Chapter 180 Sent Flying in One Slash

Of course, the final result came as no surprise.

Both Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu passed the test easily.
They even hid their strength and did not go all out.
After all, they guessed that Yucai High was trying to gather intelligence, so they could not possibly let them succeed.
They just made a casual move that still guaranteed that they would pass.

But even so, this was very unexpected.
After all, nobody had expected so many of No.
13 High-which had always ranked last-to be able to pass the test.
Gao Hongzhi was number eight in the last semester, and he actually managed to pass.
The current strength of No.
13 High had reached almost unimaginable levels.
There had clearly been a huge increase.
Many had thought that only Ou Yang and Zhang Teng from No.
13 High could pass the test.
They had not expected these three others.
Although, in their eyes, three people at the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage was not enough to completely reverse No.
13 High’s disadvantage.
But at least they would not have to struggle so much to pull themselves out of last place.
They even had a chance of ranking somewhere in the middle of all the schools within the Yunning District.

This was the first time that Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, and Gao Hongzhi’s names started becoming well-known.
This incident also served to warn the other schools that besides Ou Yang and Zhang Teng, No.
13 High had other strong contenders.

The results were out, so the money was naturally transferred to the trio’s respective accounts.
Although this sum was not a lot to Chu Yunfan, to Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu, it was no small sum.
After all, they were not like Chu Yunfan who had a decent source of income.

Watching the trio leave, the students of No.
25 High realized that they had been played.
Gao Hongzhi had dug a hole for them and waited for them to jump in.
And they had foolishly jumped in.

The group from No.
25 High looked at the crowd around them and thought they were certainly being laughed at.
They thought that they could squash the students of No.
13 High.
But instead, they had been tricked.

“We can’t just forget this.
We have to get back at them!” a student said unwillingly.
Fifty thousand yuan was a huge amount of money for a student.
If it were not for the subsidy the school had given them, they would not have been able to produce this large sum.

“But we can’t beat them,” another student said.

Based on the test, it was clear that the trio was at the seventh Qi Sea Stage or higher.
Although they were all outstanding students, they knew that the gap in strength between them was a little too big.
“Although we aren’t their match, we can look for Zhuo Haowei.
I don’t believe that they will be able to hold on to the money in the end!” one of the students said.

The eyes of the group instantly lit up.
Zhuo Haowei was the first seat of their school.
His strength was not to be underestimated.
Even against No.
13 High’s Ou Yang, the number one of their school would not be afraid.

“Right, let’s go!”

They had been quick to agree to the bet but were not willing to part with the 50,000 yuan.
Meanwhile, the students from Yucai High had got to witness a good show.
They stood around and watched the elites of the various schools fight each other.
This was the real reason they had come to help out even though it was still their winter vacation.

Chu Yunfan did not know that the students of No.
25 High had gone to look for help.
But even if he knew, he would not care.
The trio strolled into the campus.
Fortunately, there was a signboard to point them in the direction of the reception area.

A shout suddenly rang out and was followed by a gust of evil wind coming on Chun Yunfan from behind him.
Chu Yunfan had spent the past month in the wilderness.
Chu Yunfan had long developed the habit of being vigilant at all times.
Immediately, he turned around to face the figure rushing straight at him.


There was a loud sound of metal colliding with metal.
The two sabers fiercely clashed against one another and caused sparks to fly in all directions.
The sudden change of events attracted everyone’s attention.
The onlookers consisted of students from Yucai High and the various other schools.

“What’s going on? Why are they fighting?”

“Aren’t they being a little impatient? Can’t they wait for the upcoming match which is just around the corner?”

“I know that student.
Isn’t that Fang Ziyan, one of our top 20? Who’s the other?”

“A sneak attack? Fang Ziyan actually launched a sneak attack? And he failed?”

After the initial shock, many students quickly reacted.
After all, a fight on campus was a big deal.
Many people even noticed the furious expression on Fang Ziyan’s face.
He looked ferocious as if he wanted to tear Chu Yunfan apart.

“What beef do they have? Does Fang Ziyan really have to start a fight here?”

Many people could not help but feel puzzled.

“Chu Yunfan!” Fang Ziyan said with a snarl, “I’ve been waiting for you.
You’re dead meat!”

The anger in his eyes was so pronounced.
He looked like he wanted to devour Chu Yunfan whole right there and then.
Previously at No.
13 High, he had suffered a crushing defeat at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
Not only had he been severely injured, but his saber had also been destroyed.
He had lost his price and his dignity.
Now, he could finally take revenge.

“It’s you again.
If you continue to be aggressive, then don’t blame me for being impolite,” Chu Yunfan said as he frowned slightly.

Seeing that Chu Yunfan was not the least bit threatened by him, Fang Ziyan’s anger level soared.
He roared, “In order to defeat you, I went through special training during this winter vacation.
I want nothing more than to chop off one of your arms.
Otherwise, I’ll never be able to let go of this anger in my heart!” The look on Chu Yunfan’s face turned icy.
Chop off one of his arms?

Fang Ziyan was clearly an ill-mannered fellow.
He would not learn his lesson until it was given to him the hard way.

“Trash like you want to hurt me? I only need one move to defeat you.” Chu Yunfan’s tone became low and cold.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu could tell that Chu Yunfan was really angry.
“How dare you be so arrogant!” Fang Ziyan’s anger was growing by the second.
Every day over the past month, he had obsessed over how Chu Yunfan had defeated him in three moves.
He had yet to be rid of the scar on his body.
It was a constant reminder of the humiliating defeat he had suffered in that battle.

Fang Ziyan jumped back.
After he steadied himself, he lashed out at Chu Yunfan with the saber in his hand.
Compared to the battle one month ago, Fang Ziyan was now even stronger.
He had stepped into the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage and was confident that he could get back at Chu Yunfan.

When the saber light fell and was about to hit Chu Yunfan, Chu Yunfan made his move.
His pitch-black Shadowless Saber swept out in a streak of black light and met Fang Ziyan’s saber head-on.


With a loud sound, Fang Ziyan was sent flying backward at a speed faster than when he had come.

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