Chapter 171 Fight of the Rich

Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry.
After all, the corpses of Innate Stage monsters were not hard to sell.
In fact, even the corpses of Acquired Stage monsters were not hard to sell.
The prices were just different.

Let alone the corpses of Innate Stage monsters!

[The post owner is awesome!)

[I can see the taste of the power of this poster from these few words alone!]

[The rich and powerful people in the front row are here to watch!)

(Which powerful mercenary group are you from? Please tell me)”

(You don’t even care about 55 million.
You’re awesome!)

After Chu Yunfan replied that he did not have time, the post immediately exploded.
[60 million, Brother.
Let’s be friends.
I want to see which mercenary group is so awesome that they can kill an Innate monster!]

This reply came from the Third Child of Brilliant Sun.

Chu Yunfan looked into it and realized that the Third Child of Brilliant Sun was really a tycoon.
He added another five million so casually.
This man looked like he did not lack money.

(I’m not free!)

Chu Yunfan’s reply was still as simple as before.

The crowd below exploded.
They only had two words to describe Chu Yunfan’s reply: cold and aloof.

He was too cold.
Adding another five million just to make friends, but he did not even pause to think about it.
This was the true demeanor of a cold god.

After the initial crowd, many people also began to discuss which battle group this was.
In modern society, monster hunters either formed mercenary groups or professional battle teams.
Compared to mercenary groups that accepted all kinds of missions, the monster hunter battle teams were much purer.
They only accepted missions to hunt monsters and would not accept any other missions.
In comparison, these monster hunter battle teams were much more professional.

Many people listed the names of various battle teams and felt that it was possible.
The names of various well-known battle teams were listed.
After all, only those who could hunt Innate Stage monsters were famous.

But soon, there were people who objected.
Those well-known battle teams all had their own special trading accounts.
Why would they need to open a sub-account?

Moreover, being able to hunt an Innate Stage monster was a supreme honor for those well-known battle teams.
Even well-known battle teams might not be able to hunt down one Innate Stage monster per year.
After all, Innate Stage monsters were terrifying!

This kind of incident would definitely increase one’s reputation.
Who would give up such an opportunity for no reason?

Very soon, many well-known members from the battle teams came to refute the rumors.
After refuting them, they also expressed their desire to get to know this super expert.
After all, those who could hunt Innate Stage monsters were not ordinary people.
No matter how much they took advantage of the situation, an Acquired Stage expert could not escape.
Such a person was still worth roping in.

This was also why Third Child of Brilliant Sun was willing to increase the price for the chance to meet this person.
He wanted to know who this person was.
This was how the connections were built.

Chu Yunfan’s private message box was about to explode.
Countless private messages flew into his inbox.
This forced Chu Yunfan to turn on the automatic filter.
If the users were not of a certain level on this website, he instantly rejected them.
And those who were left behind were all nouveau riche or experts.

Chu Yunfan glanced at his messages.
They were from the bosses of various companies or experts of various well-known battle teams.
And at this moment, in the post, many corporations that specialized in monster processing had made their move.

After Third Child of Brilliant Sun offered 60 million, the price quickly soared to 70 million.
This price was already considered high for a Threetail Silver Fox that did not have a Innate Demon Core attached.

(75 million.
Brother, let’s be friends!) Third Child of Brilliant Sun spoke again after keeping quiet for a while.
[I’m sorry.
I really don’t have time.] Chu Yunfan typed out.

Many people could see that no matter how much they tried to entice him, Chu Yunfan clearly had no intentions of appearing.
Their interest immediately decreased.

Suddenly, an official account of the Tengda Group appeared.

[***! This is the Threetail Silver Fox that we beat up.
This fellow is simply taking advantage of us.
Everyone, please give face to the Tengda Group.
How about it?]

[You Idiot, What’s the Tengda Group? I don’t care how the poster got the fox.
I just want the corpse.
Landlord, I don’t care how you got it.
60 million.
How about it?]

Initially, many people doubted whether Chu Yunfan really had the corpse of a Threetail Silver Fox in his hands.
Maybe it was a fake.
Such a swindle was not impossible.
After all, the other party was being quite secretive.

There was not any real information.
However, looking at the Tengda Group’s appearance, it was obvious that they had been robbed.
Immediately, their belief increased by 90%.

No wonder this person wanted to hide his identity.
So that was how he got the corpse of a Threetail Silver Fox.
It was probably to prevent the Tengda Group from taking revenge.

However, many tycoons were not afraid of the Tengda Group, especially since many of them were in the field of monster skin and meat processing.
They were completely unrelated to the Tengda Group, so why would they be afraid of them? Compared to the threat of the Tengda Group, the corpse of an Innate Stage monster was more important.
Therefore, not only did they not stop bidding, but more bids poured in.
However, the increase in price was not very high.
After all, this price was already close to the limit.

Some even increased it by as little as 100,000.

(80 million.
Fixed price.
In the past, when I led a team to hunt this monster, I almost died in this b*stard’s mouth.
Today, I can finally have my revenge!) Third Child of Brilliant Sun suppressed everyone with a fixed price.

After reaching 80 million, there would not be much profit left.
After all, there was no Innate Demon Core.
The other party just wanted to vent his anger.
There was no need to fight with such a rich person.
Everyone stopped bidding.


Chu Yunfan stopped at the perfect time.
Then, he asked Third Child of Brilliant Sun to leave an address for him.
Tomorrow, he would send the goods.

Who is Third Child of Brilliant Sun? Which Idiot? Is he retarded?” Chu Ziguo, who was in a villa in a high-end residential area, looked at the final price and was instantly furious.

As he cursed Third Child of Brilliant Sun for being an idiot, his heart ached.
If he had not lost the fox, the 80 million would have been


“D*mn you.
Don’t let me find out who you are, or I’ll tear you to pieces!”

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