Chapter 206 New Semester, Attracting the Attention of the Crowd

However, in front of the principal and teacher of No.
13 High, they did not ask about it.
They were just proud of their son.

“Principal Hua, Coach Qin, we are honest people.
If you have something to say, just say it.
My parents are here, so we’ll be sure to hear you out,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“Okay, then I won’t beat around the bush.
Qin and I are here to express our gratitude on behalf of the school.
The school has decided to reward you with two million yuan,” Hua Chengtian said.

As he said this, he carefully observed Chu Yunfan’s expression.
Sure enough, Chu Yunfan was very indifferent to the announcement.
Sure enough, two million yuan was not enough to attract Chu Yunfan’s attention.

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun were somewhat shocked.
Just how big of a wave had Chu Yunfan made? The school was willing to spend two million to keep him.
However, the two of them did not respond because they knew it was not appropriate to interrupt.

“Other than that, we’ll also supply you with all the resources that we can provide.
The best teachers in the school will be available to you at any time.
If you have any other requests, please feel free to make them.” Hua Chengtian said without hesitation, showing all his trump cards.
At this moment, if he were to hold back, it would only backfire.

Chu Yunfan pondered for a moment before saying, “Thank you, Principal Hua.
I understand your concerns, but I have no plans to change schools for the time being.”

When the two heard Chu Yunfan’s words, they heaved a sigh of relief.
Qin Wu hurriedly said, “You’re making the right choice.
The college entrance examinations are just around the corner.
There are no benefits to changing schools now.
Moreover, our school can also provide whatever those famous schools can.


“Mmhm.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

If it was two years ago, he would certainly not let go of such an opportunity.
However, there were only a few months left before the college entrance examinations.
There was not much reason to change schools anymore.
It was good enough if his current school could provide him with good conditions.

After confirming that Chu Yunfan had no intention of changing schools, the two of them instantly relaxed.
Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun started chatting with them.
Another half an hour passed before they left.

The moment they left, Chu Qingxuan pounced on Chu Yunfan and said, “Brother, you really became the champion of the school exchange meet.
You’re amazing!”

Her eyes lit up and her face was filled with shock and admiration.

When they had been talking earlier, she had checked into the influence of the champion of the school exchange meet.
In some circles, the internet was full of this news.
It was enough for her to understand how amazing her brother was now.

“Yes, I just won,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

Then, Chu Yunfan told them about what had been happening recently.

“Yunfan, now that you’re all grown up, your mother and I will not interfere with your choices.
As long as it’s beneficial to your college entrance exams, we’ll be okay with it,” Chu Wencheng said.

“Yes, you’re free to make your own decision.” Yang Yayun nodded in agreement.

Over this period, Chu Yunfan was not the only one who had changed.
Chu Wenchang and Yang Yayun’s have also changed.
They had slowly gotten used to the fact that Chu Yunfan was now grown up and had his own ideas on many matters.

After chatting with his parents and sister for a while, Chu Yunfan retired to his room.
Now that the new semester was about to begin, he had to plan carefully.
The start of the new semester meant that the college entrance examinations were not far away.

The current entrance criteria to gain admission to the top ten famous universities was the Energy Refinement Stage.
As long as one was in the Energy Refinement Stage, they would be able to get into the top famous universities.

However, Federation University was the exception.
For Federation University, cultivation of the Energy Refinement Stage was only one of the qualifications to participate in the university’s entrance examination.

In other words, with Chu Yunfan’s current situation, he did not possess the qualifications to participate in Federation University’s entrance examination.
Moreover, that was only the minimum requirement.
To gain admission to Federation University, cultivation of the first level of the Energy Refinement Stage was far from enough.
It was not even safe to apply with the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
One could only be considered to have a safe enough chance of entering Federation University when they’ve reached the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

With Chu Yunfan’s current level, time was limited.
Fortunately, there were still a few months left, and he could still strive to advance!

The top priority now was to step into the ninth-level Qi Sea Stage.
At that time, his strength would advance one step further and be truly comparable to the Energy Refinement Stage.

The night passed silently.
The Moon sets in the West, and the Sun rose in the East.

On the first day of the new semester, Chu Yunfan got up early, but Chu Qingxuan had gotten up even earlier.
It was her first day of school and she was extremely excited that she could barely contain herself.
Previously, she had not been able to attend school because of her illness.
She had been self-studying at home all this while.
Although she had long finished the junior high school curriculum, she was lonely.
Today was the beginning of her new life.

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun took this event very seriously.
They both planned to go to the school to personally handle some procedures.

Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, ate a leisurely breakfast, changed into a black training suit, and shouldered his Shadowless Saber before heading off to school.

After taking a break, many students came to the school in high spirits.
Although they had wanted the break, after that period, they missed school.
Students were such strange creatures.

Chu Yunfan’s appearance instantly caused a commotion.

“Ah, it’s Almighty Chu!”

“I saw Almighty Chu.
He’s so handsome!”

“Did you hear? Almighty Chu represented No.
13 High and won the championship at the school exchange meet.”

“How could I not have heard? The entire school forum has been in an uproar.”

“As expected of Almighty Chu.
He’s now not only the number one of our school, but he’s also the number one of Yunning District!”

Many students looked at Chu Yunfan excitedly, especially the juniors.
They were filled with admiration.
It was a miracle that he had become the champion of the school exchange meet despite being from an ordinary school.
Many now regard Chu Yunfan as the number one in Yunning District.

Many parents who came to send their children off also took notice of Chu Yunfan.

“Is that Chu Yunfan? He’s indeed a handsome man.”

“An ordinary school actually managed to produce such a person.”

“Sigh, comparing people is so infuriating.
They are all studying in the same school.
How can there be such a big difference!”

As discussions flew back and forth, Chu Yunfan walked into No.
13 High.

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