Zheng Hongzhe was obviously angered by Chu Yunfan’s attitude.
However, Chu Yunfan did not have a good impression of Zheng Hongzhe.
Qiu Xiangchen’s bullying of the weak made Chu Yunfan very disgusted.

Zheng Hongzhe’s methods could not be said to be aboveboard.
He had caused a stir and used public opinion to force Chu Yunfan to appear.

“What? You can’t beat me so you called for backup?” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at Qiu Xiangchen who was standing behind Zheng Hongzhe.
His eyes flashed with a fierce glint.

Qiu Xiangchen was shocked.
Then, he stared back at Chu Yunfan with equal ferocity.
The two slaps that Chu Yunfan had given him were his nightmare.
He never thought that he would be taught a lesson so easily and brutally.
It had always been him who taught others a lesson.
Now, it was his turn.

“Chu Yunfan, you don’t have to say anything.
You bullied the people of Anyang High.
As the first seat in the school, I’ll not just stand by idly.
I heard that you’re number one in the Yunning District.
I wish to weigh the strength of Yunning District,” Zheng Hongzhe said straightforwardly.

Hearing this, Ran Jun and Yu Xinyuan were a little angry.
Zheng Hongzhe clearly did not take the experts of the Yunning District seriously.

“I bullied him? Hehe, fortunately, I have some strength.
Otherwise, I would’ve been bullied by him.
Is this what all the people of Anyang High are like? If so, I can tell you that I’d beat you guys up every time I see you.
Do you really think you guys are that great?” Chu Yunfan said rudely, “As for you, you’re only in the top three of the Anyang District.
What right do you have to measure the strength of the Yunning District? Let the No.
1 Anyang District come forward instead!”

“First place? Hehe, I don’t think there’s a need for that.
The first place in the Anyang District was instantly admitted to Zone 2.
I’m afraid that you’re not a match.” Zheng Hongzhe’s face revealed a mocking expression.

Everyone understood that Zheng Hongzhe was belittling the entire Yunning District.
Our first place has already gone to Zone 2.
The first place of the Yunning District is only qualified to fight with me!

This was just blatant mockery.
Meanwhile, Ran Jun and the others wished they could step up on behalf of Chu Yunfan and teach this arrogant person a lesson.

“Is that the number one of the Yunning District? It seems that the students of the Yunning District this year are a little weak.
There aren’t many number one students in the districts who are still stuck in Zone 1, right?” One of the students spoke up.

Many people nodded.

“This was also the reason why today’s battle had attracted so many people.
The first place students of each district were in Zone 2.
It was not easy to witness a battle between top elites.”

Hearing this, the students of the Yunning District were crestfallen, but this was the truth.
They had no choice in the matter.
They had all been defeated by Chu Yunfan by an overwhelming advantage.
They had nothing to say.
It just so happened that Chu Yunfan did not live up to expectations.
He had yet to step into the Energy Refinement Stage, which was the main topic of the conversation.

At this time, they all recalled that Chu Yunfan’s cultivation stage was relatively low.
At the school exchange meet, Chu Yunfan was only at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Although the terrifying strength he displayed had defeated the top three of the Yunning District, the lack of realm was a hard blow.
If Chu Yunfan’s level was sufficient, he would probably have already stepped into the Energy Refinement Stage by now.

“Since the Anyang District’s number one refuses to come out, then I’ll fight until he does,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently, “Just you wait and see.
I hope you don’t cry.”

“Arrogant b*stard!” Zheng Hongzhe sneered.
And then his figure instantly disappeared.
When he reappeared, he was directly in front of Chu Yunfan.




The speed of this was extremely fast.
Zheng Hongzhe looked tall and strong, but little did anyone expect him to be so fast.
It was completely out of everyone’s expectations.

Zheng Hongzhe carried with him a sword.
The sword ray tore through the air and reached Chu Yunfan in an instant.
After all, he had strength at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage, which was much more powerful than Qiu Xiangchen.




At that critical moment, Chu Yunfan drew his sword.
No one saw when he drew his sword.
They only saw a flash appear before their eyes.
They only saw a black streak of light sweep out.
It slashed fiercely on the incoming sword.


With a loud boom, Zheng Hongzhe felt a huge force rebound through his sword.
Even though his sword acted as a cushion for the blow, it was useless.
He suddenly felt that his entire arm was going numb.

Such speed!

Such strength!

These two thoughts rushed into his brain instantly.

But he did not have time to think about anything else.
The sword light swept out once again.

But Chu Yunfan’s speed was even faster!

“Heaven’s Thunder!”

Chu Yunfan’s attack was like a streak of lightning.
He was extremely fast.
Similarly, his technique also rose to the peak.
He used Heaven’s Thunder right from the start.
He fought with speed and clashed head-on with Zheng Hongzhe.

Zheng Hongzhe quickly understood that there were flaws in Chu Yunfan’s technique.
Chu Yunfan was clearly not familiar with this technique.
This was obvious.

Chu Yunfan’s technique was full of flaws.
However, Chu Yunfan was fast and his strength was overwhelming.
He used his exceptional speed and strength to resist Zheng Hongzhe’s attacks.

However, where there were flaws, there would always be flaws.

“Your technique is flawed, Chu Yunfan.
You actually dare to use an unmastered martial skill to fight against me? You’re too arrogant.
You’re dead meat!” Zheng Hongzhe saw the light of victory.
This was not brought about by himself—it was Chu Yunfan who was courting death.

Using an unmastered martial skill in a battle was a fatal move.
It would be permissible to use it if one’s strength far surpassed the opponent.

“As expected.
He’s using a martial skill that he hasn’t mastered yet.”

“Is Chu Yunfan courting death, or is he courting death, or is he courting death?!” a student said mockingly.

“That’s not necessarily true.
Using an unfamiliar martial skill on the battlefield is indeed equivalent to waiting for death.
However, Chu Yunfan is probably different.
For him to be able to become the number one in the Yunning District, could he be hiding a trump card up his sleeve?” Some people could not believe their eyes.

All of the students were arguing because of Chu Yunfan’s unexpected actions.

“How could Yunfan use an unfamiliar martial skill at this time? Even if the grade of the Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the Earth Splitting Saber Technique is a little low, it’s still better than an unfamiliar martial skill!” Gao Hongzhi said anxiously.

“Don’t fret.
He has his reasons for doing things,” Tang Siyu said indifferently.

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