Chapter 165 Threetail Silver Fox

Chu Yunfan knew that Zuo Wenbin was very strong, so he could not follow too closely.
He could only follow from afar.

If he got too close, he could be discovered.
The stronger the person, the more powerful their senses would be.

The group of mercenaries advanced quickly as they shuttled through the abandoned city.

“It wasn’t easy for us to find its nest.
This time, we must capture it,” said Chu Zhiguo who was at the head of the group.

“That’s right.
I’ve been watching it for many days.
Today, after it lays its eggs, it will be at its weakest.
It’s a good opportunity to strike.
After today, that beast will recover,” Zuo Wenbin said.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that I’d be able to hunt an Innate Stage monster one day,” Chu Zhiguo said with delight.

“Although we have made all the preparations, you must still be careful, Young Master.
Even I’m not absolutely confident.
If it wasn’t giving birth today, even I wouldn’t dare to get close to it.
It was seen in the previous monster swarm and had caused massive casualties to the humans,” Zuo Wenbin said as he flew forward.

Immediately after, Zuo Wenbin said, “In the battle later, you’ll mainly be responsible for guarding the exit.
Do not let it escape.
Also, you’ll be responsible for using the crossbow to pin it down.
Do not casually approach it.
Otherwise, don’t say I didn’t warn you when you die!”

The Tengda Group was only an alchemy company.
Thus the mercenaries they hired did not have gun licenses.
They were not allowed to use guns.
However, the power of a powerful crossbow made in this modern society was very shocking.
It was no less powerful than the heavy sniper rifle of the Common Era.
Against ordinary monsters, it was naturally advantageous.
However, against Innate Stage monsters, it could only be used as a distraction.
The main force that would make a move was still Zuo Wenbin.
Even so, he did not have much confidence.
However, he still wanted to give it a try.
If he could kill the Innate Stage monster and obtain its demon core, then he would have a chance to step into the Innate


“Yes, thank you for the reminder, Captain!” all the mercenaries nodded.

Chu Yunfan tailed them.
Although Zuo Wenbin and the others did not speak very loudly, he still heard them.
He was instantly shocked.
Innate Stage monsters!

An Innate Stage monster was a human’s nightmare.
They were extremely terrifying.
In this abandoned city, they were the kings and overlords.
In every monster swarm, if these Innate Stage monsters were mixed in, it would cause huge casualties to humans.
And these Innate Stage monsters would only drop down by one level when they aged or gave birth.
Even then, these innate monsters were still very dangerous.
“It’d be fine if I didn’t see anything.
But since I saw you guys, I definitely won’t let you succeed!”

Chu Yunfan made up his mind.
He would not let the other party succeed.

Very quickly, the group arrived in front of a bank.
The place was already in ruins, and its main door had been knocked open.
In the depths of the bank, roars could be heard.
There was a terrifying aura coming from the depths of the door.
Even from afar, one could feel that incomparably terrifying power.

Those mercenaries also felt the huge pressure.
Chu Zhiguo was no different from an ordinary mercenary.
If it was not because of this Innate Stage monster being so attractive, they would not have come to this dangerous place.
Fortunately, they still had an Acquired Stage expert on their side.
Otherwise, they would not dare to come close.

Chu Yunfan followed from afar and watched Chu Zhiguo and his group enter the bank.
Very quickly, waves of angry roars, sounds of killing, and sounds of weapons slashing around came from inside.
There was also the sound of a powerful crossbow piercing through the air.
Shouts and sounds of killing were mixed together.

He hurriedly followed after them.
After entering the bank, he saw a very wide passage appear in front of him.
It was not the passage of the original building.
It seemed to have been created by a huge creature.
After going through a series of twists and turns, he arrived at the underground vault.
This vault was very big-it could even be said that it was ridiculously big.
From afar, he saw many mercenaries making their move.
A few of them were using powerful crossbows to shoot from a distance, while a few of them were holding onto long weapons to pin down the monster in front of them.

And in front of them was an incomparably huge ferocious beast.

“Threetail Silver Fox!”

Chu Yunfan sucked in a breath of cold air.
In front of these mercenaries stood a terrifying ferocious beast that was about four to five meters tall.
It looked like a fox, but its entire body was silver-white.
This fur made it difficult for swords to injure it.
Moreover, there were three enormous tails behind its back.
With just a casual swing of these three tails, it was like a long spear sweeping across with endless power.

One of the mercenaries was accidentally struck by one of the tails.
His entire chest caved in, and his internal organs were all shattered.
He died instantly.

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Chu Yunfan had seen this Threetail Silver Fox on television.
There have been many monster tides in Calm Ocean City over the years.
And there had been quite a few times where the Threetail Silver Fox had appeared.
As a monster at the Innate Stage, it had caused great casualties to the humans.
The humans had sent out Innate Stage experts to hunt it down, but it had sensed that something was wrong and had sneakily run away.
He did not expect that Chu Zhiguo and the others were here to hunt down this Threetail Silver Fox.

Although the Threetail Silver Fox was still as fierce as on TV, there was a difference between seeing it on TV and in real life.
It was currently at the stage of giving birth, and its strength had decreased drastically.
Innate Stage masters were able to mobilize Spirit Energy, and each and every one of their movements was extremely powerful.
It was not something that Acquired Stage experts could compare to.
Even so, Zuo Wenbin was still very careful in front of it.
If he was not careful, he might die tragically.


A figure was sent flying from the underground vault.
It was a mercenary who was accidentally sent flying.
All the bones in his body were shattered, and he was about to die.

When Chu Yunfan saw this, his eyes immediately lit up because he realized that the other party had a strong crossbow in his hand.
He carefully and quickly took the crossbow, loaded it with arrows, and looked coldly at the people in the vault.

At this moment, he was deciding who to shoot.
Only then would it be possible for them to fail.

The best way was, of course, to shoot Zuo Wenbin.
However, Zuo Wenbin was an Acquired Stage expert.
Even if he was shot, it would be difficult to kill him in one shot.

Therefore, he had to improvise.
However, he was in no hurry.
He had to see both sides suffer first.

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