Just like that, Chu Yunfan charged into the training room while the crowd was still a mess.
They stared at Zheng Hongzhe who had been sent flying by Chu Yunfan.

They all looked as if they had seen a ghost!

Zheng Hongzhe was not an ordinary person.
He was ranked within the top three in the Anyang District.
From amongst thousands of disciples, he was among the top dozen.
Although he was not number one, no one dared to look down on such a person.
A challenge from him was something that even the famous experts in Zone 2 had to take seriously and could not afford to slack off.
Otherwise, he would truly make things difficult for them.

But now, Zheng Hongzhe, who everyone took seriously, was defeated in just two strikes before their very eyes.
To be precise, the first strike had already brought him down.
The second strike had sent him flying.
The more people thought about the two strikes, the more they felt their bodies tremble.

There were many rumors about Chu Yunfan.
They said that he was weak and was not brave enough to enter Zone 2.
They claimed he was afraid of challenges.
There were even rumors that he had not entered the Energy Refinement Stage and that it was just a misunderstanding.
All sorts of rumors flew everywhere.
This made them look down on Chu Yunfan.

Who knew that Chu Yunfan would lash out in such anger and his moves would shock everyone.
He instantly defeated Zheng Hongzhe!

“This… My eyes must not be working properly.
Zheng Hongzhe lost just like that?”

“My God, everyone was saying that Chu Yunfan wasn’t that great.
Seeing what just happened, those people must surely be blind.
Chu Yunfan’s strength is average? They need to f*cking wash out their eyes!”

“He entered the training room, right? He must be planning to challenge the levels.
Is he finally going to Zone 2?”

Many picked up on clues from Chu Yunfan’s actions and guessed his motive.
However, they did not know why Chu Yunfan had suddenly changed his mind and wanted to go to Zone 2.

Everyone felt that the air of Zone 2 would not be peaceful anymore.

The people who wanted to teach Chu Yunfan a good lesson were those from Zone 2.
When Tang Siyu had just entered Zone 2, she had picked several people who had spoken out against Chu Yunfan the most.
Now that Chu Yunfan was personally stepping into Zone 2, how could they just let it go?

“Chu Yunfan’s strength was not up to par.
Chu Yunfan is timid and is a frightened little mouse.”

The crowd now knew that it was all nonsense.

“A storm is about to hit Zone 2!”

Everyone was animatedly discussing this.
No one cared to even look at Zheng Hongzhe who was sent flying by Chu Yunfan.

Zheng Hongzhe felt that he could not gather any energy in his body.
He felt like his bones were about to break.
He felt like giving up.
In front of everyone, he had wanted to teach Chu Yunfan a good lesson and regain his lost glory.
Who knew that he would be beaten up by Chu Yunfan again.

Two slashes!

Two slashes and he was defeated!

After a month, the strength of both parties had not shrunk.
On the contrary, they had become even stronger.
Zheng Hongzhe was certain that Chu Yunfan from a month ago would not be able to defeat him with two slashes, but he had been able to do so now.

This thought depressed Zheng Hongzhe.
This was even more depressing than being defeated by Chu Yunfan.
Just being defeated by Chu Yunfan was enough for him to try his best to improve his strength.
But as he tried his best to improve himself, he found that Chu Yunfan was advancing at an even faster speed compared to him.
This was what made him feel the most despair.

What was more depressing than being defeated by an enemy who improved faster than him?

Everyone’s gaze turned toward the training room!

The first level!

The second level!

The third level!

Chu Yunfan passed seven levels effortlessly and passed them all with lightning speed.

And there were no surprises in guessing what would happen at the eighth level.
With Chu Yunfan’s ability to defeat Zheng Hongzhe with two strikes, the outcome came as no surprise.

“As expected, it wasn’t difficult for him.
He just didn’t want to enter Zone 2.
Now that he is going, Zone 2 will not know peace anymore!” one of the students spoke up.

Not long after, Chu Yunfan hurriedly walked out of the training room.
He had passed all eight levels.
The information had entered his personal data.
Naturally, he would be able to enter Zone 2.
The crowd watched as Chu Yunfan marched away, all aggressive.

The students began to make phone calls.
Although they could not enter Zone 2, their phone calls could still reach Zone 2.
News of this spread like wildfire.
It immediately caused a huge uproar among many students.
Previously, no matter what others said, Chu Yunfan did not look interested at all.
He did not want to enter Zone 2.
Today, he was finally going to enter.

Everyone was looking forward to how this matter would develop.
If Chu Yunfan entered Zone 2, many people would definitely be looking to pick a fight with him.
That was the true eye of the storm.

As the information exchange expanded, an eye-catching piece of news spread out.
Tang Siyu had been captured by the people of No.
1 High!

This news immediately caused the crowd’s emotions to surge.
Tang Siyu had recently become the goddess in the hearts of many students.
1 High had captured her.
This was simply lawless!

If it was an ordinary school, even if it was from one of the base cities, that school would not bear the wrath of so many students.
On top of that, it was illegal to capture someone.
Now that the Federation Government was so powerful, no one would dare violate the law so openly.

However, No.
1 High was special, especially within Calm Ocean City.
Moreover, according to the news, the person who had taken Tang Siyu away was Jiang Yusheng.

Jiang Yusheng was a direct descendant of the Jiang Consortium.
His position in Calm Ocean City was well-known by everyone.
Just like how Dong Fanghao was known to Donghua City.

For several years, Jiang Yusheng had been the number one student of their year.
Just the fact that he was able to maintain this title for so many years showed how powerful Jiang Yusheng was.
It would not be a surprise if she managed to gain admission to Federation University.

Many people immediately gave up the idea of finding trouble with No.
1 High.
Although they adored Tang Siyu, they would not go so far as to go against No.
1 High of Calm Ocean City for her sake.

Some people were quick-witted enough to understand that Chu Yunfan had changed his previous attitude and was now willing to go to Zone 2 was probably because of this.

Tang Siyu had issued several letters, challenging several famous experts on behalf of Chu Yunfan when she first entered Zone 2.
Now that she had been captured, how could Chu Yunfan possibly let it go?

And just as everyone was focused on this matter, news arrived.
Chu Yunfan did not immediately go to Zone 2.
Instead, he went to look for the ten students of No.
1 High who were still in Zone 1.


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