at the most beautiful girl from No.
5 High.
She’s the leading figure and school belle of No.
5 High, Tong Xinran.”

Chu Yunfan looked over when he heard that.
Indeed, a girl was sitting quietly amongst the students of No.
5 High.
From afar, she gave off an aura of calm and peace.
But under this girl’s quiet exterior, Chu Yunfan could feel that there was a hidden explosive power.
However, it was hidden very deeply.
Ordinary people would not be able to see it.

“There’s also the number 1 of No.
7 High, Yu Xinyuan.
He’s the toughest looking one over there,” Ou Yang said as he pointed at No.
7 High.

Chu Yunfan took a look and indeed, the person who sat at the head seat of No.
7 High was a rough-looking man who was a head taller than ordinary people.

“These three are the top in the Yunning District.
They are known as students who will definitely be admitted to Federation University.
Before they have even taken the exam, professors from Federation University expressed their interest in them.
Once they’re admitted, they’ll be taken in by those professors and teachers,” Ou Yang said, his eyes filled with envy.

Whether it was liberal arts or martial arts, professors from Federation University all had unimaginable statuses within society.
Any one of them could talk to the leaders of Calm Ocean City on equal footing.
Many human society’s elites came from Federation University, and those elites were the former students of these teachers and professors.

And respecting teachers was a tradition of the Chinese.
One could imagine the networks of these professors and teachers.
To be valued by one of the professors meant a bright future.

Of course, Ou Yang was envious.
He only had a chance of passing, but these three would definitely pass.

Chu Yunfan thought of his cousin, Chu Yuntian, whom he had not seen for a long time.
Chu Yuntian was also someone who had been recommended by Federation University.
What kind of strength did he have?

Originally, Chu Yunfan did not even have the right to look at Chu Yuntian’s back.
However, everything was different now.

“Other than that, the other students are not to be underestimated,” Ou Yang said, “Even if they are not as strong as those three, the other students of No.
5, No.
7, and Yucai High are also very strong!”

Suddenly, Zhang Teng opened his mouth and said, “I’ve checked this morning.
The top 20 students of these three focus high schools are more or less all at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage and above.
The top 10 are mostly at the eighth level.”

Only now did everyone know what Zhang Teng had got up to when he went to meet his friends earlier.
He must have gone to get information.
Only then did they look at him in a new light.
For Zhang Teng to be able to stand firm in the school for so many years, it was indeed because he was capable.

“As for the other schools, it’s not a big problem.
The top 20 are mostly at the sixth level, and there are also some at the peak of the fifth.
The top few are all at the seventh.
With our strength, we don’t have to be afraid,” Zhang Teng continued his report.

Everyone could tell from his words that No.
5, No.
7, and Yucai High were obviously stronger than the other schools.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan felt many gazes fall on him.
One of the gazes from No.
7 High was particularly intriguing.
It was Yu Xinyuan whom Ou Yang had mentioned.

Chu Yunfan just smiled faintly at the other party.
On the head seat of No.
7 High, Yu Xinyuan saw Chu Yunfan looking at him fearlessly.
He could not help but reveal a smile.

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