The electronic version of the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was sent to Chu Yunfan.
He began to look through it.

This Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique was what Chu Yunfan had imagined it to be.
It was mainly based on speed, but it was not just fast.
It also had strong explosive force.
The instant the one’s blade was swung at an opponent, the terrifying force that erupted would form a powerful explosive force.
For Chu Yunfan, who had a strong physique, this was the best technique.
It was equivalent to combining the speed of the Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the terrifying power of the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
There was not a more suitable technique.

Although the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique had a high price tag, it was worth it.
Other than the cultivation method, mnemonics, movement techniques, and many other things were experiences and things that could greatly reduce the difficulties for cultivators.
This was considered normal in the current market where martial skills were sold.

Chu Yunfan read through the whole file.
In just a short moment, he had already memorized everything.
Then, he began to meditate.
Those words were no longer just words.
They instead started to form figures.
These figures turned into a set of techniques, each figure demonstrating the Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique.
These figures demonstrated this set of techniques that exploded with great power.

After a long time, Chu Yunfan opened his eyes.
He already gained a considerable understanding of this set of saber techniques and was only one step away from reaching the next level.
If others knew about this cultivation speed, they would probably be shocked.
It was said that martial skills were learned relatively quickly at the beginning, and the later stages were more difficult.
Even so, it was still very shocking to master a set of Energy Refinement Stage saber techniques so quickly.

Chu Yunfan withdrew from his meditation and heard Fei Yunfan knocking on his door.
And he had been at it for quite some time.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Yunfan asked after opening the door.

“Chu Yunfan, it’s bad.
Qiu Xiangchen, that shameless guy, actually went and got someone to deal with you!” Fei Yunfan quickly said.

“What’s the situation?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“After Qiu Xiangchen left, he went to find the first seat of Anyang High, Zheng Hongzhe.
Zheng Hongzhe has publicly issued you a challenge,” Fei Yunfan reported.

“Zheng Hongzhe?” Chu Yunfan said with a frown.

Fei Yunfan said, “Although Zheng Hongzhe is not the number one in the Anyang District, he’s said to be among the top three.
He’s very powerful!”

“Has he entered Zone 2?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“He hasn’t,” Fei Yunfan said, “It seems that he hasn’t entered Zone 2 yet.
However, he will soon.
It won’t be long.”

Chu Yunfan did not panic when he heard that.
He said, “If he hasn’t entered Zone 2, then there’s nothing to worry about/”

Chu Yunfan had never been worried.
Even if Zheng Hongzhe entered Zone 2, so what? He too had the strength to enter that place.
It was just that he had not shown it.

Fei Yunfan looked at Chu Yunfan speechlessly.
If he had not entered, there was nothing to worry about.
It was a simple sentence, but it reflected an endless domineering aura.
However, when Fei Yunfan thought of how domineering Chu Yunfan was when he had beaten up Qiu Xiangchen, he agreed in his heart.
Other people could not do it, but this master was different.
Perhaps Chu Yunfan could do it.

“Did he name a place for the battle?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“The battle arena of Zone 1.
This place is usually used by soldiers to spar or train.
Now, it’s open to us,” Fei Yunfan said.

He looked at Chu Yunfan who did not look nervous and thought, ‘If I didn’t inform him, would Chu Yunfan not pay attention to this news at all and just miss it?’

As Fei Yunfan thought of Zheng Hongzhe being stood up, he did not feel any pity.
Instead, he felt it was a bit funny.

When Chu Yunfan arrived at the arena, there was already a sea of people.
Zheng Hongzhe had publicly issued a challenge.
Everyone knew about it.
He was afraid that Chu Yunfan would not come, so he used public opinion to force Chu Yunfan to accept the challenge.

Of course, not many people would pay attention to an ordinary duel.
After all, those who came here were all favored by the heavens.
The so-called strong people in the common people’s eyes were nothing to them.

However, the two people who were about to fight were different.
There were only a total of ten districts in Calm Ocean City.
Among these two, one was the number one in the Yunning District, and the other was one of the top three in the Anyang District.
Both of them were the best of the best.
The battle between these two attracted the attention of many.

Many experts from various districts had come.
All of them had come to watch the battle.
Each of them carried a strong aura as they stood below the stage.
Among them, Chu Yunfan even saw a few familiar figures.
They were Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and the others.
They were all experts from the Yunning District.

Beside the stage stood Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi who were also here to watch.
However, they did not step forward.
The two of them had heard the news and had come here to wait for Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan gave the two of them a reassuring look before looking at the stage.
There were two figures in it.
One of them was Qiu Xiangchen.
The two slaps that he had received from Chu Yunfan earlier had yet to subside.
Even after receiving treatment, they were still visible.

And in front of him, there was another figure.
This person was wearing a blue martial arts suit with gold trim.
He was tall and sturdy, and his face was resolute.
Wherever his gaze went, he gave off a strong sense of oppression.
The identity of this person was self-evident.

Zheng Hongzhe was the first seat of Anyang High.
He was also one of the top three in the Anyang District.
The strong sense of oppression was apparent from the beginning.
He was on a completely different level from Qiu Xiangchen.

If Qiu Xiangchen had just broken through to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage and was about the same level as Tang Siyu, then Zheng Hongzhe had broken through to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage for some time and should have already stepped into the peak.
He was even stronger than Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran, whom Chu Yunfan had defeated.

“You’re Chu Yunfan?” Zheng Hongzhe opened his mouth and said, his eyes fixed on Chu Yunfan.

“Yes, you’re Zheng Hongzhe, aren’t you? What a big show.
You were really afraid that I wouldn’t show, weren’t you?” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

“Weren’t you worried that I wouldn’t accept your challenge?”

“You wouldn’t turn it down,” Zheng Hongzhe said, “If you did, I’d be very disappointed.”

Chu Yunfan smiled mockingly and said, “It’s just that I was told about it.
Otherwise, I might not have come.
What does it have to do with me whether you’re disappointed or not.”

Zheng Hongzhe frowned slightly and a hint of anger appeared on his face.

“Just you wait.
Let’s see if you’re still as smug after this!”

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