout the cultivation.
Otherwise, it was impossible that he could perform the Devilish Tiger Punch perfectly and reach the Perfection Stage.

Regular people would spend six months to a year mastering their body.
All he had to do now was to master the overall system, which would only take a few days.

By then, he would achieve true Internal Observation!

After Internal Observation would be Qi Nourishment.
The most important part of that stage was to breathe in a mouthful of True Energy to activate one’s dantian in the stomach to form a solid qi sea.

The key to this step was to nourish one’s qi.
It would usually take a long time, as impacting the dantian to activate one’s qi sea was a very dangerous process.

If one had insufficient True Energy and failed to activate their qi sea, it would cause massive damage to the dantian.
It might even make achieving Qi Sea Stage impossible for the rest of one’s life.

Meanwhile, one could accelerate the process with medicinal pills.
Whether in the Ancient Zenith civilization or the modern civilization, there was a pill called the Qi Nourishment Pill.
When one consumed it, they would have a huge boost of True Energy in their body, accelerating the process of reaching the Qi Nourishment Stage.

However, such a pill was expensive.
It was on par with the Body Refining Pill, whereby it cost 100,000 coins.
Not just anyone could afford it.
Normally, only those families that had some money to spare could buy them.

In modern society, mass-produced matured ginseng would only cost some 100 coins per catty.
When one took it for an extended period, it could improve one’s physique, but the process was just too long.

That was why the price of medicinal pills remained high.
They could shorten cultivation time significantly.
It was not the herbs that were valuable, but the effect of the refined herbs.

It was clear to be seen.
Regular people only needed one Qi Nourishment Pill to complete the cultivation of the Qi Nourishment Stage.
They could save years of the time needed to nourish qi.

In the time before the alchemy system had been discovered and nobody knew about alchemy, a martial artist would need a couple of years to get to the Qi Nourishment Stage.

Therefore, although the Qi Nourishment Pill was expensive, it was worth it.
In truth, there were no people who genuinely lived in poverty in modern society.
A regular family could afford it as long as they were willing to bite the bullet.

In any case, it was insufficient for Chu Yunfan.
He cultivated using the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, so the thickness of his meridians and his body’s strength were several times greater than people of the same stage.

Meanwhile, it was much more difficult for him to tackle his dantian to activate the qi sea.
Regular people only needed one Qi Nourishment Pill, but he needed at least three.
That would cost 300,000 at least.
Given that he needed to achieve that within a short time, he would need at least two more Qi Nourishment Pills.


In other words, he had to find some way to make at least 500,000 coins.
He would only make 180,000 from being Liu Yushu’s sparring partner for a month.
Although she had paid him 100,000 in advance, that was not enough for even one Qi Nourishment Pill.
It was also not enough for him to refine medicinal pills.


Only now that he understood why people in the past included luck as one of the four factors of cultivation.
It made sense and was entirely true.

It was indeed time for him to come out with a plan to make money!

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