Chapter 154 Theirs Faces Were Crippled

Someone walked out of the exam room with a depressed expression.
They looked completely dejected.

However, many people in the queue did not have the slightest sympathy for him.
They mocked him and said, “That person must be stupid.
To take the examination for the hunter license now, he must be at least at the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage.”

“Has the standard been raised to this extent? But I saw on the Internet that it was the third level?” someone asked in puzzlement.
“The standard had just been raised.
This is the new standard that the Hunters’ Association just issued.
Now that the monsters are becoming more and more ferocious, wouldn’t it be suicide if they don’t have enough strength?” someone said.
It was obvious that he had received the news a long time ago.

Over the years, humans had been improving, but the monsters had also been improving.
As Spirit Energy became denser, the monsters’ mutation had also become more and more powerful.
Their evolutions had also become more and more powerful.
If it was not for the fact that humans had excavated the remains of the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the speed of their improvement would probably not be able to keep pace with the monsters.
The natural evolution speed of monsters was shockingly fast.

A few hundred years ago, anyone in the Physical Stage could become a monster hunter.
And now, this standard has been raised to the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage.

“Eh, why are there high schoolers here?”

Someone noticed that there were three high school students.
It was as if they had discovered a new continent.
Many of these people were university students—and even students who had graduated.
They were only rookies, and many of them had graduated from liberal arts universities.
This was the tragedy of not being able to pass the exam.
When they saw a few young high schoolers within the group, they could not help but reveal a strange expression.

“You guys should go back.
You guys haven’t even weaned off your mother’s breast milk


“Hurry up and go back.
Hunting monsters isn’t child’s play!”

“Seriously now, high schoolers don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

“What’s wrong with being a high schooler? If we can pass the exam, are you going to kneel down and bow down to us?” Gao Hongzhi said.
He slammed his spear fiercely on the ground as he looked at those people with mocking expressions.
“I’ll take that bet.
I don’t believe that high schoolers can defy the heavens!” someone directly shouted.
Others echoed him.

“All right.
Then let us take the exam first.
After the exam, we’ll know the results,” Gao Hongzhi said.

“Okay, you guys take the exam first!” someone said, and the others also agreed one after another.
They wanted to see the trio make fools of themselves.

“Well, then I won’t be polite!”

Gao Hongzhi swaggered to the front of the group.
Chu Yunfan followed behind and gave him a thumbs up.
These people were trying to goad them into taking the test.
Unfortunately, those people had not reacted yet.
They wanted the three of them to take the test first.
They probably did not want to believe that high schoolers nowadays were so powerful.
This was common sense after all.
The children of humanity would be more powerful with each generation.
From their point of view, with the current standards of the Hunter’s Association, only university graduates could pass the exam.

Soon, it was their turn to take the exam.
Another person who took the exam walked out dejectedly.
Gao Hongzhi walked in alone.
The others were waiting.
Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu were waiting for the results, while the others were waiting to see a joke.

Not long after, the green light above the room lit up, indicating that Gao Hongzhi had passed the assessment.
If he did not pass, the red light would turn on.
Then, they saw Gao Hongzhi walk out proudly as he held his spear.
He pointed at those people and said, “How about it? Who said that you’d kneel and kowtow just now? Now that I’ve passed the assessment, hurry up and do so.”

Many people immediately turned their heads away.
Are you kidding me? Do they really have to kneel down and kowtow? It would be too embarrassing.
As university students, they were surpassed by high schoolers and were even looked down upon.

Finally, someone could not hold on under Gao Hongzhi’s disdainful gaze.
He could not help but say, “Even if you pass, you can’t say that.
The two of them definitely won’t pass.”

“Why? Do you want to bet?” Gao Hongzhi said as he glanced at the crowd.
However, this time, no one dared to continue.
Previously, they had mocked the three of them.
But now, they still felt the burning pain.
They had been slapped in the face.

What if the two of them could pass as well? Wouldn’t that be even worse?

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As the saying went, good things do not work quickly.
After Tang Siyu entered, it did not take long for her to pass.
It was actually even shorter than the time Gao Hongzhi had taken.
Many of the people fell silent.
They only felt their faces burning in shame.

Finally, it was Chu Yunfan’s turn to go in.
Many people had expectant eyes.
Please do not pass.
At least there was one fail.
Otherwise, their faces would be crippled.

Chu Yunfan entered the room and saw that in a corner stood the invigilator who was a staff member.
In the middle of the room, there was a robot that was as tall as a person.

The staff raised his head and saw Chu Yunfan.
He could not help but say, “Why is it another high schooler? Are all high school students so strong nowadays?” he could not help but mutter.
Two high schoolers had come in a row just now and they were both very strong.
Now, another one had come.

Chu Yunfan could not help but find it funny when he heard this.
He grinned and said, “Don’t worry, I’m the last one!”

The staff’s face instantly turned red.
Then, he said seriously, “You can attack the robot in front of you.
Use your full strength.
It’ll determine whether you have passed or not based on the situation between you and it.
Once you pass, it’ll stop!”


Chu Yunfan pulled out his Shadowless Saber from behind his back and made his move.

He took a step forward and slashed down.




This slash was extremely fast.

The staff glanced at Chun Yunfan and was immediately shocked.
The two high schoolers from before were already very strong, and now there was an even stronger one-even more terrifying

And just as Chu Yunfan’s slash landed, the robot instantly moved.
A terrifying aura instantly erupted from its body, as if a real martial arts expert had awakened.
It raised its hand and blocked Chu Yunfan’s blade.


The sound of metal clashing caused sparks to fly in all directions.
Then, the robot’s other hand shot toward Chu Yunfan.
It was similar to an ordinary martial arts expert.

Chu Yunfan stomped his foot and took a few steps back to dodge the punch.
Then, he raised his saber and charged forward.

Clang! Clang!

Clang! After another ten moves, the robot stopped.
A muffled electronic voice came from its mouth.

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