Finally, it was the tenth round.
Chu Yunfan and the others followed the notification and entered the arena.

As expected, Chu Yunfan’s final opponent was Ou Yang.

Ou Yang looked calm and composed.
It was obvious that he had recovered most of the energy he had used in the battle with Tang Siyu.
With modern technology, this was not a difficult thing to do.

Ou Yang held his staff in his right hand and stood tall.

Chu Yunfan walked up slowly.
He had already pulled out his Shadowless Saber from behind his back and held it in his hand.

Many liberal arts students had gathered around the edge of the arena.
They had just finished their exams and had arrived just in time to watch the tenth round which is the final championship fight.

“I didn’t expect it to be Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang.
I thought it would be Zhang Teng and Ou Yang fighting for the championship.”

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