Chapter 181 The Might of a Single Slash


Fang Ziyan spat out a mouthful of blood as he soared through the air like a meteor.
He crashed heavily onto the ground.
His entire body looked like it had fallen apart.
He struggled to get up but failed to do so.
His saber had been sent flying.
His palm was torn open, and fresh blood seeped into the ground.

Everyone was stunned.
They thought they were about to witness a fierce battle.
After all, Fang Ziyan had said that Chu Yunfan had defeated him before.
Many people knew about Fang Ziyan, so they naturally looked up to Chu Yunfan.
Who knew that they had underestimated Chu Yunfan.

It was only one slash.
In one move, Fang Ziyan was sent flying.
He was completely defeated.

He could not even get up.

Fang Ziyan could not react.
This was completely different from the script he had planned.
In his mind, his strength must have surpassed Chu Yunfan after going through that one month of harsh training.
He should be able to slice off one of Chu Yunfan’s arms with just one move.
Although he would definitely be punished afterward, he was one of the top 20 students of Yucai High.
His teachers would not be reluctant to punish him too severely.
His punishment would be nothing more than a show for No.
13 High.
He had taken into account all this.
Thus he was bold enough to take revenge for the defeat he had suffered!

However, he was defeated once again.
And it was even worse than before.
Last time, he had held out for a long time before he was finally defeated by Chu Yunfan with three slashes.
Now, he was sent flying with just one slash.

How much strength did Chu Yunfan possess to do that?

Fang Ziyan felt like his entire body had fallen apart.
The arm that he used to hold his saber was shattered and fractured.
And he had only exchanged one strike with Chu Yunfan.
This feeling was similar to the monster he had encountered in his earlier training.
It had been also rampaging and had terrifying and unreasonable strength.

Could it be that Chu Yunfan was a monster wearing human skin?

How could a human be so powerful?

Everyone was shocked.
They looked at Chu Yunfan with wide eyes.
Even though they had regained their senses, they still felt that the black glow from the blade earlier was simply an unbelievable miracle.

“This… This is impossible!”

“Fang Ziyan is one of the top 20 students of Yucai High.
How could this be? He couldn’t even block a single strike!”

“It was too fast.
That slash came and it was extremely powerful!”

When the experts from other schools saw this scene, they were dumbfounded.
They felt extremely fearful of Chu Yunfan.
His strikes were so fast.
They could not see the whole truth but it was clear that Chu Yunfan’s strength and cultivation level were clearly much higher than Fang Ziyan’s.
One thing was certain.
This person was definitely their greatest enemy!

A powerful opponent had appeared at the school exchange meet.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu were very calm, especially Gao Hongzhi.
He even had a disdainful look on his face.
What was going on? You had not seen this freak when he was fighting against monsters at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.
That was the real terror.

He recalled Chu Yunfan’s performance when he was fighting the monster which was at the peak of the Qi Sea Stage.
Chu Yunfan had slashed the monster until it was forced back and finally killed.
That violent appearance was Chu Yunfan’s true power.
This was no big deal!

Wait until you see Chu Yunfan at that time, then you can say you’re scared.
“Why are you so ruthless? Why didn’t you leave some of him for me? The last time he cut me.
I was hoping to stab him back myself,” Gao Hongzhi could not help but say gloomily.
The crowd rolled their eyes when they heard Gao Hongzhi’s lament.
Fang Ziyan was one of the top 20 of Yucai High.
How could Gao Hongzhi talk like he was buying meat at a roadside market?

When Fang Ziyan heard this, he was so angry that he fainted.

Not long after, a figure rushed over.
When he saw Fang Ziyan lying on the ground, he was furious.

“You brat.
You got away when we were at No.
13 High before.
But now you’re on my school grounds.
I’ll take you down and settle the score with your teacher!”

This person was none other than the teacher, Mr.
Li, who had come to No.
13 High previously.

Li instantly pounced on Chu Yunfan.
His hand was outstretched like an eagle’s claw, clawing toward Chu Yunfan.

In an instant, he had clawed at Chu Yunfan’s throat.

A fierce glint flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.


Li’s eagle claw passed through Chu Yunfan’s figure.
Indeed, he passed through it.

“What? How is this possible?!”

Li turned pale with fright.
He had never encountered such a situation before.
Chu Yunfan, who was standing before him, had split into three figures.
His hand had passed through one of the phantoms.

Suddenly, a black shadow descended from the sky and directly slashed toward his arm.


Li’s reaction was usually very fast.
His cultivation of the Energy Refinement Stage made his reaction speed unimaginable.
But at the moment he was stunned and was caught off guard by Chu Yunfan.
The Shadowless Saber managed to leave a cut.

Li retreated and moved out of Chu Yunfan’s attack range.
He covered his arm.
A huge wound had appeared on his arm and blood was flowing out.

Very good, you brat.
You actually dare hurt other people.
I can’t stand you!” Mr.
Li said in anger, “This matter will be reported to your school.
When the time comes, you will be expelled!”


“I think you’d better first figure out what exactly happened,” Chu Yunfan said coldly, “You still want to report me? I also want to find the principal of Yucai High to file a complaint.
I came to your school to participate in the exchange meet, but I was ambushed by a student of your school.
Then, you, a teacher, acted without asking the truth and bullied the weak.
I want to ask if this is how Yucai High teaches its teachers and students?”

“That’s right.
I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never seen anyone this shameless.
It was clearly your student who ambushed us first.
Everyone here can prove it.
Moreover, there are cameras all over the school.
You can pull up the surveillance footage and see for yourself.
Now, you have the cheek to accuse us? Isn’t that a wonder?” Gao Hongzhi said with a sneer.

“I can also testify that it was Fang Ziyan who ambushed us first,” Tang Siyu said.

Li’s face turned green and then white.
He believed Chu Yunfan’s words.
He could have ignored the so-called testimonies.
After all, it was subjective.
However, there were cameras all over, the other party looked fearless.
What they said must be true.

Looking at the other students around them, he was even more certain of it.

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