Chapter 193 Chu Yunfan, Come and Don’t Let Me Down

Chu Yunfan was not the slightest bit moved by the reprimands that were pouring in from all directions.
He just leisurely returned to his seat and sat down.

Then, he felt countless gazes fall on him one after another.
From time to time, they would stop on him.
As a student of an ordinary school, he actually dared to covet the championship.
Many thought that this was outrageous.
The students of those famous schools were brimming with pride and confidence.

Every place had its order and rules!

And in their view, it was natural for the famous schools to occupy the ruling class.
A student of an ordinary school had dared touch their exclusive property, and his attitude was so rude.
How could this have not provoked a backlash?

However, Chu Yunfan was indifferent.
The other students of No.
13 High also received many sharp gazes because of this.
However, in response to this, the students from No.
13 High unceremoniously glared back at them.
Now that they finally had a classmate who could make them feel proud, how could they show weakness?

They were all elites from different schools.
Who would be less arrogant than the other!

“You want to be the champion? I think you’re dreaming too much.
Chu Yunfan, do you dare to come down and accept my challenge?” a student from No.
5 High stepped into the ring and pointed at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan glanced at him and could not be bothered.
He had already said that he wanted to fight in the championship battle, yet this guy still came up to challenge him.

Ou Yang, who was sitting beside him, took a look at Chu Yunfan, then got up and raised the staff in his hand.

“I’ll play with you,” Ou Yang said as he calmly stepped into the ring.

“Butt out, Ou Yang.
I’m looking for Chu Yunfan,” the student said unappreciatively.

Ou Yang’s expression turned ugly.
Since when had he been regarded as such a small fry? He was the former top student of No.
13 High.
And now that he was taking the initiative to get into the ring, he was being told to get lost.

The student looked at him like he was not qualified!

How infuriating!

“You want to fight Chu Yunfan? You’ll have to go through me first.
If you can’t even defeat me, how are you qualified to look for trouble with Chu Yunfan?” Ou Yang said.
At this moment, he had completely accepted his fate.
Chu Yunfan was indeed stronger than him.

At least for now, it was indeed so!

“Okay, then I’ll take you down first, then I’ll go find him,” said the student upon seeing that he could not avoid it.

An exciting fight between dragons and tigers immediately began.

Since this student dared to find trouble with Chu Yunfan, he did indeed have some skills.
He had long stepped into the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
He was even stronger than Lu Xiuran.
After all, No.
5 High was an old famous school.
It was in the top ten and was even stronger than Yucai High.

However, this student had met Ou Yang who was burning with anger.
Ou Yang was very strong.
Even against the three famous schools, he had managed to charge into the top ten.
He fully displayed his eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage strength.
He suppressed his opponent.
He completely released his anger at being ignored by others.
In the end, Ou Yang relied on his formidable strength and defeated his opponent after just a dozen moves! The elites of the various schools finally looked at Ou Yang in a different light.
After all, Ou Yang was the representative figure of No.
13 High for several years.
Compared to people like Chu Yunfan who had suddenly appeared, he was undoubtedly much more famous.
And Ou Yang had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Chu Yunfan.
This had made everyone think that Ou Yang held just an empty title.
Otherwise, how could he be defeated at the hands of an unknown Chu Yunfan?

Unexpectedly, he possessed such strength!

From the looks of it, it was not that Ou Yang was too weak, but that Chu Yunfan was too strong.
With such strength, Ou Yang had actually only managed to place second.

Many people secretly raised their evaluation of Chu Yunfan!

After that, Ou Yang fought a few more battles.
There were students from Yucai High, as well as the elite students from No.
5 and No.
7 High.
They were all powerful existences that ranked in the top ten among the famous schools.
This also proved to everyone how powerful No.
13 High’s second seat was.
Only after exhausting his last bit of strength did he barely stagger back to his seat.
Everyone had nothing to say about his results.
Ou Yang had faced these powerful opponents.
He had either won or drawn.
He had never lost.
For an elite student from an ordinary school, his performance was indeed great.
It was no wonder that the teachers of No.
13 High had placed all their hopes on him.

After Ou Yang left the ring, the top ten students from the three famous schools, who could not hold themselves back any longer, charged back into the ring.
They tried to challenge Chu Yunfan once again.
These people were even more powerful existences like the top five of the three famous schools and the top three.

Chu Yunfan was still indifferent.
This time, someone else got into the ring in his place, and that was Tang Siyu.

Tang Siyu held an ancient longsword in her hand and defeated a student of the eighth level of Qi Sea Stage from Yucai High with lightning speed.

It was a complete shock!

“H-How could they be so strong?!”

“How is No.
13 High so strong this year? Forget about Chu Yunfan, Ou Yang is still as strong as ever.
Now there are another three spots, and this girl was able to defeat the top ten of Yucai High with lightning speed! She’s even stronger than Ou Yang!”

People felt as if they had not properly acknowledged No.
13 High this year.
This was completely different from the script that they had deduced.

However, it was not just them.
Even the students of No.
13 High were in complete disbelief.
Were these really the students of their school?

Even now, they still had considerable combat strength left.
Not to mention that there was still Chu Yunfan who had yet to make a move.
Judging from the situation, not only was No.
13 High not at the bottom, but they were able to soar into the sky and reach the middlemaybe even the upper-reaches.

While they were still in shock, the miracle of Tang Siyu slaughtering everyone in the field did not stop.
On the contrary, she continued to sweep through.





Tang Siyu swept through five students at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Stage in a row.
Her power was monstrous.
Even the elites of the three famous schools had no choice but to admit Tang Siyu’s strength.
They even showed a hint of admiration on their faces.

However, although they admired her, the three famous schools had been defeated by her alone.
She was extremely beautiful.
And after the fierce battle, her flushed cheeks made her look even more elegant.

Watching Tang Siyu defeat the elites of these famous schools, the faces of the leaders of Yucai High who were seated at the stands in the distance changed.

The first seat of Yucai High, Ran Jun, finally stepped into the ring.
He defeated Tang Siyu, who had already reached the limit, with lightning speed.
He sent her flying with one punch.

Then, Ran Jun turned his gaze to Chu Yunfan.

“Chu Yunfan, didn’t you say that you would be included in the championship battle? Come on then.
Don’t disappoint me! Don’t be a


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