Chapter 179 That’s No.
13 High’s Number One

When Gao Hongzhi opened his mouth, Chu Yunfan immediately knew what he was up to and proceeded to cooperate with him.
Moreover, the attitude of the group had made him very unhappy.

If Gao Hongzhi had not known better, Chu Yunfan would have assumed these students were from No.
5 High or something, but it turns out that they were just students from the school that was ranked second-to-last.

Of course, No.
13 High was not any better.
One was ranked last, and the other was second-to-last.
These two schools had been fighting to not be at the bottom at every past school exchange meet.
The other schools were competing for the top positions while these two were competing for who would not be ranked last—and who was not last was the winner.

It sounded a little ridiculous.
The first and the second from the bottom loved to kill each other, but there was nothing they could actually do.
Their schools were too weak, so they had no other choice.
It was already good enough if they did not rank last.
The hatred between the two schools ran deep.
No wonder this group had been waiting here to make fun of them!

This was the first time the trio was participating in such an exchange meet, so they had never experienced this kind of situation before.
However, there were internal competitions within No.
13 High so they were not inexperienced.

“You guys are still last.
How dare you laugh at us!” The group of students said in anger.
Their school was second from the bottom, and the only one they could mock was No.
13 High.

“I must correct you.
Those in last place were not us, but the students of the previous batch.
Now that we’re here, the last place will definitely be you,” Gao Hongzhi said as he took a step forward.
“Such arrogance!” “Even Ou Yang from your school wouldn’t dare say such words!” “Forget it, why are we even bothering with these three? They can’t pass the test, and they’ll have to leave dejectedly in the end,” one of the students from No.
25 High said.

“What? You speak as if you’ve passed the test,” Gao Hongzhi retorted without the slightest hesitation.

These people instantly felt like they had been hit in the gut.
Although they were in the top 20 of No.
25 High, they had not been able to pass the test.

25 High and No.
13 High were always competing for the last and second-last place.
Their strength levels were almost on par.
And the level of their top 20 strongest students was also about the same.

“But at least we have more people who can pass than you.
From your school, only Ou Yang and Zhang Teng can pass.
That’s only two people.
Three people from our school managed to pass the test!” one of the students said proudly.
They dared to find trouble with the students of No.
13 High, so of course they were prepared.
However, the only people they knew about from No.
13 High were Ou Yang and Zhang Teng

Chu Yunfan looked at these students with a look of pity.
The information they had about No.
13 was clearly outdated.

Under Chu Yunfan’s gaze, this group of students felt uncomfortable.
Finally, they could not help but shout, “What are you looking at?”

“Don’t you understand? He’s looking at a bunch of Idiots.” Gao Hongzhi shook his head.

“Who are you calling idiots? F*ck.
Are you looking for a beating?!” They were all fresh blood who had learned to speak properly, and they were all the best in their respective schools.
They could not hold their anger back any longer.

“How many from your school or ours can pass the test—what does that have to do with you? It’d be more impressive if you can pass the test yourself.
If you can’t, then why are you spouting such nonsense? You’re just a group of losers looking for a group of even more miserable losers to mock,” Gao Hongzhi said bluntly.

The faces of the students from No.
25 High turned red.
They were angered by Gao Hongzhi’s words, but at the same time, his words rang true.
That was exactly what they had been planning.
After some thought, they could only mock the students from No.
13 High.
That was how this scene had come about.

“After all this talk, are you guys backing out? If you have the ability, then go ahead and try!” one of the students from No.
25 High said provocatively.
They thought they had figured out why Chu Yunfan and the other two were not trying the test.
“Are we supposed to test just because you told us to? Who do you think you are?” Gao Hongzhi said, “How about this.
Let’s make a bet.
Under the witness of Yucai High’s teachers, let’s make a bet.
If we can pass, each of you will give us 50,000.
If we lose, we’ll give each of you 50,000.
What do you think?”

“50,000 it is!”

The people from No.
25 High thought that there was some kind of trap.
But after some contemplating, they figured that since Ou Yang and Zhang Teng were not here, there was nothing to be afraid of.
“But all three of you have to pass.
It doesn’t count if only one of you passes!”

As a safety measure, the students of No.
25 High hurriedly added an additional clause.
They thought that it would put Gao Hongzhi in a difficult position, but he immediately agreed.
He said, “Okay, it’s settled.
It’s too late for you to go back on your words now.”

This group of students thought that their idea was a good one, but when they saw the dark looks on the faces of the trio, and the sinister smile on Gao Hongzhi’s face, they could not help but have a bad feeling.

However, the bet had already been made and there was no way to turn back.
Both parties transferred their money into a special app that was used for betting.
There were all sorts of apps out there nowadays.
As long as there was a demand, there would be an app for it.
Based on the final result, the money would be transferred into the winner’s account.

“I’ll go first!”

Gao Hongzhi stepped forward and punched the test machine.


A light lit up on the testing machine.

“Oh dear, it’s so difficult.
I almost failed.
There’s still hope for you guys!” Gao Hongzhi said with a cheeky smile.

The people of No.
25 High wanted to stomp on Gao Hongzhi’s face, but that was impossible.
They could only hope that Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu would not pass.
If that happened, they would still have a chance.
As long as one of them did not pass, they could win.

“It’s over.
The people from No.
25 High are going to lose miserably.
I’ve found out their identities.
In last semester’s final exam, that big fellow over there ranked eight, while that beauty was in third.
If Gao Hongzhi can pass, how could Tang Siyu not pass?” a student from Yucai High said as he looked through the information he had just found.

Not far away from him were the students of No.
25 High.
Immediately, their expressions became unsightly.
However, they were still stubborn and said, “Even so, isn’t there still one other person? That last guy doesn’t seem very strong.
He probably won’t pass!” This student from Yucai High replied to them calmly and caused the students of No.
25 High to sink into a state of chaos, a look of despair on their faces.

“That’s No.
13 High’s number one.”

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