Chapter 129 Caused a Sensation

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“This round, Grade 3 Class 2 Chu Yunfan wins!”

Following the announcer’s words, it was as though oil had been ignited, and an uproar broke out.

Chu Yunfan, Zhang Teng, this focal battle!

One could say that unless it was a battle between Zhang Teng and Ou Yang, or a battle between Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang, this would be the battle that would attract the most attention.

Before this battle, the two of them had basically swept through without much resistance.
Their opponents either admitted defeat or were defeated in a few moves.
There were no decent opponents at all.
This battle was undoubtedly intense.

Zhang Teng had always stood shoulder to shoulder with Ou Yang and was the top figure in the school.
Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, was a famous figure who had just risen.
It could be said that they were both people
that the entire school was paying attention to.

However, many people still felt that Chu Yunfan should not be able to compete with Zhang Teng.
The facts seemed to have proven this conjecture.
Zhang Teng had already stepped into the sixth level of the Qi Sea Stage, while Chu Yunfan was only at the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage.
However, in the end, Chu Yunfan had won.
How could this not make everyone drop their glasses?

It was not a pyrrhic victory.
Everyone could see that the rhythm from the beginning to the end was in Chu Yunfan’s hands.
With his cultivation of the sixth level of the Qi Sea Stage, Zhang Teng was actually forced to
use up more than half of his physical strength.
It was because the rhythm was taken away that Zhang Teng had to constantly adjust.
During this process, he had used up a large amount of his physical strength.

“So that’s how it is.
It turns out that you can still rely on such a method to defeat people who are stronger than you.
Chu Yunfan is so strong.
| also want to learn this method.
Amazing!” A student from an ordinary class
said excitedly.

“Are you stupid?” Immediately, a student from a focus class beside him said disdainfully.
“Do you think that this method can be used by anyone? Zhang Teng needed to expend a lot of stamina to adjust to the battle
Did you think that Chu Yunfan, who was the first one to adjust the battle rhythm, wouldn’t need to expend stamina? It also required a lot of stamina.
Although this method is simple, not everyone can learn it!”

Many people could see that the method was simple, but it could be said to be a method that would cause both sides to suffer.
It was very easy to use, but it would only be possible if one’s stamina could beat Zhang

This battle caused an uproar among the teachers, especially Jin Feng and Qin Wu, the homeroom teachers of the two focus classes of the martial arts stream.
They usually competed in various places.
At this moment,
Jin Feng’s expression was very ugly.

Previously, he had said that Chu Yunfan was no match for Zhang Teng.
Now that Chu Yunfan had defeated Zhang Teng, it was as if he had been ruthlessly slapped in the face.

Jin, what did I say? Some things shouldn’t be said too early!” Qin Wu said with a proud expression.
“It seems that this year’s champion will be the civil war between my Class 2!”

Jin Feng stood at the side and did not say anything.
He felt extremely awkward.
Because before this, even the most imaginative person would not have thought that the battle between Zhang Teng and Chu Yunfan
would end with Chu Yunfan winning.

Chu Yunfan stepped down from the arena.
Gao Hongzhi, who had been waiting for a long time, hurriedly went up to meet him.

“That was great.
You’re awesome.
Hahaha! Zhang Teng thought too highly of himself.
Now that he’s lost to you, let’s see how he’ll continue to be so proud!” Gao Hongzhi said as he laughed out loud.
“This time, you and Ou Yang can meet up.
Hehe, awesome!” Gao Hongzhi said.

“Yeah, my target from the beginning was Ou Yang!” Chu Yunfan said.

The eighth round ended very quickly.
Other than the battle between him and Zhang Teng, which was the focus of attention, the audience was not paying as much attention to the other battles.

In the ninth round, Chu Yunfan met another old opponent—Zhu Yi, who had already been defeated by him before.

This time, Zhu Yi’s strength had improved a little, and he was only a hair’s breadth away from the sixth-level Qi Sea Stage.
He was on par with Tang Siyu previously, and he did not have a false reputation.
He did indeed
have such confidence.

It was a pity that he met Chu Yunfan.
He had been beaten up before, and his reputation had been completely ruined.
And the two sides met again in the ninth round.
Although Chu Yunfan had just defeated Zhang Teng, which was the time when he was infamous, Zhu Yi still did not want to admit defeat just like that.

Zhu Yi’s strength may have improved, but Chu Yunfan’s strength has improved even faster.
In only ten moves, Zhu Yi was defeated again.
However, whether it was the surrounding students or the teachers, they were
all used to it.
Even Zhang Teng could be defeated, so what was strange about Zhu Yi losing.

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When Chu Yunfan left the arena, even Gao Hongzhi did not see it.
Then, he heard from his classmates that everyone had gone to watch a match.
It was another match that attracted the attention of the entire school.
Other than the battle between Chu Yunfan and Zhang Teng, only Ou Yang had such great appeal.
If Ou Yang’s opponent was just an ordinary person, no one would have paid so much attention.
However, Ou Yang’s opponent in the ninth round was no other than the other dark horse of the school—Tang Siyu.

In the past month, Tang Siyu seemed to have been overshadowed by Chu Yunfan’s limelight.
However, she was still one of the super dark horses that all the teachers and students in the school paid close attention to.
Ever since she entered the school, she had continuously created miracles and attracted people’s attention.

When Chu Yunfan arrived, the battle between Tang Siyu and Ou Yang had already reached a white-hot stage.

Tang Siyu’s sword technique was graceful and agile, like a fairy descending to the mortal world.
Her movements were indescribably graceful and elegant, but the blade aura that was constantly flowing out was like

mercury pouring down across the ground.
It was telling everyone how dangerous she was.

However, in front of her, Ou Yang was using a black and gold staff that looked like the stripes of a tiger.
No matter how fierce Tang Siyu’s sword technique was, Ou Yang’s defenses were impenetrable.

The sounds of clanging metal rang out continuously.

This was the first time Chu Yunfan was seeing Tang Siyu and Ou Yang go all out.

Just like Chu Yunfan and Zhang Teng, the two of them swept all the way up.
Not many people were able to stop their footsteps.

Everyone could see that Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, Chu Yunfan, and Tang Siyu were clearly one level above the other students.
They were not on the same level.

“This won’t do.
If this continues, Tang Siyu will definitely lose!” Chu Yunfan said with a frown.

In close quarters, a sword or saber would naturally have the advantage.
It was more flexible and could be used.
However, in an open area like the arena, it was more advantageous to use the spear and stick.
In this kind of environment, one inch longer was one inch stronger.

Ou Yang’s staff continuously swiped at Tang Siyu, but Tang her sword aura could not reach Ou Yang’s body at all.

A short weapon facing a long weapon was a natural weakness.
Unless one could cultivate to the Acquired Stage and release True Energy, it would be possible to make up for this gap.

Suddenly, at this moment, Tang Siyu’s figure suddenly changed..

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