speed increased exponentially.
He had concocted a total of ten Qi Condensing Pills back then.
He gave three each to Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi, leaving four for himself.
Its effects were more significant since he had consumed several of them.
Tang Siyu could catch up and beat up those elite students who had entered Zone 2 by using the indispensable Qi Condensing Pills.


Chu Yunfan killed the last monster with a slash of his saber, ending the monster swarm.
He heaved a sigh of relief and consumed a bottle of energy elixir to recover his strength.
Under the effects of the Emperor Method, his True Energy recovered rapidly.

‘After two days, I’ll take another Qi Condensing Pill.
Breaking through to the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage will be smooth sailing!’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

His cultivation speed had improved by leaps and bounds in the past half month.
His combat strength was now comparable to the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage, even though he was only at level one.
There was a significant chance of him passing when he went to Federation University.

However, this was not enough for him.
He now only met the minimum qualifications to enter Federation University.
There were too many other candidates even though he was stronger than most of them.

Although Chu Yunfan dedicated most of his time to training, he also paid attention to things that happened in the outside world.
The rumors about him were unpleasant to hear, but he was not bothered.
Although it was better to cultivate in Zone 2, no one would bother him in Zone 1.

He did not lack the essential training in the gravity chamber because he had the weighted suit.
He did not lack things that others did.
Tang Siyu had issued challenges on his behalf when she entered Zone 2.
How would he not know about this? Many speculated about the relationship between Tang Siyu and Chu Yunfan.

“I’ll enter Zone 2 since you’re all looking forward to me doing so,” Chu Yunfan sneered.

He knew many wanted to see him make a fool of himself.
They thought that he would disappear in a blink of an eye and that he was not worthy of being Yunning District’s number one student.
He was unwilling to pay attention to these rumors and was not angry.
He had already completed his relentless training.
The only thing left was for him to ascend into level two of the Energy Refinement Stage.
So what if he entered Zone 2?

Suddenly, a plump yet tall figure ran over from afar.

“Yunfan, something bad has happened!”

Who was this person, if not Gao Hongzhi?

“What happened?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Someone kidnapped Siyu!” Gao Hongzhi replied.

“What? Who kidnapped her? Doesn’t the army care about this?”

Chu Yunfan became anxious.
He thought of the Monster Cult.
It would be big trouble if it were them.
He had to find a way to contact Xue Bailong, even if he were exposed.

“It’s those guys from Calm Ocean City’s No.1 High.
I just received the news.
Two students from Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 high took Tang Siyu away by force this morning,” Gao Hongzhi said while panting.

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