Chu Yunfan got off the bus, and his eyes were greeted by a large and luxurious community.

“The Spirit Moon Community, one of the renowned high-class communities in Calm Ocean City.
Anyone who can afford to live here has a net worth of several billion at least.
Tsk tsk, they’re really extraordinary!” Chu Yunfan said, looking at the opulent neighborhood before him.

In his eyes, the entire community was covered in a lingering sea of clouds.
There was a massive Spirit Gathering Formation circulating within, making the Spirit Energy in the community at least ten times thicker than elsewhere.

The local residents would live long and healthy lives even if they did not cultivate.
Cultivating would increase the effect even further.

Huge villas were scattered all over and there were mountains and rivers around.
It was an affluent community.
Each villa cost at least ten million or even tens of millions.

Nevertheless, he knew that people who lived here were not the really wealthy ones.
The richest inhabitants of Calm Ocean City would buy the entire mountain and develop it into their own private kingdom.
It would be a vast manor with an astronomical price.

That being said, although it was not the wealthiest area, poor families like the Chus would have to save up for years to amount to the net worth of the residents living in the Spirit Moon Community.

He took his time to get in.
Very soon, a man wearing a black suit and sunglasses walked out of the community’s entrance and approached him.
After taking a look at him, the man asked, “Hello.
May I know if you’re Mr.
Chu Yunfan?”

“That’s me!” Chu Yunfan nodded.

Please follow me.
Our young mistress has just finished class and asked me to pick you up!” the man replied.


Chu Yunfan followed the man and entered the community without issue.
They passed by one villa after another and finally arrived at a particularly massive one.

Once inside, there were bodyguards in similar black suits everywhere and many servants handling their own tasks.

Chu Yunfan was taken to a large training room.
Inside was a young lady wearing martial arts attire.
She was leaping up and down, and she was very agile as she moved her body.

Chu Yunfan knew at a glance that the young lady was practicing the Devilish Tiger Punch.

The young lady’s Devilish Tiger Punch was majestic and smooth.
Although she was only at the Competent Stage, she was obviously more familiar than Feng Deying with the techniques and was also more powerful.

Clearly, she had gotten to the peak of the Competent Stage.
She was merely a step away from reaching the Impeccable Stage.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was surprised to see that, as she punched, her fists had a faint layer of True Energy covering them.
She had clearly activated the qi sea in her body.
When someone got to the Qi Sea Stage, they would have unlimited True Energy and could wrap it around their fists.
This would raise the power of their attacks significantly.

She was the client that Coach Qin Wu introduced him to, the young mistress of Calm Ocean City’s Liu Group, Liu Yushu.

According to the documents that Qin Wu gave him, Liu Yushu was someone extraordinary.
She showcased impressive talent from a young age and got into Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 High School.
It was different from the lesser-known No.
13 High School that he attended.


Calm Ocean City’s No.
1 High School was the best high school in the city.
It was even considered one of the most notable schools in all of Donghua City.

Those who got into it were the cream of the crop of Calm Ocean City’s high school students.

It was no wonder that she had completed the cultivation of the Physical Stage and stepped into the Qi Sea Stage even though they were around the same age.

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“Miss, I’ve brought him here!” The bodyguard got Chu Yunfan to wait aside.
He only spoke when Liu Yushu had stopped.

The young lady looked approximately 16 or 17.
She wore a bright red martial arts outfit, the slim fit complementing her beautiful body.
She had skin as fair as snow and her features were sharp.
She would be the campus belle no matter where she went.

Liu Yushu picked up a towel and wiped off her sweat.
She then walked to Chu Yunfan and said, “You’re the person that Uncle Qin recommended?”

“Yes, it was the coach who recommended me!” Chu Yunfan nodded.

“Uncle Qin said that you got to the Competent Stage right after you started learning the Devilish Tiger Punch.
I don’t believe it.
I’ve just started practicing that and I only got to the Competent Stage now.
I only brought you here to try because I didn’t want to say no to Uncle Qin!” Liu Yushu’s voice was sweet and modest, but her tone was extremely cold.


This guy was the same age as her and she did not trust him at all.
She could tell from a glance that Chu Yunfan had not even reached the Qi Sea Stage.
She was suspicious of this genius that her Uncle Qin talked about.

“Did Uncle Qin say why he sent you here?” Liu Yushu asked after raising her pretty brows.

“He did.
I’m here to be your sparring partner!” Chu Yunfan said.

“You should leave.
You’re not even at the Qi Sea Stage yet.
You’re not worthy of being my sparring partner at all!” Liu Yushu spoke without holding back.
“I’m worried I might kill you by mistake!”

Liu Yushu turned around and walked to the middle of the room after she was done speaking.
She was ready to proceed with practicing the Devilish Tiger Punch.
She felt that it was nice of her to be willing to meet Uncle Qin’s student.

Liu, I supposed you’re only looking for a sparring partner to practice the Devilish Tiger Punch with.
The understanding of techniques has nothing to do with my cultivation base!” Chu Yunfan noticed that Liu Yushu was leaving, and he was unwilling to give up on such a rare and rewarding opportunity.
He hastily said, “Forgive me for being straightforward, but Ms.
Liu, you don’t understand the Devilish Tiger Punch the way I do!”

“What did you say?” As expected, Liu Yushu turned around upon hearing that.
Her beautiful eyes were staring daggers at Chu Yunfan.
She said, “You better not spout nonsense.
Otherwise, I’ll teach you a painful lesson even if Uncle Qin recommended you.
You need to understand that you can’t just say whatever you want!”

“It’s simple really.
If I was just spouting nonsense, you’ll find out as soon as we spar!” Chu Yunfan said directly, “Although my power isn’t on par with yours, if you’re willing to suppress it, can’t you practice the Devilish Tiger Punch with me? All you want is a sparring partner to break through your stagnation with the Devilish Tiger Punch!”

Liu Yushu did not expect Chu Yunfan to be so good at talking.
She thought about it carefully and realized that he was right.
However, she still said, “If that’s the case, I’ll give you a chance.
But you must understand that I’ve entered the Qi Sea Stage, so I’ve completed the preliminary refinement of my body.
Even if I suppressed the True Energy, you’re no match for me based on our physique alone!”

“Don’t worry about it.
We’ll find out after we spar!” Chu Yunfan replied.

“If that’s how it is, I won’t hold back!”

Liu Yushu stepped forward.
Her beautiful, slender body was extremely agile.
She charged at Chu Yunfan and performed the Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow.
She was like a spear thrusting forcefully at Chu Yunfan’s heart.

Chu Yunfan was calm.
After defeating Mu Zhenfei and Feng Deying consecutively that day, his skill in actual combat was elevating at a stunning rate.

He focused his eyes and formed five fingers into a fist.
He performed the same technique and charged without holding back.
It was extremely fearsome like a ferocious tiger plowing one’s heart.


The duo’s fists collided, with Chu Yunfan’s arriving first even though he attacked later.
The punch he had thrown crashed into Liu Yushu’s.


Stomp, stomp, stomp!


Both of them retreated at the same time.
The only difference was that Liu Yushu merely took one step back while Chu Yunfan took three.
Although she did not use True Energy, she had completed the refinement of her body.
Her physical strength was much greater than Chu Yunfan’s.

“Interesting!” Surprise flashed through Liu Yushu’s beautiful eyes.
Although she did not use True Energy in her punch, she had performed at her full capacity in other aspects.


Many people at the same stage as her were forced to retreat when they sparred.
Although Chu Yunfan was merely at the Physical Stage, he managed to remain still after taking a few steps back.
It proved that although he was ordinary, the refinement of his body was solid.

She began to think that perhaps Uncle Qin did not recommend just anyone to her.
This Chu Yunfan was indeed pretty capable.


“Let’s go again.
I’ll need to see how powerful you are if you’re to be my sparring partner!” Liu Yushu called out softly and thrust her fair fist into the air.

It was directed at Chu Yunfan’s face.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan, who had made up his mind to stay, took a step out, going forward instead of retreating.
He was confronting the difficult situation he faced.




Their fists collided again and again.
Within ten short seconds, they had smashed together dozens of times.
Their movements were fast, accurate, and ruthless.
Every attack was savage and showed no mercy.


Very soon, there were some bruises on Liu Yushu’s fair arms.
Contrasting with her snow-white skin, the dark bruises seemed especially grotesque.

Despite all that, she did not relax just yet.
She threw the Devilish Tiger Punch over and over.
Meanwhile, her opponent, Chu Yunfan, was worse off.
Both of his arms were trailing blood.
His injuries were much more severe compared to Liu Yushu’s.

There was a disparity between Liu Yushu and him after all.
As time went on, he was being thoroughly beaten.

He was bearing the brunt of each collision.
Fortunately, he had diligently cultivated using the Eternal Mighty Emperor Method, which made his body several times stronger than someone else at the same stage.
Without this, any other martial artist at Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping would have been defeated much earlier.

Although that was the case, he had been fighting strenuously the whole time.
He could only clench his teeth and bite the bullet.

‘I don’t believe it!’

Chu Yunfan screamed internally.
Suddenly, he seemed to have entered a state that he had never been in before.
In his eyes, Liu Yushu’s movements seemed to have slowed down now.

Her physical strength was greater than his, leave alone her speed.
The speed of her attacks left him dizzy, but she seemed to have drastically slowed down now.

The shadow of her fists seemed perfect at first, but he could now see their flaws.

He attacked those flaws almost without hesitation.

Liu Yushu noticed something different immediately.
Indeed, Chu Yunfan’s punch frequency remained lower than hers because her physique was still superior to his.
However, the accuracy of his punches was much higher than before.

He was attacking her flaws each time.
She had not even noticed them before.

Instead of feeling surprised, she was pleased.
This was why she wanted to hire a sparring partner.
She could only discover her flaws in real battles.

Nevertheless, she soon noticed that Chu Yunfan’s accuracy was still increasing.
From being beaten by her at the beginning, a casual punch from Chu Yunfan would panic her now.

She knew that Chu Yunfan’s understanding of the Devilish Tiger Punch was elevating.
When the accuracy was raised to an extreme level, Chu Yunfan’s aura underwent a fundamental change.

His punch broke through the shadow of Liu Yushu’s punch and was about to smash directly into her face.

It was too quick!

The strike was as fast as lightning and the stance was powerful like rumbling thunder!

Even the bodyguard who was standing aside exclaimed..
Just as he was about to intervene, the punch stopped an inch before Liu Yushu’s face.


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