Chapter 149 Buying the Villa

Liu Weiguo did not know what secrets Chu Yunfan was keeping, but he knew that Chu Yunfan definitely had a big secret and was not as simple as he appeared.

Although Chu Yunfan did not seem to be a big deal at the moment, he had taken first place in the No.
13 High in just a few months.
This was enough for Liu Weiguo to make up his mind to help.
After all, this was not a big deal.
It was just a small matter.
The person handling the matter was still the butler.
He was only there to step in.

The most important thing for a business person was to have all kinds of connections.
and he firmly believed that connections could not be obtained by adding icing to the cake.
The key was to provide timely assistance.
And he had always firmly believed in this, which was why he was able to reach his current position.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was being led by Liu Yushu into a villa in the deepest part of the Spirit Moon Community.
It was a little inappropriate to call it a villa.
It was practically a small-scale manor.
The spirit energy that greeted Chu Yunfan felt like a gust of wind.
It was actually a little denser than that of Spirit Moon Community.
The design of the place was very modern.
It was mainly in black and white and looked simple and stylish.
“This villa is the most expensive one in Spirit Moon District.
If Uncle Zhao weren’t leaving, I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be able to be vacated.
The entire villa was specially designed by a feng shui master.
The amount of spirit energy gathered here is 30% higher than that of the Spirit Moon Community.
The outside world can’t compare,” Liu Yushu said as she looked at Chu Yunfan with some curiosity.

She was also a little curious as to how this boy, who was the same age as her, had changed so much in just a few months.
Although she was favored and never lacked money, it was clear that tens of millions and billions of funds were not something she could touch.
After all, she was only a high school student.
And Chu Yunfan, who was under her command, was already able to decide on the direction of the tens of millions of dollars.
She had thought that Chu Yunfan was quite mysterious, but now she felt that he was even more mysterious.
“As for the other things, I won’t make any further introductions.
All the basic facilities are included: a swimming pool, a hot spring, a training room, an alchemy room, etcetera,” Liu Yushu said.
She was not bothered to introduce in detail the luxurious facilities that were usually sold in luxury mansions.
Those were all basic facilities in Spirit Moon Community.

This palace was one of the best districts in Calm Ocean City, so there was no need to talk about the various facilities.
Besides, for the truly wealthy, these were not the things that mattered the most.
They were not even worth mentioning

Most importantly, how’s the security here?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“You don’t have to worry about security.
There won’t be any problems.
The security guards here patrol the area every ten minutes, and there are all kinds of electronic equipment for monitoring.
In addition, the security guards here are all retired special forces from the army.
They’re very powerful, and they all have gun licenses.
When necessary, they can shoot.
Those in the Qi Sea Stage or the Energy Refinement Stage are not worth mentioning.
If a master in the Acquired Stage enters, they’ll also die.
Even if a master in the Innate Stage comes, they won’t be able to get away,” Liu Yushu said, “After all, no matter how good one’s martial arts skills are, they can be taken down with a single shot.
For those of us who practice martial arts, no matter how strong we are, we still have to respect firearms.
Unless we’re able to cultivate superpowers.
We’d then be considered superhumans who can’t be injured by ordinary weapons.
Otherwise, many Innate Stage experts will be killed by the indiscriminate firing of firearms!”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
In modern society, even though individual cultivation was advocated, the development of all sorts of high-tech weapons was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
It was just that ordinary people would not be able to come into contact with them.

In the past, some powerful martial artists relied on their strength to commit crimes and did not take the Federation Government seriously.
That was an extremely dark period.
After all, after the great calamity, many experts emerged within human society.
Once people become strong, there would be many who had ambitions that they should not have.
All of them wanted to dominate a region.
In the end, they forced the Federation Government to a dead-end to use an army to suppress them.
Those who thought they were powerful and that the guns of the Common Era could not do anything to them, those who thought that they were gods, had no idea how advanced human technology had become.
They were rallied up and shot to death!

This was the reason why all the human cities were relatively peaceful.
There were many groups in the world, but the biggest group and the most powerful group was the Federation Government.
No one could compete with them.
Everyone had to obediently play according to the rules set by the Federation Government.

However, human experts were also very powerful.
For example, Innate Stage experts were very difficult to kill.
The Federation Government had to think of a way to force them into a blind spot where there was nowhere to hide.
It would be easier to kill them that way.

However, there were also many martial arts experts within the Federation Government.
These martial arts experts used sniper rifles to shoot.
They could kill anyone they aimed at.
Their targets would not be able to dodge.

When he heard that even Innate Stage experts could not do anything to him, Chu Yunfan was relieved.
That was the strongest expert that an ordinary person would encounter.
As for those experts who had cultivated divine abilities, that was not something that Chu Yunfan would come into contact with right now.
No matter how much the Monster Sect coveted his younger sister, they would not allow experts who had cultivated divine abilities to make a move.
Chu Yunfan could rest easily.

“Why? Do you have any enemies?” Liu Yushu asked.
She noticed the change in Chu Yunfan’s expression when he heard her words.

“I think so,” Chu Yunfan said and did not explain much.
Liu Yushu did not continue asking either.
She did not wish to pry into his privacy.

To Chu Yunfan, the best defense was of course to attack.
Uprooting the Monster Sect was the way to go.
Unfortunately, that was just a dream for now.
Liu Yushu did not intend to continue asking, or else there would be too many implications.
If Chu Yunfan was forced to move to such a high-end residential area to escape his enemies, how could he be an ordinary person? There was no benefit in getting involved.

“Let’s go in and take a look,” Liu Yushu said.

WIth Liu Yushu leading the way, Chu Yunfan began to tour the villa.
Looking at the rooms one by one, he saw that the decoration leaned toward a modern and simple style.
Chu Yunfan was very satisfied.

Chu Yunfan immediately returned to Liu Yushu’s house and signed a contract with Zhao Zhiyou.
In the end, the deal was concluded for 95 million yuan.
After signing the contract, Chu Yunfan could move in straight away as it was already fully furnished.

Zhao Zhiyou had not expected Chu Yunfan to pay so readily.
The price was almost 100 million yuan, yet Chu Yunfan gave it out just like that.
He did not beat around the bush at all.
In Zhao Zhiyou’s heart, his evaluation of Chu Yunfan rose to another level.
No wonder Liu Weiguo valued him so much that he personally came to help.

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