Chapter 153 Change in Mental State

A sinister expression flashed across Chu Zhiguo’s face.
It was obvious that he had been planning to kill Chu Yunfan for a long time.
If it was not for Chu Yunfan, he would not have been mocked by others.

“Kill him? Wouldn’t that be letting him off too easily?” A cold smile appeared on Uncle Zuo’s face.
“Doesn’t he have the ability to concoct perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills? Capture him, throw him in the company’s dungeon, and have him concoct perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills for us for all eternity.
Isn’t that better than killing him? Killing him would end things too quickly.
Other than venting our hatred, what else would we get?”

Chu Zhiguo’s face could not help but reveal a look of sudden realization.
He said, “As expected of you, Uncle Zuo.
You’re so farsighted.
Killing him would be letting him off too easily.
But what if those perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills weren’t refined by him?”

“Then we’ll kill him and feed him to the dogs.
What’s the point of keeping a person who has no value,” Uncle Zuo said coldly and mercilessly, “I’m just worried that there’s someone behind him.
He’s only a teenager, but he can concoct perfect-quality Meridians Cleansing Pills.
He doesn’t look like a person without roots!”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Zuo.
I’ve already checked.
He doesn’t have any roots at all.
His family members are just ordinary citizens.
Moreover, as long as we make a clean move, even if there’s someone behind him, they won’t be able to track us.
Every year, at least 80,000 people die in the wild.
How would they find them all?” Chu Zhiguo said with a sinister smile.

“All right, follow me to hand in the mission.
Then, get someone to keep an eye on them.
Report their location at all times.
Wait until we’re out of the city.
Then, we’ll take action,” Uncle Zuo said.

“Yes, sir,” Chu Zhiguo said.
After Chu Yunfan and the other two left the mission hall, Gao Hongzhi asked, “Yunfan, who is Chu Zhiguo?”

Chu Yunfan told him about the relationship between Chu Zhiguo and Lu Qingxuan.

“F*ck, this guy is too despicable!” Gao Hongzhi could not help cursing.

Although he could be considered the second generation of the rich, his family had been very strict with him since he was young.
He would not have been able to do such a thing.
Otherwise, he would not have become good friends with Chu Yunfan.

A look of disgust flashed through Tang Siyu’s eyes.
This kind of man was undoubtedly the type of person that women hated the most.
It was one thing for him to chase after women normally, but he actually used such a despicable method to force the other party to submit.

“Trash!” Tang Siyu parted her red lips and said these two words.

“He’s just trash! F*ck, I’d beat up this person every time I see him!” Gao Hongzhi cursed loudly.

“You can’t beat him.” Chu Yunfan came up with a godly finishing blow which immediately deflated Gao Hongzhi’s ego.

However, Gao Hongzhi was revived with full health.
He said, “I’m still young, right? I’m the same age as him.
I’ll torture him to death!” “I think he has bad intentions toward you.
He doesn’t look like he’ll let you go easily,” Tang Siyu said as she frowned.

“I know.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

His senses were much sharper than Tang Siyu’s.
He could sense killing intent from Chu Zhiguo and that Uncle Zuo.
The two of them had killing intent toward him.
This kept him on his toes.

It seemed that this wilderness training would not be so simple.
However, he did not regret it.
Although he did not want to cause trouble, a man had to do what he had to do.
If he had to compromise on everything, then what was the meaning of life?

“I found it.
The man just now is called Zuo Wenbin.
I checked online.
This man is not easy to deal with.
He’s an expert in the Acquired Stage and the number one revered expert of the Tengda Group,” Gao Hongzhi relayed the information he had found, “There’s not much information about him on the Internet, but he’s definitely not a good person!” “This Zuo Wenbin works for the Tengda Group all year round.
However, he mainly hunts monsters in the wild or gathers medicinal herbs that are not easy to collect for the Tengda Group.
He can be considered a fighter for the Tengda Group.
He’s very dangerous,” Gao Hongzhi said.
“Yes, we have to be careful.
Those two people obviously won’t let the matter go.
However, we can’t give up eating for fear of choking.
This is also a tempering to martial skills.
We’re still at the beginning of the cultivation stage.
The correct path is to advance bravely.
If we cower and fear because of this and don’t dare to go out, then we won’t achieve anything great in our lives!” Chu Yunfan said.

After he finished speaking, he felt as if he had changed.
It was not a change in his strength, but a change in his state of mind.
What was valiant and vigorous progress.
It was not a reckless and brainless head-on confrontation.
It was a spirit that dared to wield his sword even in the face of a strong enemy.
Many people understood this principle, but if they had not experienced it personally, it would be difficult for them to truly understand the great principle behind it.

“That’s right.
Brave and vigorous.
It’s fine if they don’t come.
But if they do, we have to prepare a generous gift for them,” Gao Hongzhi said.

Tang Siyu’s eyes also became big and bright.
She understood her own path.
It was a transformation in her state of mind.
The three of them felt that they had understood something

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“Let’s go get our hunters’ license first,” Chu Yunfan said.

The three of them entered the hunters’ examination building.
Seeing the age of the trio, the staff in charge of registration was surprised.
As he watched the trio get their admission cards and go to prepare for the exam, he could not help but say to himself, “High schoolers again.
Why are all the high school students here taking the exam?”


“Students nowadays are more powerful than the previous generation.
Back then, I was in the Qi Sea Stage.
That was enough to get into university.
But now, I wouldn’t be able to get in,” an older staff member sighed.

If these students were us back then, they would be among the top elites in Donghua City.
But now, there are more and more of them.
Dong Fanghao, the number one high schooler in Donghua City, is so strong that he has broken through the sky.
He already reached the Energy Refinement Stage half a year ago!” another staff member sighed.

“We humans are getting stronger and stronger.
This is a good thing.
The righteous path of humans is filled with vicissitudes of life!”

Many of the staff members stood around sighing before the next person came forward to register.

Chu Yunfan and the other two took their admission passes and headed to the examination hall.
There were already quite many people lining up in the examination hall.

“How could this be? Why did the standards of the hunters’ exam rise again this year?”

A person walked out dejectedly of the assessment room.
He had obviously failed.

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