Chapter 140 Life on the Line

Gao Hongzhi held a spear in his hand and rushed into the ring.
Then, he called for someone to carry the injured student who had just been defeated out to receive treatment.

Although the competition between Class 1 and Class 2 had never stopped, this was clearly not the time to care about the competition between classes.

“Another one with a death wish!”

Fang Ziyan obviously looked down on Gao Hongzhi.
He observed Gao Hongzhi’s plump body and could not help but sneer.

This made Gao Hongzhi’s heart quicken.
He was fat not because he was lazy, but because he was born with a problem.
He was fat no matter what he ate.
He just could seem to shed the weight.

“Firestorm Spear Technique!”

Gao Hongzhi shouted, and the spear in his hand shot out like a fire dragon.
His momentum was like an arching rainbow.
He had been training with Chu Yunfan for some time now, and he had been repeatedly tortured by Chu Yunfan.
At this moment, it was clear that he had not gotten into the top eight by relying on luck.
He had painstakingly climbed over his opponents to get there.

Fang Ziyan did not expect Gao Hongzhi to be so fierce.
He was caught off guard and was instantly enveloped by the shadows of Gao Hongzhi’s spear.
The spear sliced through the air, emitting terrifying sonic booms and continuously producing booming sounds.

However, Fang Ziyan’s strength was fully displayed at this moment.
Although Gao Hongzhi had successfully landed an attack, Fang Ziyan reacted quickly and stabilized himself.
He pulled out a saber from behind his back.
In an instant, a shocking flash of light slashed out to meet with the Firestorm Spear Technique.
As soon as Fang Ziyan made his move, he displayed the battle strength of a ruler.

“He’s at the sixth level of the Qi Sea Stage!” Someone cried out in surprise.

Fang Ziyan actually had the strength of a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.

In No.
13 High, only three people-Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, and Tang Siyu-had the strength of a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.

Although Chu Yunfan had the strength to defeat someone at the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage, he was only at the fifth level.
However, this Fang Ziyan was only ranked 20th in the ranking battle of Yucai High, and he had already cultivated till the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.
And who’s to say those ranked lower than him might not have the strength of a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage? It seemed that there might be more than thirty people in Yucai High with such cultivation levels.
Maybe even more.

They were clearly ten times more powerful than No.
13 High.
The gap between No.
13 High and Yucai High-which was backed by the city —was so huge that it was difficult to even fathom.

No wonder Fang Ziyan said that the student who was ranked 20th in No.13 High would not even make it into the top 100 of Yucai High.

The gap between the two schools was huge.

If Yucai High was like this, what about No.
5 High School and No.
7 High School?

And if the legendary No.
1 High School that had always dominated Calm Ocean City was included, then how many experts would there be?

It was simply unimaginable.

Fang Ziyan, who had the strength of a sixth-level Qi Sea Stage, was obviously much stronger than Gao Hongzhi.
After he stabilized himself, he immediately suppressed Gao Hongzhi.
With a sweep of his saber, Gao Hongzhi’s attack was parried.
Fang Ziyan sneered.
With his strength, it was not difficult for him to crush this fatty, who was obviously only in the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
However, as he fought, he realized that something was not right.

Fang Ziyan did not hold back when he attacked.
It could be said that he was doing his best.
This fatty was clearly being beaten back, but he still managed to hold out.
He was not so easily defeated.
It was as if there was a tenacious spirit supporting him, causing him not to flatter so easily.

“You are quite tenacious, but you will lose!” Fang Ziyan shouted, and the saber in his hand glowed with an even more terrifying effect.

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“What do you know? I spar with the number one of the school, Chu Yunfan, every day.
With your level, you’re still far from him!” Gao Hongzhi growled in a low voice like a wild beast.
At this moment, the pressure he was under was immense.

However, he was very experienced in facing such a crushing style.
When he sparred with Chu Yunfan, he would also be completely crushed.
Although Chu Yunfan would not kill him, he would still completely crush Gao Hongzhi.
He may not have had many other experiences, but Gao Hongzhi had a lot of experience in being crushed.

He knew how to hold out in this kind of situation.
Moreover, he truly felt that the pressure that Fang Ziyan exuded was far lower than that of Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan was much more difficult to deal with than Fang Ziyan.

For a time, dozens of moves were exchanged.
Gao Hongzhi was at a complete disadvantage, but he was not defeated.
On the contrary, he was able to counterattack from time to time.
Sometimes, he was even able to catch Fang Ziyan off guard.
When the youth behind Fang Ziyan saw this scene, he was also a little stunned.
It was as if he had not expected Gao Hongzhi to be so tenacious.
In comparison, the performance of the student who was ranked 20th in No.
13 High was much worse.

However, a victor would be decided in the end.
After a period of time, Gao Hongzhi’s physical strength decreased greatly, and the spear in his hand finally revealed a flaw.
Fang Ziyang caught on to this opening.
The saber in his hand swept away Gao Hongzhi’s Firestorm Spear in an instant, and then she slashed down at Gao Hongzhi’s face.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with killing intent.
Gao Hongzhi, who was obviously not as strong as him, had blocked dozens of his moves.
This had made Fang Ziyang feel a little embarrassed, and he did not bother to hold back in the slightest.

Chu Yunfan, who was standing amongst the crowd, noticed the danger.
Just as he was about to make a move, an ancient-looking longsword suddenly flew over out of thin air and directly hit the saber.


With the colliding of metal, Fang Ziyan’s saber was smashed away.
But his attack was too heavy.
It veered only a little off-course and still caught Gao Hongzhi in the shoulder.


Blood instantly sputtered out.
Gao Hongzhi’s muscles were cut open, and his bones could be seen.
The sword had flown out and fiercely stabbed into the ring.
It kept swaying showing how much force there had been in the collision between the saber and sword.

Seeing this, the crowd finally let out a sigh of relief.
A sparring match was nothing, but if someone died, it would be a different matter.
Everyone looked up and saw that it was Tang Siyu who had shot out the sword at that critical moment and had caused Fang Ziyan to miss.
Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.
Even with modern technology, if one’s head was cut off, or brain injured, there was no way to save them.

“It’s Goddess Tang!”

“That was too close.
Just a little bit more and…!”

“I thought we were going to have to call for emergency treatment.
The people from Yucai High are despicable.
They dare to act so arrogantly in our school!”

For a moment, everyone was in an uproar.

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