that he wanted to fight for and had casually thrown it out the window.

Chu Yunfan retired to his room and took out some luggage from the Mountain River Diagram.
After putting his things down, he came out again.
He saw that only Fei Yunfan and Huang Zhiguo were left in the living room.

“Where is he?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“He ran away.
He probably couldn’t bear to stay.
He was being so arrogant before, but in the end, he was beaten down by you!” Fei Yunfan said with a chuckle.

Even now, he felt that the battle had been a little too shocking.
Chu Yunfan was the same age as him, but beating someone at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage was like child’s play to Chu Yunfan.
As he looked at Chu Yunfan, he felt that he was looking at a fierce beast in human form.
Fortunately, Chu Yunfan looked much easier to talk to than Qiu Xiangchen.
He would not bully the weak.
He could not help but have a good impression of Chu Yunfan.
Not every powerhouse was arrogant and unreasonable.

“Leave him be,” Chu Yunfan shrugged and said, “By the way, you guys came before me.
Are there any activities going on in the camp?”

Fei Yunfan said, “At present, we haven’t heard anything.
The main thing is to cultivate by ourselves.
Outside lies the battlefield.
With the backing of Base 15, we can get a lot of training.
I heard that many monsters that had been hibernating through the winter have come out to hunt.
When that time comes, many monsters will form small-scale monster swarms and attack the base.
It’ll then be the time for us to show our skills.”

“I see,” Chu Yunfan said as he nodded.

“Oh, that’s right.
One other thing.
Chu Yunfan, you’ve just arrived so you probably don’t know about it yet.
There’s a challenge at the base,” Huang Guoyi added.

“What’s the challenge?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“There’s a training room in the base.
The training room can simulate actual combat.
These actual combat activities are divided into stages.
The more stages you pass, the stronger you are,” Huang Guoyi said, “Everyone will be going to test it out.
As long as they can pass the eighth stage, they’ll be able to obtain the right to live in Zone 2.”

“What’s the difference between Zone 1 and Zone 2?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Of course, there are differences.
Zone 1 is where ordinary cadets live.
Zone 2 is where the military officers live.
Everyone will get their own apartment and we’ll not have to share dorms like we’re doing now,” Huang Guoyi said, “There are also many training facilities there that Zone 1 doesn’t have.
For example, the gravity chamber.
Zone 2 has a very large gravity chamber.
People in Zone 1 can only train there for three hours a day, but those in Zone 2 can train for up to six-twice as long as us.
There are a whole host of other benefits there.
That’s why we all want to break through as soon as possible.
Only those who have reached the Energy Refinement Stage are qualified to go to Zone 2.”

As Huang Guoyi spoke, a yearning expression appeared on his face.
After all, these benefits were not available in Zone 1.
For example, the gravity chamber.
This was the only method that many could use to train using gravity.

Spending tens of millions to buy a weighted suit was not something that an ordinary wealthy person could do.
Only someone like Chu Yunfan, who spent money like water, could obtain it so easily.

Most people can only exercise through the gravity chamber.

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