Chapter 159 Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations

At the same time, in a corner of the abandoned city, there were broken walls everywhere.

Numerous monsters that were about the size of an ordinary person were roaring in low voices.
These monsters were as tall as a human and looked like hunting dogs.
However, its entire body was covered with a mix of red and black fur.
Its eyes were red and looked extremely terrifying

These were monsters of the dog family called the Redback Jackal.
This kind of monster had a savage nature and was extremely difficult to deal with.
Moreover, this kind of Redback Jackal liked to live in groups, and they liked to hunt together every time they went out to hunt.

“I didn’t expect we’d immediately run into Redback Jackals!” Gao Hongzhi said, “Although a single-headed Redback Jackal is nothingone is equivalent to an ordinary Qi Sea Stage cultivator—it looks like there are at least ten of them.
There are only three of us.
How are we going to deal with them?”

“I checked when I came here just now.
This area is the territory of the Redback Jackals.
Although these Redback Jackals are not very strong individually, when the numbers add up, they can be very scary.
Those monsters also have to take a detour.
If we want to meet other monsters, we have to pass through at least half of the city!” Tang Siyu said.

“Let’s stick to this place.
I’m afraid there will be other hunters hunting the monsters in other places.
With our strength, it would be very troublesome if we encounter Energy Refinement Stage monsters.
These Redback Jackals are not very strong, but there are enough of them.
It’s just right for us to train,” Chu Yunfan concluded after some thought.
If he encountered a large number of Energy Refinement Stage monsters, then he would not be training anymore.
He would be digging his own grave.
These Redback Jackals were just right.
Ordinary hunters would not be interested in these Redback Jackals.
There were not many valuable parts on their bodies, and their grades were not high either.
It was written in the beginner-level monster hunter handbook that Redback Jackals were suitable for beginners to practice.

“But what should we do with so many of them? Are you going to become a tank and lure the monsters over?” Gao Hongzhi said.

“Once these Redback Jackals are alerted, they’ll form a group.
It’s useless to lure them!” Chu Yunfan said.

He was very clear about the habits of Redback Jackals.
The school had a course on monster identification.
It was similar to Biology class in the Common Era.
“Both of you lure one of them away.
Leave the rest to me,” Chu Yunfan said.

“D*mn, there are more than ten of them.
How are you going to pull it off alone?” Gao Hongzhi almost choked on his saliva.

“I can try out my movement technique.
Don’t worry, I can do it,” Chu Yunfan said.
“In that case, I’m going!” Gao Hongzhi rushed out with his spear.

He immediately attracted the attention of the Redback Jackals and pounced on them.
Tang Siyu also rushed out after taking a breath and stopped one of the Redback Jackals.
Gao Hongzhi then led the group of Redback Jackals and ran to the other side.

“F*ck! Yunfan, hurry!” Gao Hongzhi roared.

Suddenly, a figure flew out like a cannonball and landed in the middle of the Redback Jackals, stopping a group of them.


The attack forced the Redback Jackals to retreat.
Only one of them chased after Gao Hongzhi.



However, in just a moment, these Redback Jackals surrounded this uninvited guest from all directions and pounced on him.
Chu Yunfan was in the middle.
He slashed out his saber and hit a Redback Jackal that pounced on him.
This Redback Jackal’s face was instantly covered in blood.
Although the skull was the hardest part of a monster’s body, it still was not ideal to be hit by such a direct attack.

The other dozen or so Redback Jackals pounced on him.
Chu Yunfan blocked left and right, but he was still pounced on several times.
Fortunately, he was wearing battle armor, so he was not torn apart.

Although he was in an extremely dangerous situation, Chu Yunfan was calm.
This incident made him realize that he still had a weakness, and that was the lack of passable movement technique.

Whether it was the Devilish Tiger Punches, the Roaring Winds Saber Technique, or the Earth Splitting Saber Technique, they all had a certain level of movement.
However, these techniques were mainly used to coordinate attacks, and were not meant for evading.

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When fighting with someone one-on-one, there was nothing much to it.
Most of the competition was about physical fitness and reaction speed.
However, in this environment surrounded by many monsters, similar to when fighting in groups, the speed of movement was important.
Originally, this would not be considered a weakness.
Compared to other martial arts, there were very few movement techniques.
Generally, people would just use normal techniques.
These were not considered movement techniques.
If one did not have a great background, one would usually only have a chance to come into contact with movement techniques in the Acquired Stage.
If Chu Yunfan had known any movement techniques, he would have been able to fight the man who was following them alone.
His ability to protect himself would have greatly increased.

After realizing this, Chu Yunfan immediately decided to make up for his shortcomings.
He began to search the movement techniques in his mind and immediately chose one.
It was the most suitable choice for him.

It was a type of footwork called Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations.
It was a mysterious movement technique.
After mastering it, one could instantly change their body shape nine times.

It was also something that the Alchemy Emperor had obtained through his travels around the world.
Although its grade was not very high, it was mysterious enough.
With the Alchemy Emperor’s standards, it would be impossible for it to catch his eye if it was useless.

As he dealt with the Redback Jackals that pounced on him, he called upon the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations in his mind.
Countless incantations and movement techniques surged through his mind.
It was as if someone was practicing the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations right in front of his eyes.
It was adding to his knowledge.
His body moved according to the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu were observing Chu Yunfa as they fought.
After all, Chu Yunfan was having the most difficult time as he had to fend off more than ten Redback Jackals at once.
The situation was fraught with danger.
He had been pounced on several times.
If he had not been protected by the armor, he would have been torn apart in a single bite.

However, slowly, they realized that something was wrong.
Chu Yunfan’s movements began to gain a rhythm that they could not understand.
He was using footwork that no one could understand.
With this footwork, Chu Yunfan had managed to dodge several Redback Jackals’ surprise attacks consecutively.
His mistakes had decreased a lot.

His movements looked elegant and smooth.

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