Chu Yunfan knew very well that it was difficult for one person to fight against so many at once.
Even if his strength was several times that of an ordinary person of the same level, he would be in trouble if he was besieged.
It would be difficult for him to escape death.

When he had been attacked by those 30 people all at once earlier, this had been even more critical.
He had to avoid facing multiple opponents at the same time.
Those 30 had been defeated by him in this way.
Although they seemed to have the advantage in numbers, in reality, Chu Yunfan would not face more than three people at the same time.
This was still within the range that he could deal with.
Facing multiple experts at the same time, even if he could overpower them in terms of strength, he did not have enough hands to deal with all of them.

Making use of his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses was the key to defeating the enemy!

Bam, bam, bam!

This student had not expected that Chu Yunfan would dare not defend and charge forward instead.
He was completely unprepared.
Chu Yunfan rushed in front of him and slashed down with his saber.
The strike landed on that student with lightning speed.
There came sounds of metal clashing.
That student let out a blood-curdling scream and was sent flying.
Fortunately, he had the protection of his armor.
Otherwise, these slashes would have been enough to kill him.

After severely injuring the student, Chu Yunfan flipped his hand and swung his saber, knocking away the weapon that the student had lost his grip on.
Then, Chu Yunfan used the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations and pounced on another student.

The students of No.
1 High were getting extremely anxious.
They had barely even started fighting and three of them had already been crippled.
If this continued, what would happen?

But there was nothing they could do.
Chu Yunfan was too fast, like a bolt of black lightning.

“Movement technique! He actually knows movement techniques!”

Some people widened their eyes.
Chu Yunfan knew movement techniques.
No wonder he was so fast.
There were so many of them, but they could not even encircle one Chu Yunfan.

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At first, they did not believe that Chu Yunfan could break through the formation set up by so many elite students in a row.
That was simply impossible.
Even if Jiang Yusheng tried to break through, he would most likely die.

After all, those students were all Energy Refinement Stage experts.
All of them were elites among the elites.
It was difficult for one to fight so many.
Even a famous figure like Jiang Yusheng would not be able to do it.

Now they all understood.
It was because Chu Yunfan knew movement techniques.
With brilliant movement techniques, Chu Yunfan could afford to be surrounded by a few people and still dodge them all.
They were unable to form a siege.

They could see that unless it was a group attack, they would be unable to contend against Chu Yunfan in a one-on-one.
Chu Yunfan’s fighting style was fierce.
Every attack was done with all his strength.
Just look at those elite students of No.
1 High who had fallen in less than two moves.

“How is it that his stamina has not been depleted?” one of them felt extremely anxious as he watched Chu Yunfan attack repeatedly.
Moreover, he had just defeated dozens of elite students from various schools and districts.
His stamina should have been greatly reduced.
However, looking at Chu Yunfan, he did not even look the slightest bit winded.

And the moment they hesitated, two more No.
1 High students of the Energy Refinement Stage were sent flying.
Only four of the nine students were left.
The situation had been reversed.

With only four people left, they couldn’t take down Chu Yunfan.
No matter how hard they tried, it was difficult for them to match Chu Yunfan’s speed.
They could only watch as Chu Yunfan defeated them one by one.
There was no way for them to fight back.

After another minute, the remaining four students finally fell.
Among them, there were those at the first and second levels of the Energy Refinement Stage, but the result was the same.

In front of Chu Yunfan, it was all useless.

Chu Yunfan’s body was covered in sweat, but it was quickly absorbed by his armor.
Only the sweat on his face had blurred everything in front of him.
Although he had the upper hand in all those high-speed battles, it had consumed a lot of energy.
Especially compared to the usual one-on-one battles.

“Huff, huff, huff!”

Chu Yunfan panted, but his spirit and energy had reached a peak.
He cracked open a bottle of energy elixir and downed it to recover his strength.

Slowly, his strength returned.
At the same time, he circulated the Emperor Method, and the True Energy in his body began to recover.
In a matter of minutes, he had recovered to his peak.
If it was anyone else, it would have taken at least half a day, but Chu Yunfan had already recovered.
The recovery speed of the Emperor Method was shocking.

On the ground were all the students of No.
1 High.
They had been taught a harsh lesson by Chu Yunfan, and their guts were about to spill out.
The only thought they had was to recuperate.
They did not dare stop Chu Yunfan’s advance anymore.

“Jiang Yusheng, come out!”

Chu Yunfan’s shout resounded throughout the entire apartment building.

In the distance, Ran Jun and the others had also arrived.
They looked at all the students who were rolling on the ground.
All of them were students of No.
1 High, and there were even some who were in the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

They could not help but stare at Chu Yunfan with their mouths agape.
It was as if they were looking at an unbelievable miracle.

How could anyone achieve such a feat?

“He has really made it this far.
Even if he loses, his name will go down in history,” Ran Jun gasped.

“That’s right.
He single-handedly defeated all the elite students in Calm Ocean City.
Even if he loses in the end, this is unprecedented!” Yu Xinyuan said, “I’m lucky that I didn’t get in his way.
If I had tried to fight for the glory of Zone 2, I would definitely be one of the fellows lying on the ground right now.”

At this moment, Yu Xinyuan no longer had any intention to compete with Chu Yunfan.
If the two sides were similar in strength, he would still try to challenge Chu Yunfan.
But looking at his current strength, Yu Xinyuan no longer had any intention of fighting him.

“The real storm is about to hit,” Tong Xinran said.

Behind them, other elite students had also rushed over.
Although they had been taught a lesson by Chu Yunfan, they were unwilling to give up this battle that could shock the world.

“With such a big lineup, even the camp’s chief officer will be alarmed.
I wonder if they’ll make it in time for the battle,” Ran Jun chuckled.
He looked around Zone 2 and could feel the storm brewing in the air.

Two figures slowly walked out of the apartment building.

The person in the lead was a tall youth who looked about eighteen or nineteen years old.
He was wearing blue battle armor with gold trims.
There was a golden tattoo on his chest.

Behind her was a tall and well-proportioned girl wearing fiery red armor.
It was Tang Siyu.

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