Chapter 170 The Auction of the Threetail Silver Fox

After the trio met up, they left the abandoned city.

They were now much more powerful than when they first entered this place.
As long as they were careful, they would not encounter any problems.

In less than half a day, they had returned to Calm Ocean City.
The three of them went back to their respective homes.
They needed to rest for a while before setting off again the next day.

Before they returned to the city, Chu Yunfan had already placed an order of medicinal ingredients for the poison.
On the surface, these medicinal ingredients did not appear to be poisonous.
However, after they were refined, they would become deadly poisons.
This was how terrifying poison masters were.
They would be able to kill people without batting an eyelid.
Most people would take care to not offend poison masters.
Otherwise, there would be unimaginable consequences!

And an alchemist could also transform into a poison master if necessary.
Although a poison master could not compare to the might of a city, it was still terrifying for many people.

Chu Yunfan gave his parents a call and reported to them that he was safe.
After that, he found a courier and took all the Liquid Spirit in the Mountain River Diagram, handed it to the courier, and sent it to his parents and younger sister who were still in Jinghua City.

His sister had started her cultivation much later than the average person.
It would be difficult for her to catch up using conventional methods.
Chu Yunfan tried his best to create a better environment for her.

Then, he called the property manager of his residential area.
When he heard that Chu Yunfan was looking for him, the property manager immediately rushed to open the door and greet the young man.
He did not dare neglect Chu Yunfan for even a second.

The property manager of the residential area was a middle-aged man who looked about forty.
His hair was sparse, and his figure was slightly out of shape.
However, he carried a modest smile on his face.

“Hello, Mr.
What brings you here today?”.
The property manager was humble.
Although he was quite a number of years older than Chu Yunfan, this did not delude him to the fact of how powerful Chu Yunfan was.

Spirit Moon Community was one of the few high-end residential areas in Calm Ocean City.
The people who lived there were either rich or noble.
Just by walking casually down the road, one could meet a rich man or a political figure who often appeared on TV.

Although he did not know who Chu Yunfan was, he knew that this villa had been sold for 95 million yuan.
How could anyone who could afford a 95 million villa be an ordinary person?

It was close to 100 million!

Thinking of this, the property manager became even more humble!

“Here’s the thing.
Your property company should have some experience in helping the residents deal with some things.
I want to ask, is there any way to add one student to the best high school in the city–No.
1 High?” Chu Yunfan asked.

His sister was now the age of a middle schooler.
Chu Yunfan planned to let Chu Qingxuan start from the second year.
Although his sister had never left the house, she had taught herself the school curriculum.
The only shortcoming was that she had to start from scratch in terms of cultivation.
However, this was even less of a problem.
She was just a middle schooler.
Even if the students of No.
1 High were far more powerful than the students of other schools, she still had time to catch up.

“Of course, an ordinary person would not be able to.
However, for a VIP such as yourself, Mr.
Chu, it’d be impossible for them to turn a blind eye to you.
However…” the property manager looked at Chu Yunfan with a hint of apprehension on his face.

Chu Yunfan immediately understood.
He said, “Money is not a problem.
When the time comes, just report to me.
I can pay the fee, but I don’t want anyone lining their own pockets.
Otherwise, there might be consequences? I believe I don’t have to say anything more.” “I understand, I understand!” the property manager said as he quickly nodded.
Those who could live here were all big shots.
If even one of these big shots were not satisfied, his career as the property manager would be over.

However, he did not expect that the big shot in front of him was so poor that he could not even afford normal property fees.

As one of the few residential areas in Calm Ocean City, the people living within Spirit Moon Community were all high-class citizens.
The property fees here were naturally very high.
But for those who could afford a villa, it was just a drop in the bucket.

“All right then.
I’ll leave the rest to you.
I hope that this matter can be settled before the new semester starts,” Chu Yunfan said.
Now, he had a deep understanding of what it meant to be rich and had an easy time getting things done.
A school like No.
1 High, which he had always yearned for, was now something that he could just ask people to settle it and get him it.

“By the way, Mr.
May I ask if the person who wants to be added is a male or female? And where did they go to school previously?” the property manager asked carefully.

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“Just do as I instructed.
I’ll send you the information when the time comes,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Okay, no problem.
If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first!” the property manager said.

After he left, Chu Yunfan turned to the Internet again.
His bank account was empty now.
It was time to think of a way to make money.
Fortunately, he had the corpse of a Threetail Silver Fox in his hands.
Selling it could alleviate his current financial situation.


Ordinary Physical, Qi Sea, or even Energy Refinement Stage monsters were not easy to sell.
Although there was a large demand, the companies that bought them usually had their own long-term partners.
It was very difficult for retail to attract their attention.
But for Innate Stage monsters, this was a different matter.

Chu Yunfan opened the virtual network and went to the largest auction website.
He registered for an anonymous trading account.
This website could be registered under one’s real name or anonymously.
However, it was very difficult to sell with an anonymous account because without using their real name, it was very difficult to gain the trust of others.

[Innate Stage Threetail Silver Fox corpse for sale.
No Innate Demon Core.
If you want to buy it, hurry.
The starting price is 50 million.]

Chu Yunfan quickly opened up a posting on the website and then uploaded a few photos of the Threetail Silver Fox’s corpse that were taken from various angles.
As expected, it instantly caused a huge uproar on the auction website.

(The poster really has a Threetail Silver Fox!]

[D*mn, it’s really a Threetail Silver Fox.
I once saw it on TV.
It looks exactly like that!]

(The photo can’t be fake, right?]

(There’s not a trace of the picture being touched up.
That’s proof of the poster’s words.)

After a series of onlookers, a rich man soon appeared.

(55 million.
But I’ll only pay when the goods are delivered.] – Third Child of Brilliant Sun Group.

[Onlookers, Third Child is a nouveau riche!]

(Third Child is indeed a nouveau riche.
Brilliant Sun Group is awesome!) This Third Child of Brilliant Sun Group was obviously a well-known nouveau riche on this website.
He immediately attracted a bunch of onlookers.
However, Chu Yunfan lost interest when he saw this request.
He immediately replied calmly.

[I’m not free!)

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