Completely unprepared, the group of students collided with the oncoming monster swarm.

These students were quite experienced in actual combat, but those who did not have much experience in life-and-death battles were a little flustered.
There were even quite a few who were bitten.
Fortunately, there were other students beside them to help.
They swiftly retreated to receive treatment.

After the initial fluster, these students started to get used to it.
Just as Xue Bailong had said, these students were all elites and geniuses.
Everyone was talented, and the only thing they lacked was battle experience.
And now, they were making up for the lack.
It would not take much to gain such experiences.
To put it simply, they just had to kill until they grew numb.
Experience would then come naturally.

If one said this was valuable, it would be deemed valuable.
If it was said to be worthless, then it was worthless!

Chu Yunfan killed a monster that pounced on him with a single slash.
This was different from the school-organized combat session.
At this moment, his strength increased by more than a few folds.
Standing beside him, Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi had also killed the monsters they were facing.
To them, such a battle was nothing special.
They had faced more than ten, up to a dozen, monsters at the same time.
As for Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, and the others, they were indeed the elites of No.
13 High.
After some initial fluster, they quickly stabilized.

These monsters that had starved over the winter were mostly only in the Physical Stage or the Qi Sea Stage.
There were not many in the Energy Refinement Stage.
Even if there were, under the joint efforts of many students, it would only take a few moves to kill them.
After all, these students were all experts not far from the Energy Refinement Stage, and there were even some Energy Refinement Stage students among them.

In an instant, more than half of the thousands of monsters that charged over had been chopped down.
However, this was not the end.
Even more terrifying monsters were charging over.
There were thousands more monsters.
Chu Yunfan immediately understood that these were within the army’s calculations.
They were enough to temper them, but not enough to seriously injure the students.
The students who had yet to clear out the first batch of monsters were forced to accept the next wave.
They failed to maintain their defensive formation and retreat.

However, Chu Yunfan held his ground.
His black saber light flickered continuously.
Each of his slashes was able to cut down a monster.
Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi stood on Chu Yunfan’s left and right and protected his flanks.
The three of them were like arrows, facing the incoming monster swarm.

However, as the monster swarm increased, the distance between the three of them and the others also increased.
The trio was like a small boat facing a stormy sea that could drown in this endless monster swarm at any time.

After the trio left the main group, they naturally received the ire of more monsters.
One after another, the monsters pounced on them with no end in sight.
A great battle followed by another great battle!

The first one to give out was Gao Hongzhi.
Compared to the other two, there was a clear gap.
He was just an ordinary peak seventh level Qi Sea Stage, not even eighth.
However, he did not panic.
The trio had worked together for some time now and they had experienced a lot of battles.
He used up every last bit of his strength, and then he retreated to a spot in between Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.

Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu guarded Gao Honzhi’s left and right.
Gao Hongzhi took advantage of this time to quickly swallow an energy elixir to recover his strength and True Energy.

After Gao Hongzhi, Tang Siyu could not hold on any longer.
This time, Gao Hongzhi took over Tang Siyu’s position.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was always at the front line.
There was not much True Energy left in his body, and his strength was also rapidly declining.
However, he did not retreat.
His eyes became brighter and brighter.
Such a big battle did not scare him, instead, it made his blood boil.
Only such a huge battle could allow him to transform at the fastest speed possible!

Energy Refinement Stage!

I’m coming!


Never stop!

Hot blood!

Never cooling down!

The continuous slaughter gradually numbed him.

It was not until late at night that the monster swarm finally passed.
Huge searchlights swept across the wilderness, driving out the monsters and preventing the flying monsters from swooping down from the sky.
The open area was filled with the pungent smell of blood.
Corpses piled up like mountains, filled with the corpses of monsters.
Fresh blood soaked the ground.
From afar, everything was awash in a dark red.

It looked like a battlefield of gods.

All across the battlefield, the students were a mess.
Some were lying on the ground, not caring about how dirty it was.
All they thought about was getting a night of good sleep.
Some students were vomiting incessantly.

They had not felt it during the battle, but looking at the corpses on the ground and the countless internal organs, brain matter, and bone fragments that were strewn all over the place, it looked like a battlefield of the gods.

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Today’s battle had completely realigned the students’ understanding.
War was far crueler than they had imagined, especially on such a battlefield.
They could not even surrender as that meant becoming the monsters’ dinner.
The only way was to fight to the death.
Many things that were originally just a concept began to materialize.

In the bloody battle, over a hundred students were seriously injured, and several had died tragically.
All of them had sustained bites from the monsters, leaving behind numerous light injuries.
Luckily, they had on armor.
Otherwise, it would have been good enough if even a few hundred of the thousands of students remained.

Many were heavy-hearted.
It was not a big deal to be seriously injured.
With modern technology, as long as they did not die, it would be easy for them to recover.
However, once they died, it was over.
Although they had already signed a death waiver, they were crestfallen when faced with real death.
After all, they were just students.
They did not truly understand life and death.

However, after a day of fighting, the aura of many students had transformed.
Unlike when they had first arrived, their bodies now carried a faint killing intent.
Many felt their strength increase.
After their True Energy and physical strength had been exhausted, they had experienced some growth.

Among the students, Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, and Gao Hongzhi also lay paralyzed on the ground.
They were far away from the others.
They had been attacked by far more monsters compared to the others, but they had survived.
The armor on their bodies was densely covered in scratches and bite marks.
Without the armor, the trio probably would not have been able to withstand the sudden attack of such a terrifying monster swarm.

“Go back and rest.
There’ll be more tomorrow,” Chu Yunfan said to Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi as she rose to his feet.

Countless gazes swept over them.
In the face of the monster assault, everyone saw the astonishing performance of the trio.
They were simply miles ahead of the rest.

Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi nodded in agreement, then struggled to get up to head back to their quarters.

Not long after, teams of soldiers entered the battlefield and began to clean it up.

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