Chapter 200 The Terrifying Power of Simple Martial Skills

The students of Yucai High had just witnessed an exciting battle!

Although they were students of a prestigious school like Yucai High, most of the students were quite far from the top 20 students of the various schools.
The battles between Chu Yunfan, Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran today made them truly understand the gap between elites and ordinary students.
It was not just the gap in their level.
Their battle experience, battle awareness, and various techniques were vastly different.
All of these accumulated together created a huge gap in all aspects.
They could only watch the dazzling exchange of blows between the two sides.
It was shocking!

This was especially true for Tong Xinran.
Many had seen her sitting quietly as if she was a fairy who had descended to the mortal world.
Who would have thought she would be so fierce.
Her stance kept changing.
She changed positions almost every time she took a breath.
Her attacks were fierce and tricky.

Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, embodied the word “steady.” He was as steady as a mountain.
No matter how Tong Xinran attacked, he was able to block her.
His defense was airtight, not giving Tong Xinran any chance to hurt him.

“Tong Xinran is being too impatient.
This method consumes too much energy.
Chu Yunfan is barely even moving.
He’s standing ever so steadily and has managed to fend off all of Tong Xinran’s attacks,” a student from Yucai High commented.
He felt that it was a pity.
Tong Xinran had chosen the wrong strategy.
At this moment, Ran Jun, who had just finished getting treated, returned to his seat.
He said, “You’re the mistaken one.
I don’t know if Chu Yunfan is gifted or if the cultivation method he cultivates is special.
His energy recovery speed is just too shocking.
He’s even faster than an Energy Refinement Stage expert.
If the battle is dragged out, Tong Xinran will definitely lose.
She’ll have no chance at all!

“If you want to win, the only way is to defeat Chu Yunfan in the early stages at lightning speed,” Ran Jun said, “Tong Xinran’s stamina will be highest during the early stages.
If she wants to win, this is the time to do it.
The final victory is coming!”

Ran Jun stared at the two people in the ring.
He had mixed feelings because he did not know who he wanted to win.
For him, the school exchange meet this time had already failed.
He had wanted to win the championship, but he was defeated by Chu Yunfan.
So to him, no matter who won, it had nothing to do with him.

On one hand, he wanted Tong Xinran to protect the honor of the traditional famous schools.

On the other hand, he did not want to lose on his own.
If he were to lose, the top three might as well lose together and return to the same starting line.

This complicated feeling made it so that he could not decide.
Moreover, he did not want either of these two to win the championship.
Whoever won would be the champion!

Everyone felt like they had forgotten how to breathe.
This was the final battle.
In the final battle for the championship, whoever won would be the champion of this year’s school exchange meet.
Although Yucai High had been eliminated, the students of Yucai High were all holding their breaths as they watched the ensuing battle.

All the students of No.
13 High had their hands clasped tight.
Their breathing had become heavy.
This was a moment that would create history!

In the history of No.
13 High, there had never been a student who even stood close to winning the championship of the school exchange meet.
It should be said that no one had the qualifications to even participate in the final championship battle.
Although there was no restriction on the qualifications to participate in the final battle, there had never been anyone strong enough.
If they went up, they would only disgrace themselves.

And they had all watched Chu Yunfan fight his way into the final championship battle step by step.
He had even consecutively defeated two of Yunning District’s top three who had once dominated the area.

And this was the last one!

They had never dared dream of becoming the champion school of Yunning District.
But now, that dream that could not be reached was right in front of their eyes.

At this moment, whether it was Ou Yang, who was on good terms with Chu Yunfan, or Zhang Teng, who had always been on bad terms with Chu Yunfan, they were all staring fixedly at the ring, hoping that Chu Yunfan could win.

If one was not from an ordinary high school like No.
13 High, they would not be able to understand their level of desire to win the championship.
Because it was an extravagant hope.
And at the same time, they wanted to prove that students from ordinary schools might not necessarily be inferior to students from famous schools.

This was the final resistance in their hearts!

All of a sudden, Tong Xinran stopped.
Everyone’s hearts tightened, especially those of the experts.
They knew that it was time for the final decision to be made.

“Five-light Sword!”

Tong Xinran let out a delicate cry and suddenly pounced forward.
Her rapier pierced through everything, directly stabbing at Chu Yunfan.

The speed of this attack was fast.
Compared to her previous attack, it was at least 30% faster!

A smile appeared on Tong Xinran’s face.
She had been suppressing her attack speed all this time in order to catch Chu Yunfan off guard.
This was the strategy.
Earlier, Chu Yunfan had used Flow Cut and defeated Yu Xinyuan.
This had caught Yu Xinyuan off guard.
Otherwise, the battle between the two of them would drag on for some time.
However, what she had not predicted was that when she increased her speed, Chu Yunfan would follow suit.


Chu Yunfan instantly blocked her attack.
This was the attack that she had banked on to change the tide of the battle.
But it was blocked by Chu Yunfan!


“How is this possible?!” Tong Xinran immediately turned pale with fright and said, “You weren’t using your full strength earlier?”

“That’s right, I was only testing you,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
“Now, it’s my turn to counterattack!”

As Chu Yunfan said that, the saber in his hand suddenly slashed out.




When Chu Yunfan was on the defensive earlier, although he was very fast, it was not fully displayed against Tong Xinran’s speed.
But now, as he switched from defending to attacking, his speed advantage exploded.

Roaring Winds Saber Technique!

When Chu Yunfan displayed this technique with his current strength, it was like a violent storm that swept out like crazy.
The sky was filled with shadows as they spread out with terrifying amounts of True Energy.

“I remember that this is a very simple technique.
How is it so strong in his hands?” Yu Xinyuan, who had just returned, was shocked when he saw the set of saber techniques that Chu Yunfan displayed.

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