Chapter 124 Easily Winning the First Round


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Although it was not his first time entering the virtual network, Chu Yunfan was still amazed at how perfectly it projected scenes from the real world.
It was no different than the real thing.

This was not achieved by technology alone.
It was said that the source of the virtual network was some sort of magical equipment.
However, no one had seen it before.
The Federation Government did not touch on this
subject much.
The public knew about it, but that was all they knew.

After entering the virtual network examination venue, the official assessment began.
In front of Chu Yunfan, a virtual martial artist appeared.
This virtual martial artist was at the ninth level of the Physical Stage—the Qi Nourishment Stage.

Even the students of the normal classes should have reached the Qi Nourishment Stage by this time.
After all, students had to at least be at the seventh level Physical Stage to even enter the normal class of the martial
arts stream.
And now that a semester had passed, after several months of training, they should have easily reached the Qi Nourishment Stage.
The level of this test was not very difficult.

For Chu Yunfan, it was too easy.
He easily kicked the virtual martial artist away right on the spot, and it transformed into a rainbow and disappeared.
After that virtual martial artist, a second virtual martial artist
The strength of this one was slightly stronger.
It was at the Energy Refinement Stage.

Previously, when the students were being sorted into their classes, the assessment went exactly like this.
But now, this person was completely unable to stop Chu Yunfan’s advance, and Chu Yunfan kicked him until he
disappeared without a trace.

The third was a martial artist at the second level Qi Sea Stage.
As long as he defeated this martial artist, he would get an excellent evaluation.

All the students in the focus class should be able to achieve excellence in the assessment, and there would probably be a few of those in the ordinary classes that would receive an excellent evaluation.
Most of the
student body would only receive a good evaluation.

This virtual martial artist at the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage could not stop Chu Yunfan.
After receiving a few heavy punches, he disappeared in a rainbow of light.
Then, Chu Yunfan exited the virtual

All that was left was the ranking battle.
This ranking battle would be fought in real life and not in the virtual network.

The arena in the middle of the school was already filled with students from the martial arts stream who were participating in the assessment.
A few staff from the school’s infirmary were already on standby since early
in the morning.
Medical equipment had also been moved to the edge of the arena area so that it could be used at any time.

The students were not just merely doing an assessment.
They were now all considered martial artists.
As long as they were careful, they would not kill anyone.
With modern medical technology, anything other than
instant death was a small matter.
But no matter what, it was a real battle, and the situation was another matter.

When all the students had arrived, Principal Hua Chengtian appeared at the podium.
Holding on to the microphone, he said, “Students, the final exam of the martial arts section which is held once every semester is
about to begin.
This is also your last final exam.
I hope that you’ll be able to perform well and test your standards.
I won’t say much else.
Everyone, pay attention to updates.
I’ll make another announcement before the

competition begins.”

Following Principal Hua Chengtian’s order, the ranking battle for the martial arts stream was about to begin.
“It’s finally starting.
It’s finally my turn to show off my skills!”

Gao Hongzhi held his spear in his hand as he roared with laughter.
He looked as arrogant as could be.
He was like a villain who had achieved success.
Chu Yunfan knew that he was doing this to ease his tension, but he
could not help but give Gao Hongzhi a fierce kick.

“Don’t lose in the first round!” Chu Yunfan could not help but say.
“That’d be impossible.
Unless I run into you, Tang Siyu, Zhang Teng, or Ou Yang.
You guys are monsters!” Gao Hongzhi said confidently.

Upon seeing Gao Hongzhi being hit by Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu, who was beside him, could not help but smile.
Soon after, the three of them received the news that the first round had begun.
Chu Yunfan walked up to
one of the arenas in the arena area.

At this moment, a tall and burly youth was standing in the arena.
He stared at Chu Yunfan.
He said coldly, “Chu Yunfan, I know you, but I’m not convinced of your strength.
I didn’t manage to enter the focus class
Now, I’m going to step on your shoulders and enter the martial arts stream!”

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly.
He knew what these people were thinking.
After all, although things about him had spread far and wide, most of them were just rumors.
Not many people had actually seen him.

Unlike Ou Yang, the reputation that Chu Yunfan gained from the yearly assessment was indeed above everyone else.
Everyone had to acknowledge him even if they did not want to.

And some students who were bold and talented would definitely not be convinced.
This was just like Chu Yunfan himself.
If he only listened to others flattering a person and had never seen this person with his own
eyes, he would not be convinced in his heart.
After all, some people lived up to the hype, but more often than not, they fell short of their name.

“It’s one thing to be bold and talented, but not everyone lives up to their name.
It’s a good thing to want to enter the focus class, but you’re dreaming if you’re thinking of using me as a breakthrough point!” Chu Yunfan
said calmly.

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He was no longer the person he was a few months ago.
The rapid progress he had made in the past few months had already allowed his attitude to take shape.

“My name is—” the student was about to introduce himself when he saw Chu Yunfan shake his head and say.

“There’s no need to introduce yourself.
I’m not interested in losers!”

This student had been aggressive from the start, which made Chu Yunfan feel a little disgusted.
Chu Yunfan was not bothered to give him any respect.

“That was going too far!” The student was instantly furious.
Chu Yunfan’s attitude showed that he did not take this student seriously at all.
It was simply humiliating.

The student flipped his palm and a heavy sword appeared in his hand.
He was tall and strong, thus using a regular sword to walk lightly and nimbly was not suitable for him.
Instead, he was better suited to using a heavy
sword which would allow him to release his power.

He took a step forward, and his body flew forward like a cannonball.
Then, the heavy sword in his hand slashed out, and True Energy instantly cut through the air.
The sword in his hand gave off a buzzing sound.

This student had dared to speak arrogantly just now, and he indeed had his own capabilities.
He was only in the ordinary class, but he was actually in the third level Qi Sea Stage.
With such cultivation, he was on par
with the students of the focus classes.
Even amongst the students of a focus class, he could be ranked in the middle and would not fall to the bottom of the class.

It was a pity that he had chosen the wrong opponent.

Chu Yunfan held his saber in one hand and blocked the incoming sword.

The sound of clashing metal rang out.

“What?” The student’s face immediately turned pale with fright.
He held his sword with both hands, and it was a heavy sword.
Yet his attack was easily blocked by the other party.
Suddenly, a blur passed through his
field of vision.
Chu Yunfan appeared in front of him before he had even noticed.
Then, Chun Yunfan punched out like a heavy cannon.

The student instantly let out a muffled groan and he flew backward.
He fell heavily to the ground and struggled twice, but he did not get up.

“First round—Chu Yunfan from Class 2 of Grade 3 wins!”.

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