Chapter 210 Ten Days, Ninth Level of the Qi Sea Stage

After recovering, Chu Yunfan could clearly feel that both his physical strength and True Energy had improved significantly.
This weighted suit was indeed useful.

‘It’s no wonder Yushu was improving so quickly.
With the weighted suit and all kinds of pills, as long as one’s talent isn’t bad, they would be able to improve by leaps and bounds.
What more the talented Yushu,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

However, Liu Weiguo was only one of the many wealthy individuals.
He wasn’t even considered one of the top.
It could be imagined just how great the difference between the descendants of wealthy individuals and ordinary people was.

Not long after the weighted suit arrived, the medicinal herbs that Chu Yunfan had ordered arrived as well.
He immediately had people move them into the alchemy lab in the villa.
The villa itself was large, so the lab was naturally large as well.

After all the medicinal ingredients were moved in, Chu Yunfan began to refine pills.
He opened the alchemical furnace and put in the medicinal ingredients.
He patiently waited for the pill to come out.
Two hours passed before the pill was finally out of the furnace.

An orange-colored pill came out of the furnace.
The entire training room was filled with a rich medicinal fragrance.
A Qi Condensing Pill was finally out of the furnace!

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed since the start of the new semester.
In these ten days, the competition between the three famous schools regarding Chu Yunfan intensified.
Chu Yunfan wanted to directly come forward and clarify this matter, but Hua Chengtian told him not to come forward just yet.
As the hype became more and more intense, more and more people would get to know about Chu Yunfan.
At the same time, they would also get to know the existence of No.
13 High.
It was like giving No.
13 High free advertisement.
Chu Yunfan did not meddle anymore.
After receiving two million yuan from the school, he had to pay a price.

As the discussions grew, Chu Yunfan’s reputation within the school continued to rise.
However, it did not impact Chu Yunfan much.
This was because Hua Chengtian had personally given the order not to disturb Chu Yunfan.
This was the best seedling in their school.
A good seedling with the possibility of being admitted to Federation University.
How could he allow Chu Yunfan to be crippled because of this!

During these ten days, Chu Yunfan continued to concoct pills, and then he put on the weighted suit and continued to cultivate.

After putting on the suit, Chu Yunfan’s training became extremely arduous.
His physical strength, which was usually unlimited, would often be completely exhausted.
Originally, a set of Roaring Winds Saber Techniques and Earth Splitting Saber Techniques would not affect him much.

However, now that he had on the suit, he found that he was often out of breath.
He felt immense pressure just from walking.
However, as time passed, he slowly adapted to the suit.
Every time he activated the weighted suit, his physical strength and True Energy would be completely exhausted.
When he recovered, it would increase.

In ten days, Chu Yunfan had rushed from the initial stage of the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage to the peak.
This speed was several days faster than Chu Yunfan had expected.

The moon rose in the East.
In the courtyard, spotlights lit up the entire courtyard as if it was daytime.
A figure was brandishing a saber, displaying saber techniques.
However, his movements were no longer as perfect as before.
On the contrary, they were somewhat sluggish, as if a very heavy stone was pressing down on his body.

This person was none other than Chu Yunfan.

In the distance, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun could not help but shake their heads in heartache as they watched their son cultivating arduously.
However, there was nothing they could do.
They knew that their son was someone who did great things.
In this aspect, neither of them could help.

In a few days, there would be a two-month training camp in the wilderness.
The two of them were naturally worried.
Before that, their son was cultivating more to increase his strength.
When that time came, he would be safer.
Thus, they could only watch before retiring to their room.
It had been like this for the past few days, and they had slowly gotten used to living in Spirit Moon Community.

“Huff, huff!”

Chu Yunfan went limp and he collapsed onto the ground.
He put his saber aside and panted heavily.
Beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead, gradually blurring his vision.
His physical strength and True Energy were completely depleted.
He could feel his entire body becoming weak.

However, he did not stop.
Instead, he sat down cross-legged and began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method to recover.
At the same time, he swallowed a bottle of energy elixir to speed up his recovery.

Although this kind of extreme cultivation method was effective, it also took a huge toll on his body.
Chu Yunfan was like a constantly taut string.
His body had also reached a critical point.
Fortunately, he could replenish the nutrients required by his body at any time through energy elixirs.
Otherwise, he would have died of exhaustion.

Under the circulation of the Emperor Method, he recovered some of his physical strength.
Suddenly, he felt that the barrier of the ninth level Qi Sea Stage in his body seemed to have loosened a little.
He was overjoyed.
He finally had the opportunity to breakthrough.
He hurriedly began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method and mobilized his True Energy to attack the barrier of the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage.

In the beginning, he could only mobilize a little bit of True Energy, because his physical strength and True Energy had yet to recover.
However, after circulating a few times, his physical strength increased, and so did his True Energy.
Slowly, the True Energy within him that was originally like a gurgling stream began to surge like a great river, continuously attacking the barrier of the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
The barrier had been continuously attacked over the past few days.
It had long been cracked, and now it was continuously attacked.

Chu Yunfan did not know how much time passed.
He no longer had the concept of time.
Only the thought of continuously attacking the barrier supported him not to fall asleep.
The Godhead in his mind was also continuously emitting waves of clear currents, allowing him to maintain absolute calmness.

The problems that he had encountered during his cultivation surfaced within his mind.
Then like a computer, he continued to calculate and figure out more and more problems.

The amount of True Energy that Chu Yunfan could mobilize was also increasing.
Finally, when he had fully recovered, he gathered all his strength and rushed toward the barrier.


Chu Yunfan suddenly felt as if something had broken.
The place where his True Energy circulation had been delayed suddenly became smooth, like a river that had been dammed up for a long time had been opened up.

The True Energy flowed continuously.
With each flow, it grew stronger and stronger, surpassing the boundary of the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage!

“I’ve finally arrived at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Stage!”

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