The two figures in the sparring zone clashed like two agile apes.
There would be a low hum every time their fists passed each other by.
The hums sounded like exploding landmines.

One could tell that they were a young man and young lady of 16 or 17.

They were Chu Yunfan and Liu Yushu.

They fought fiercely.
Although they were only sparring, nothing was prohibited besides killing their opponent.

The duo would spar for at least 15 minutes each time.
When ordinary people sparred with the Devilish Tiger Punch so intensely, they would be panting hard.
In this case, the physical strength of these two had stamina.
Although their breathing began to grow heavy, they did not appear to be exhausted at all.

Because Chu Yunfan’s body was not as powerful as Liu Yushu’s, he was thoroughly dominated before.
However, it was different now.
The battle was arduous, and Chu Yunfan could actually overwhelm her now.

The speed and strength of his punches still could not match Liu Yushu’s.
This meant he could not strike as many times as she could, but amazingly, he could break her defenses each time he punched.

With every one of his punches, he would panic her..

The bodyguard had been watching from the side, and he did not dare to relax.
The reason being that they had been fighting like that for over an hour.
Apart from stopping every now and then to use the healing spray to recover their strength, they did not take any breaks at all.

At that point, Liu Yushu and Chu Yunfan had all sorts of wounds and bruises on their arms.

Such battles were very effective.
Liu Yushu had already reached the peak of the Competent Stage and was merely a step away from the Impeccable Stage.

With Chu Yunfan’s continuous attacks and the pointers he gave her along the way, she was showing fewer and fewer flaws.
She had become more familiar with switching between techniques at will.


As she accumulated her experience, Liu Yushu started to feel almost like she was going to explode.

Under the pressure of Chu Yunfan’s attacks, she did not have the time to think of how to counter many of his techniques.
She could only attack out of instinct.

Just as Chu Yunfan had said, if she wanted to reach the Impeccable Stage, not only did she have to be familiar with mastering the techniques but also had to know them instinctively.

Finally, Liu Yushu had performed everything that she had accumulated through practice.
She had entered another stage.

Initially, Chu Yunfan attacked her through her flaws, but those had gone away entirely.
She could remedy the so-called flaws at any time because she had mastered all of the techniques.
They came to her naturally.

Without the restricted routine, the flaws and loopholes had naturally vanished.

Stomp, stomp, stomp!

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Chu Yunfan was forced to withdraw a few steps before he could steady himself.
Instead of being stunned, he was beaming with joy as he clapped and said, “Congratulations, Ms.
You’ve now entered the Impeccable Stage of the Devilish Tiger Punch!”

Liu Yushu took the healing spray the bodyguard passed over and sprayed it on both of her arms.
The wounds and bruises looked terrifying on her snow-white arms.

They covered her arms densely all over!!

Liu Yushu was very hard on herself when it came to cultivation.
She had never complained about the pain even though her arms were badly injured.
That made Chu Yunfan admire her.

Coming from a wealthy family was not the only reason she achieved what she had.

“It’s thanks to you for sparring with me!” Liu Yushu said.
Excitement appeared on her pretty face.

No matter how mature she presented herself, she was still a teenage girl after all.
With the elevation of her Devilish Tiger Punch, her strength in battle would be enhanced as well.

She had a classmate who started learning it over half a year ago, and he had only gotten to Impeccable Stage after hiring many private coaches.
Meanwhile, she achieved that after only 10 days.

Naturally, the credit belonged to Chu Yunfan.

“You’re too kind, Ms.

Chu Yunfan was using the healing spray too.
A series of cooling sensations replaced the burning pain.

Liu Yushu was being hard on herself by not stopping the training despite the wounds all over her arms.
Of course, he would not stop either since he was her sparring partner.
Moreover, he would obtain many rewards from such battles.
He had just broken through to the Impeccable Stage earlier, and now he had completely stabilized himself.

He was more than happy to have someone sparring with him, providing him with healing spray, and at the same time, paying him.

As he fought and elevated himself, he had a deep realization at the same time.
Although martial skills were important in the cultivation of Martial Dao, Internal Energy was the root after all.

Although Liu Yushu had suppressed her True Energy, her physique was much greater than his.
When she had stepped into the Impeccable Stage of the Devilish Tiger Punch, she had almost regained her previous advantage, whereby she was suppressing him again.

Before, he could fight back by searching for her flaws, but he could no longer do that.
He could only confront her head-on, and he was far behind her when it came to this.

“I wasn’t being too kind.
I’ve hired a private coach before, but he took a day off today.
I’ll fire him later!” Liu Yushu said in a straightforward manner.
“That coach isn’t as good as you.
Although I was only one step away from surpassing the Competent Stage and entering the Impeccable Stage before, it seems I would’ve needed at least half a month if it weren’t you sparring with me, helping me break through.
That private coach of mine would need a long time to notice an obvious flaw.
In your presence, I feel like there’s no way that I can hide.
I had exposed all of my flaws.
You noticed them one after another, and that’s how I improved so fast!”


Naturally, Chu Yunfan knew what Liu Yushu was talking about.
That being said, even he had no idea why her flaws were exposed so easily as soon as he focused.

One could even say that in his eyes, the Devilish Tiger Punch that Liu Yushu had performed was full of flaws from the beginning.

“I’m hiring you as my private coach now.
I’ll do up a contract later.
Every day for the next month, you’ll have to spend two hours cultivating the Devilish Tiger Punch with me.
Because of you, my plan has been brought forward, so I’m trying to see if I can break through to the Perfection Stage before the stream division exam.
By then, I might be able to fight for the top 10 in school!”

Liu Yushu was a clear-cut person and never dragged things out.
She proceeded to say, “Uncle Qin initially told you that you’d be paid 500 per hour.
Now I’ll give you the treatment of a private coach.
You’ll be paid 3,000 per hour, so it’ll be 6,000 per day.
The contract will last around 30 days, which will add up to around 180,000.
I’ll pay your salary as long as you come to work on time every day!”

Chu Yunfan was overjoyed hearing that.
He had been thinking of ways to make money to buy the Body Refining Pill, but this meant he could earn enough simply by working there.
Although it was only a month-long contract, he would get more than his parents would in a year.


He was sure that he wanted to get into a good university and work toward becoming a martial artist.
If he was to have a regular job, it would take years for him to make 180,000.

He was not even an apprentice yet, but he was already earning so much money.
He would make more and more in the future.
By that point, he could surely make enough money to treat his sister’s congenital gene defect.

Liu, can I ask for the salary in advance?” Chu Yunfan thought about it and decided to make the request.

“Pay you in advance? Why is that?” Liu Yushu asked.

“I won’t lie to you, Ms.
I’m on Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping now.
I would like to ask for an advance to buy a Body Refining Pill.
Just like Ms.
Liu, I want to get into the martial arts stream.
We only have a month, so I don’t have much time left to do that!” Chu Yunfan told her his objective plainly.
It was not a secret anyway.

Liu Yushu nodded.
“That makes sense.
I didn’t think about that.
Give me your bank account number later when we sign the contract.
I’ll transfer 100,000 to you first as the deposit for hiring you for a month.
How does that sound to you?”

That was a big sum to Chu Yunfan, but to Liu Yushu, that was merely a few days’ worth of pocket money.
It was nothing at all.

After all, she would have to pay Chu Yunfan sooner or later.
She was just paying him a few days earlier.
It was convenient for both sides.

She never suspected that Chu Yunfan would run away with the money.
She did not care about a measly 100,000 coins anyway.
Moreover, they lived in a federal society.
The Federation government could watch every corner in the country.
If Chu Yunfan was planning to take the money, he would have to run to some secluded mountain forest, never to return.
Otherwise, it was impossible that it would happen.

To her, Chu Yunfan had an extraordinary aura.
He was ambitious and would certainly have a bright future.
He would not do something so dumb.

“That’s great.
Thank you, Ms.
Liu!” Chu Yunfan said.
With that money, it would be much easier for him to break through to Tier-7, Blood Renewal.

“Don’t worry about it.
It’s nothing.
Stop calling me Ms.
My friends call me Yushu.
You can call me that from now on!” Liu Yushu said.

Not far away, her bodyguard heard this.
He could not help but have a slight change of expression and his eyes widened in disbelief.
He had been protecting Liu Yushu for years.
One could say that he had watched her grow up.
He knew that the young mistress did not come across as arrogant, but in reality, she did not accept many people as her friends.

Nevertheless, that was what happened to Chu Yunfan after just sparring with her for two hours.
He could not help but look at the boy and wondered what was so special about him.


“I won’t hold back then.
I’ll try my best to help you to break through to the Perfection Stage in that time!” Chu Yunfan said.

Although it was less than two hours, their series of battles was the equivalent of fighting many rounds with someone else due to the extremely packed and continuous bouts.
He understood the Devilish Tiger Punch a little more now, and he seemed to be nearing the Perfection Stage.

He believed it would be easy to help Liu Yushu get to the Perfection Stage within a month.
Meanwhile, he would definitely maximize their cultivation of the Devilish Tiger Punch in order to get to the Perfection Stage himself.

“That’d be the best.
I’ll have a reward for you if I break through to the Perfection Stage!” Liu Yushu said, “It’s late.
Let’s end the sparring lesson today.
You can leave after we’ve signed the contract.
Just come around this time in the future!”

“Got it!”

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