1599 Entering the Array, Great Fortune!

Countless lightning bolts illuminated the sky, frightening everyone

This was especially true for the experts of the various forces in Great Qi.
They had heard of Chu Yunfan for a long time.
He was known as the number one.
Even the original number one, the khan of Jinzhanghan, had died at his hands.

However, that was already all in the past.
They did not have a very deep impression of it.
Furthermore, now that Grand Xia had invaded, any member of Grand Xia that they caught was no weaker than Jinzhanghan.
In fact, they were stronger.

Under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan’s title as the number one seemed a little ridiculous.
But now, he had used this shocking attack to let them understand whether the title was true or not.

Many people thought of the earth-shaking and earth-shattering strike.
The sky shook and the stars lost their light.
If it landed in the capital of Great Qi, it would probably destroy more than one-third of the capital.
Although it was only one-third, the capital was vast.
Destroying more than one-third of it in one strike was already an existence that they could not imagine.

Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai were also deeply shocked by the power of the Thunder Qilin.
The Golden Mountain Suppressor was dealt with in one strike.
Moreover, it seemed that the power of the Thunder Qilin was far more than that.

One could imagine how shocked they were at this moment.

Especially Ye Qiushui.
Although she had long felt that the thunder technique Chu Yunfan released was not ordinary, she did not expect it to be so powerful.
Even a late Golden Core would probably be severely injured by such an attack.
Chu Yunfan’s strength was truly unfathomable.

At this moment, she finally had confidence in him.
Previously, she had only wanted to take a gamble and break through to the Golden Core Stage.
When she left the Violet Thunder Sword Domain, she could return to her sect, so what if Liang Ruicai and the others were furious?

But now, Chu Yunfan’s attack had made her realize that perhaps the final outcome was not necessarily to escape.
Judging from the might of the Thunder Qilin, they would be able to kill gods and Buddhas in their way.
A hundred half-step Golden Cores like her would be killed in one blow.
Those Golden Cores would not fare much better.

However, Ye Qiushui didn’t know that when she was shocked by the power of the Thunder Qilin, Chu Yunfan wasn’t satisfied.
He frowned slightly.
The divine power that he had consumed crazily was recovering at an amazing speed.
In a moment, he had almost recovered.

The Thunder Qilin’s power was strong.
With his current strength, if a late Golden Core was not prepared, they might be injured or even die tragically.
This move could even threaten a peak Golden Core.

The only problem was that it was too slow.
Although it wasn’t slow, it was not enough to turn the tide of a battle for peak experts.
The most effective way was to interrupt his casting.
In a battle between experts that were a hair’s breadth apart, the other party would not give him the chance to use the Thunder Qilin safely.

This was the biggest problem, so Chu Yunfan had to think of a way to speed up the Thunder Qilin casting.
Moreover, when the Thunder Qilin used it, it would drain all of his divine power, so it would be difficult to use it as an ordinary move.
It could only be used as a trump card to catch his enemies off guard at a critical moment and win in one strike.

These were all his experiences on the battlefield.
Chu Yunfan would never know if he had not used them before.
However, in an ordinary battle, if he was surrounded by many experts, he could use this move of the Thunder Qilin to sweep away all of them.

Chu Yunfan’s current strength was still too weak.
After the Thunder Qilin took shape, he could not control it.
He could only attack the other party with one blow.
If the other party dodged, Chu Yunfan would have no chance.

However, this was because his current cultivation level was not at its peak.
If he cultivated to the peak, he could control the Thunder Qilin to sweep across the battlefield.
Ordinary Golden Cores would be killed.
If one came, it would kill one, and if two came, it would kill two.

He would kill gods and Buddhas who stood in his way.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan nodded with satisfaction.
This was his first time unleashing the Thunder Qilin, but its power was very impressive.
If he could cultivate it to the top according to the records in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book, one Thunder Qilin World Destroyer move was enough to shatter a small world.

Thinking of the records in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book, even Chu Yunfan felt a little cold.
Lightning divine abilities were indeed some of the most lethal divine abilities among the many divine abilities.

While everyone was still immersed in the terrifying power of the Thunder Qilin World Descent, Chu Yunfan looked to the Origin Energy Fusion Array.
The barrier around the array had been blasted open by the Thunder Qilin.
He stepped on the light and brought Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai into the barrier.

After entering the barrier, it was completely different from the outside.
It was like a completely different world.
What appeared in front of them was an incomparably huge array.
This array was like an incomparably huge furnace, refining countless natural treasures into a kind of energy that mixed with vitality.
Countless medicinal fragrances assaulted their noses.
Chu Yunfan took a whiff and felt all the pores in his body open up.
This was his body’s instinct to absorb high-level energy.

“We don’t have much time left.
Liang Ruicai and the others will soon find out about what happened here, so we have to speed up,” Chu Yunfan said.
Although the array masters who maintained the array had fled, he did not think that Liang Ruicai’s people were not among them.

Even the experts of the major forces who were watching the battle just now would probably tell on them.
The human heart has always been like this.
As long as there were enough benefits, there was nothing that could not be sold.

“Yes, let’s hurry.” Ye Qiushui looked excited and her eyes lit up.

On the other side, Chu Hongcai was also very excited.
He knew that this was a huge fortune for him.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes were fixed on the array.
In his mind, the godhead emitted a colorful light, allowing him to enter a mysterious realm.
In addition to the information about the array recorded in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book, countless pieces of information turned into words and appeared in front of his eyes.
It didn’t take long for him to understand the mysteries of the array.

“Let’s go.
The array core is over there.
We’ll enter through there,” Chu Yunfan said as he led Ye Qiushui and Chu Hongcai straight into the array to the array core.


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