Early Monday morning, Chu Yunfan arrived at the school door on time.
The difference was, he radiated confidence like never before.

If he had ever had anxiety, it was all gone at this point.
He had broken through to Blood Renewal.
Getting into the martial arts stream was harder than flying before, but it was a piece of cake for him now.

Just like Liu Yushu, how would he be satisfied with only a place in the martial arts stream now? Instead, he wanted to work hard to get into the elite class.
He was still far away from achieving this goal.


Judging by what happened in the previous years, one could only get into the elite class after reaching the peak of Physical Stage, which was Qi Nourishment.

As it was, he still had close to a month, which was enough time to break through.

He had been lagging so far behind for years, so he had to do his best to make up for that.
Even so, he had already surpassed all expectations he had had for his future.

The treatment machines at Liu Yushu’s house were outstanding.
After a single day of rest, his broken rib was almost fully healed.
One could not tell that two days ago, even walking had been painful for him.

Chu Yunfan followed the crowd into the school.

When he got to class, half of his classmates had arrived.
Chu Yunfan scanned through the other students and found out that Gao Hongzhi had yet to arrive.
Actually, it made sense when he thought about it.
He usually would not come to school early.

Just as he was going to his seat, he suddenly felt a tall figure standing in his path.

Who else could it be other than Mu Zhenfei?

Mu Zhenfei blocked Chu Yunfan with an unfriendly look.

If this happened in the past, Chu Yunfan would have probably been nervous.
He had too little experience with real combat.
He would not help but feel anxious even when they were at the same stage.

However, after all that sparring with Liu Yushu over the past few days, he could say he had much experience.
Perhaps not many in the class could compare to him.

He merely smiled slightly and said, “Fellow Mu Zhenfei, you’re in my way!”

“Chu Yunfan, I want to be in your way.
Who do you think you are? You either get beaten up by me, or you’ll have to walk around me every time from now on!” Mu Zhenfei glared fiercely at Chu Yunfan as he spoke.

At that moment, Chu Yunfan realized that Mu Zhenfei held a grudge because of what happened before.

“Beat me up? If I remember correctly, it’s written in the school rules that we’ll be punished if we fight privately!” Chu Yunfan said calmly.


“So be it.
Do you think I’m scared of that? Who do you think you are? You’re just a piece of trash who can’t even get into the martial arts stream!” Mu Zhenfei smirked.
He had been bottling up all his rage for the past few days.

He was one step away from getting to Tier-7 Physical Stage, Blood Renewal.
As long as he worked hard, breaking through to Blood Renewal within a month was just a matter of time.
He was someone who could definitely get into the martial arts stream.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan certainly could not.
To him, Chu Yunfan was a piece of trash, but that piece of trash had defeated him.
Not only that, he had done so in one hit.


Chu Yunfan won the admiration of his classmates, while Mu Zhenfei became a laughing stock.
Every time they talked about Chu Yunfan’s blow, they would make fun of Mu Zhenfei.
How could he not be mad?

As he blocked Chu Yunfan, Mu Zhenfei had gotten most of the class’s attention.
Everyone knew about the grudge between the duo.
His embarrassing defeat to Chu Yunfan became the hot topic in class for the past two days.

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“Mu Zhenfei wasn’t embarrassed enough before, and now he’s asking for more!”

“Maybe not.
Mu Zhenfei isn’t dumb.
He was defeated by Chu Yunfan with one hit the last time.
Would he dare to fight him again if he didn’t have a trump card?”

“This is interesting.
Seems that coming to school early was worth it!”

Chu Yunfan put down his bag and shrugged.
He said, “Since you’re not afraid of being punished, there’s nothing that I can say!”

Mu Zhenfei grinned and took a step forward.
He charged with Luring the Tiger at Chu Yunfan’s face.

Whether speed or strength, he was much more powerful than he had been two days before.

Most of the students were waiting to make fun of Mu Zhenfei, but many of their eyes lit up when he attacked.
They could tell that he had broken through with his elevation.

“He has already broken through to Tier-7, Blood Renewal.
No wonder!”

“Ah, so he has broken through.
If I were him, I’d definitely try to win my dignity back as well!”

“Hahaha, now this is interesting! No matter how powerful Chu Yunfan is, he’s merely at Tier-6!”

Facing Mu Zhenfei’s punch, Chu Yunfan merely scoffed.
He did not even dodge it, and just countered with a punch of his own.



Although Chu Yunfan attacked later, his speed was obviously greater and his fist reached the duo’s center point faster.

A devastating shriek was heard as soon as the collision happened.
They then saw Mu Zhenfei fall back while clutching his arm.

Clearly, he was at a disadvantage from the collision earlier.
Chu Yunfan’s strength was overwhelming.
Even when faced with Liu Yushu at the Qi Sea Stage, he dared to fight her fearlessly, despite the gap in their power.

People at the same stage were hardly a match for him.

Mu Zhenfei did not expect such a result at all.
He had been caught off guard.
He failed to control his body and had to retreat.
However, Chu Yunfan was not done with his attack yet.

He felt something rush at him, and before he knew it, a figure arrived in front of him and kicked him directly on his chest.



Mu Zhenfei released a low grunt.
The kick sent him flying for a few meters, and he landed hard on the ground.

He was dizzy from the fall, but he was still in disbelief.

“That’s impossible.
I’m already at Blood Renewal.
How did you defeat me?!”

“I wondered why you came to humiliate yourself again.
So it’s just because you broke through to Blood Renewal.
So what? I’m warning you, you better not irritate me.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to handle the consequences!”

Chu Yunfan did not like Mu Zhenfei at all.
His loathing was not only because of their earlier conflict.


Mu Zhenfei had always bullied the regular students just because he was big and tall.

Although it was the era where all could cultivate, not everyone was talented.
In reality, only about one-third of all the students in a class could get into the martial arts stream.

Although he was not the most powerful one in class, he was much stronger than average, so he enjoyed bullying the ordinary students on a regular basis.

Chu Yunfan was close with Gao Hongzhi, so Mu Zhenfei hardly bullied him.
However, Chu Yunfan had been watching what Mu Zhenfei had been doing.
He did not have the ability to do anything, but it was different now.
Mu Zhenfei had dared to offend him.
Naturally, he would not let this chance slip away.
He wanted to teach him a good lesson.

He did not think Mu Zhenfei’s breakthrough was unusual.
He was already at the peak of Joint Popping before, so it made sense that he broke through to Blood Renewal.


At that moment, the classmates had finally snapped back to their senses.

‘Damn, he’s so powerful.
It’s an instant kill again.
Oh, no.
I’m afraid there’s no hope for Mu Zhenfei to win back his honor!’


‘Didn’t the coach say that he definitely won’t be able to get into the martial arts stream? I can’t believe he’s so powerful!’

‘Could it be that he had an unexpected gain? He’s so strong.
I’ve seen many people at Blood Renewal, but is anyone as formidable as he is?’

Many of them had such thoughts popping into their heads.

A student who was at Blood Renewal said with a smirk, “How is he so good? I’m also at Blood Renewal, but I don’t even have one-third of his strength and speed!”

Many of them could not help but feel shocked when they heard that.

“It’s inhuman to have trained to such a level.
He’s more like a monster.
I heard monsters of the same stage are a few times more powerful than human martial artists.
They’re hard to deal with!”

“Most importantly, he was just a regular person before.
How did he become that great so quickly?”

“Chu Yunfan, I can’t believe you hurt a classmate at school.
It seems the schools’ rules don’t matter to you!” someone shouted loudly.
It was none other than Feng Deying.

Chu Yunfan picked up his bag and glared at Feng Deying, saying, “Oh, the great class monitor.
I wonder if your ears are rotten or your eyes are blind? Didn’t you see it was he who attacked me? I was merely defending myself.
I’m not afraid of you even if you want to report it to the principal!”

Feng Deying’s expression changed slightly.
He then looked at the class and said, “Did anyone see that it was him who attacked you first? Who can be your witness?!”

He looked terrifying and exuded a faint sense of danger.
Those who wanted to stand up for Chu Yunfan became silent.

“I think I can be Fellow Chu Yunfan’s witness!” A sweet voice came from the other side of the classroom and the students looked over.
Who else could it be if not the vice-monitor, Tang Siyu?

Chu Yunfan was a little stunned.
He did not expect that she would be his witness.
He nodded slightly to show his gratitude.

That Tang Siyu who would be his witness made Feng Deying look even worse.

“Since it’s Siyu who’s your witness, there’s nothing that I can say.
However, I definitely won’t stand by if you bully our classmates just because you have Gao Hongzhi supporting you.
Otherwise, you’ll ruin the class’ reputation!” Feng Deying looked fearsome as he pretended to preach about righteousness.

“Class monitor, stop being pretentious.
I know you’ve always despised me.
Well, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.
Let’s fight for real in the battle ring in half a month.
I don’t want you to find excuses to make trouble for me in the future!” Chu Yunfan pointed out Feng Deying’s objective openly.

The school prohibited private fights, but it allowed sparring in the battle ring.
It was impossible for youths not to stir things up when they practiced martial arts at such an energetic age.

Seemingly worried that Chu Yunfan would take his words back the next second, Feng Deying agreed to that immediately.

See you in the battle ring when the time comes!”

He had a cruel grin on his face, as if he could see Chu Yunfan kneeling and begging him half a month later.


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