1601 Late Core Form Stage!

These nine seals were a technique to condense a golden core.
The more seals one had, the more powerful the golden core one could condense.
And the higher the number of seals, the higher the probability of condensing a golden core.

Only the sect master had nine seals.
Ordinary disciples only had three or four.

According to rumors, nine seals were not the limit for condensing a golden core.
There were even more seals than that, and the golden core condensed would be even more powerful.

However, Ye Qiushui did not know that.
After all, the sect she was in was only a small sect.
It was still worlds apart from the top ten sects and the imperial court.
Therefore, to her, even the Nine Seals Golden Core Technique was a rare technique.

As far as she knew, the disciples of large sects would condense their golden cores with the Nine Seals Golden Core Technique.
Now that Chu Yunfan had casually imparted the technique to her, she was extremely touched.
The reason why she had told Chu Yunfan about all this was because Sister Tang had saved her life, and now she owed Chu Yunfan a favor.

Who knew he would return the favor?

However, she didn’t have the time to think.
She quickly comprehended the Nine Seals Golden Core Technique while absorbing the fused origin energy.

On the other side, Chu Yunfan saw this scene and felt relieved.
He casually taught Ye Qiushui the method to form the golden core.
It was nothing to him.

In terms of achieving a golden core, the Nine Seals Golden Core Method was pretty good.
There were many other better methods in his mind.
He had a total of eighty-one ninety-nine seals.
Ninety-nine was the extreme number of heaven and earth.
Therefore, a golden core cultivated with eighty-one ninety-nine seals was unprecedentedly powerful.
However, the more powerful the golden core was, the higher the requirements for the cultivator.
If an ordinary person chose to use the Eighty-One Ninety-Nine Seals Golden Core Technique, they would not be able to condense a golden core even in their lifetime.
Forcefully condensing a golden core through that technique would result in death.

He had seen Ye Qiushui’s cultivation.
At most, she could withstand the Nine Seals Golden Core Technique.
She couldn’t withstand more.
Chu Yunfan wasn’t trying to be stingy.
Not to mention that Ye Qiushui had helped him.
She was sent by Tang Siyu to find him, so he would not be stingy.

After dealing with Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai, he could deal with his own matters seriously.
It was different from Chu Hongcai who had to digest the energy after taking in a mouthful, or Ye Qiushui who only dared to take in small amounts of fused origin energy at a time.

Chu Yunfan used the Celestial Devouring Art.
Every pore on his body was crazily absorbing the fused origin energy.
Unlike Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai, he was absorbing the fused origin energy while digesting it.

The power of the Emperor Art and the strength of Chu Yunfan’s body were vividly displayed at this moment.
His cultivation level was much lower than Ye Qiushui’s, but the speed at which he absorbed the fused origin energy was clearly ten times faster than her.

Soon, a huge vortex was formed around Chu Yunfan’s body.
In this vortex, he was crazily absorbing the fused origin energy.
This fused origin energy surged into his limbs and bones, constantly cleansing his physical body.
Chu Yunfan’s physical strength, which had not improved for a long time, was improving continuously.
Although this improvement was relatively small, it was very shocking if one considered that this was just the beginning.

Soon, Chu Yunfan calmed down and began cultivating.
The hou clone appeared around him, protecting him.
Some of the masters of the forces of Great Qi who tried to get close to the barrier were killed by a furry claw before they could figure out what was going on.
This cut off the thoughts of others who wanted to investigate.
At least, before Liang Rui returned, they did not dare to make any other moves.

Chu Yunfan’s cultivation increased at an astonishing speed.
Originally, he had just entered the intermediate Core Form Stage, but very quickly, he had already reached the peak of the intermediate stage.
After reaching the peak, he did not stop and immediately began to charge into the late Core Form Stage.

After an unknown period of time, Chu Yunfan’s body suddenly fluctuated violently.
Layers of divine power ripples appeared in his body.
After a moment, his aura changed.
Then, like an endless bottomless pit, he began to crazily absorb the surrounding fused origin energy.
The energy around him was depleted.
Following that, he absorbed even more.

After a long time, Chu Yunfan slowly opened his eyes.
A sharp look flashed through his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face.
Finally, he had stepped into the late Core Form Stage.

This rapid progress did not make his foundation unstable.
On the contrary, the fused origin energy cleansed his body and made his foundation more stable than before.
Compared to the previous time when he had not broken through, his strength had more than doubled.

However, he did not stop absorbing the fused origin energy.
Instead, he continued to absorb it.
There was still a lot of energy left.
This array was not prepared for Liang Ruicai alone.
There were several top experts at the peak Golden Core Stage standing behind him.

Moreover, compared to Chu Yunfan’s absorption efficiency, Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai were far inferior, so they didn’t absorb much.

At the same time, Liang Ruicai and the others, who were searching for Chu Yunfan, finally received news from Great Qi.
The One-Horn Mountain Suppressor Beast that Liang Ruicai had left behind had been killed by Chu Yunfan, and the barrier of the Origin Energy Fusion Array had been broken.
Chu Yunfan had broken into the array and began to crazily absorb the fused origin energy.

In Conglong City, Liang Ruicai and the others gathered together in a vast courtyard.
This was the residence of Great Wei’s imperial advisor, but it had been forcibly requisitioned by Liang Ruicai and the others.

“That b*stard! Chu Yunfan is courting death!”

Liang Ruicai smashed an exquisite teacup made in Great Wei’s official kiln.
His eyes were bloodshot.
He never thought that as he thought of ways to find Chu Yunfan and kill him, Chu Yunfan would give him such a big surprise.

Chu Yunfan took advantage of their absence and raided their nest.
Even the beast he left behind was killed.

When Liang Ruicai thought of this, his heart bled.
Back then, to subdue the Mountain Suppressor, he had paid a huge price before finally succeeding.

Not to mention the Origin Energy Fusion Array.
This was a major event that concerned him transcending the Core Stage, but now Chu Yunfan had destroyed it.

Chu Yunfan deserved to die!


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