Chapter 205 Night Visit From the Principal and the Homeroom Teacher

The drama of the three famous schools fighting over a student left many people dumbstruck.

Where was their honor as famous schools?

Where was their moral integrity?

Where was their aloofness?

Everyone was dumbstruck.
They felt that these famous schools had gone crazy.
However, this was quite a normal situation within famous schools.
Not to mention famous schools in Calm Ocean City like Yucai High, even famous schools like the top ten famous schools would fight for students every year.
It was no different from what was happening right now.
It was exactly the same!

This was even done by the cold and aloof famous schools like the three famous schools that were under constant pressure from Federation University.
How could they not fight over a student who was sure guaranteed to get into Federation University?

How could they not take a student with such strength and talent seriously!

Other than the top three famous schools, other schools also announced their offers.
They offered whatever they could.
However, they knew that compared to the top three famous schools, their offer was sorely lacking.
Hence, they could only shout.
Anyway, shouting did not exhaust their strength.
Maybe a slice of cake would fall from the sky?

This was not impossible!

Thus, the illusion of the whole world fighting over Chu Yunfan appeared!


Seeing the three famous schools shamelessly throwing away their arms and personally standing up, the principal of No.
13 High, Hua Chengtian, could not sit idling by any longer.
He had wanted to wait for the new semester to start before looking for Chu Yunfan.
However, after the three famous schools made their offer, he decided that it’d be best if he went to seek Chu Yunfan immediately.
He even brought along Chu Yunfan’s homeroom teacher, Qin Wu.

When the two of them arrived at Spirit Moon Community which was Chu Yunfan’s latest registered address, they were stunned.
It was not that the two of them had never entered such a grand estate before, especially Hua Chengtian.
Although No.
13 High was just an ordinary school, he was still the principal.
With the great importance that current human society placed on the inheritance of knowledge, his social status was far from being low.
He could be considered a sage.

However, both of them remember that Chu Yunfan’s information clearly stated that his family background was ordinary.
And right now, they wanted to stomp on the face of the person who had written that information.

This was an ordinary family background?

Ordinary my ass!

Even these two would not be able to afford a house here even if they slaved away their entire lives.
This was the truth!

Hua Chengtian was a principal, so he was naturally not an ordinary person.
He had some wealth, but this place was different.
It was not something that could be bought with just a little wealth!

The two of them looked at each other and understood the worry in each other’s eyes.
They were not afraid of Chu Yunfan being poor.
It was good if he was poor.
They would then be able to use money as a means to entice him to stay with No.
13 High.

Looking at the place Chu Yunfan lived, they knew that he was definitely not lacking in money.
Their original plan would not work.
They cursed in their hearts.
They hated rich people who did not lack money the most.
Because these people did not lack money, they could not be predicted using common sense.
There was no way to bribe them!

Suddenly, they felt very tired.
It had not been easy for their school to produce a good seedling, but in the end, it was a nouveau riche who did not lack money.
They had not heard of this before!

Chu Yunfan had been very low-key over the years.
He looked like an ordinary student and did not possess any special talent.
Nobody had expected that in such a short time, he had become the number one in Yunning District.
He was on the verge of turning into a dragon and soaring up into the Heavens.

And the one who found this really strange was Qin Wu.
He knew very well that Chu Yunfan’s family background was ordinary.
Previously, he had even given Chu Yunfan some work, and the kid had not been the slightest bit put off.
He still remembered that incident.
But now, he saw that not only was Chu Yunfan’s family background not bad but he could be considered top-notch.

Qin Wu had come to Spirit Moon Community before, as this was where his old friend, Liu Weiguo, lived.
Both of them were retirees from the army.
After they retired, one of them became a teacher at a school, while the other became a big boss.
Their circumstances in life were completely different.

Although Qin Wu was only a teacher, he knew how exaggerated the price of houses in Spirit Moon Community was.
It was an astronomical sum that ordinary people could not afford even if they slaved away their entire lives.

After checking in at the security booth, they were quickly brought to a super luxurious villa in the middle of the district by the security.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan and his family had just finished having dinner.
They had not expected the principal and the homeroom teacher of No.
13 High to show up in person.

After both parties had sat down, Hua Chengtian said, “Chu Yunfan, you’ve been hiding many things from us.
We thought that your family was ordinary.
We didn’t expect your family to be so well-off.”

Chu Yunfan smiled and was not bothered to explain.
He just said, “May I know why you’ve come to visit us despite the late hour, Principal Hua, Coach Wu?” At the mention of this, Hua Chengtian’s spirit was roused.
He quickly opened his mouth and said, “See.
You represented No.
13 High at the school exchange meet and managed to win us the championship.
We’re here on behalf of the school to see if you’re doing well.”

It was only now that Chu Wencheng, Yang Yayun, and Chu Qingxuan realized that Chu Yunfan had achieved such a great feat.
They had been too busy to pay attention to Chu Yunfan lately and did not know that he had been the center of attention in many small circles recently.

“Thank you for your concern, Principal Hua.” Chu Yunfan smiled in reply.

Hua Chengtian took note of Chu Yunfan’s indifferent expression and could not help but feel depressed.
The whole world was crashing down, but the main character did not look the least bit concerned.

After hearing Hua Chengtian’s words, Chu Yunfan immediately guessed Chengtian’s purpose in visiting him.
Although he had not left the house for the past two days, it did not mean that he did not know anything.
Ouyang and Gao Hongzhi, even Tang Siyu had brought it up.
Especially Gao Hongzhi, who was extremely envious.

It was about the competition between the three famous schools.
Although the actions of the three famous schools were a little shameless, this showed how popular Chu Yunfan was.
It was a treatment that no one else had received.

Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun, on the other hand, had just found out about it.
They had heard about the school exchange meet.
As parents, they naturally cared about such things.

They knew that their son’s performance had been very good recently, and he had even got first place in the entire school.
However, they had never imagined that their son would win the championship in the school exchange meet.

If the difficulty of winning the championship in No.
13 High was considered difficult, then winning the championship in the school exchange meet was simply hell.

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