Chapter 123 The Examination Began

Everyone’s expressions brightened as they looked in Qin Wu’s direction.

“Good morning, Coach!” The whole class chorused.

“Good morning.” Qin Wu looked around at everyone, nodded, and said, “Everyone is here.
Prepare yourself.
The examination will be held in a bit.
The same old rules apply.
First is the liberal arts.
Then, the martial arts examination!”

Many people nodded and rubbed their hands together.
After studying for a semester, it was time to test the results, especially for the students of the focus classes.
This was a chance to make a name for themselves.
The higher the ranking, the better the benefits.
Although not everyone could make it into the top 20, there was no doubt that they would receive better treatment.
This was related to whether or not they could get into focus universities.
This was related to their actual benefits.

As for the top 10 universities of the nation, they did not consider them anymore.
What a joke.
Even Ou Yang and Zhang Teng, who were currently ranked at the top, might not be able to get into the top 10 universities.

As for the number one university, their hopes were even slimmer.

“All right, all of you come out with me.
Let’s go take the exam!” Qin Wu boomed after handing out number plates to everyone.

Chu Yunfan, Gao Hongzhi, and Tang Siyu went out.
When they reached the door, they met Ou Yang.
Ou Yang looked at Chu Yunfan and said, “Don’t lose to someone else.
Otherwise, I’ll be disappointed!”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He could feel that although Ou Yang’s words were not polite, he did not mean any harm.
He just listed himself as an opponent.

“Don’t worry.
It won’t be that easy to defeat me!”

Everyone followed the information on their number plate and went to the examination room for the liberal arts exam.

Soon, the liberal arts exam began.
Chu Yunfan’s fingers flew over the computer keys.
The liberal arts exam for the martial arts stream was not like before, where it would be divided into different subjects.
Instead, all the subjects were tested together.
They were all comprehensive-styled questions.
However, these comprehensive questions contained a lot of content such as astronomy, geography, physics, mathematics, literature, and law.

But to Chu Yunfan, it was not difficult at all.
He had memorized the textbook.
Naturally, the exam was not difficult for him.

After he finished, he checked once and confirmed that there were no errors.
It was a full score.
It was enough for them to do this.
After all, the focus of the martial arts stream still depended on the results of the martial arts examination.

At this moment, in the invigilator room, the teachers had gathered.
Modern equipment could monitor every aspect of the examination room.
They did not have to worry about the students cheating.
As long as they were invigilating the examination from here, there would be no problems.

In front of the monitor of the exam room of the most important and outstanding students, many teachers would stop to look at them.
“Oh? Chu Yunfan has already handed in his papers? He’s very good at learning.
It’s a pity that such a person is going out to fight and kill.
He should have studied liberal arts.
Every year, there are so many martial artists going out, so what’s the use of having a few more? However, if we humans have one more great scientist, it would be comparable to having one more army!” A liberal arts teacher said unhappily.

Although it was said that both the arts and martial arts were important, in comparison, being able to develop oneself and allow oneself to fly and escape the earth as martial artists who were omnipotent was naturally the more popular choice among the young people.

“He has learned quite well.
I even taught him before.
He’s quite quick-witted.
He’s very famous in the martial arts stream.
However, if he were to study liberal arts, his talent would be great.
It’s not impossible for him to enter the Academy of Sciences and become an academician in the future, right?!” Another teacher from the liberal arts stream said, looking completely regretful.

“You guys are just sour.
His talent in martial arts is so good, why would he want to study literature? At the very least, he can get into a focus university.
If he works hard in the future, I think there’s hope for him to enter one of the top ten famous universities!” a teacher from the martial arts stream heard the other two’s conversation and could not help but say.

Because of the division of liberal and martial arts classes, it was inevitable that they would have competition.
The graduation rate of the college entrance examination every year was the goal of the competition.

Although the martial arts stream was the love of many students, the fact that the martial arts stream was overshadowed by the liberal arts stream was a fact that could not be helped.

Because in practicing martial arts, in addition to the requirements of talent, the most important thing was inheritance and resources.
Talent was innate, but resources were acquired.
Their school was just an ordinary school, and the resources they could provide were limited.
Therefore, it was very difficult to compete with the top schools.
However, it was different for academics.
As long as one had talent and worked hard enough, they could stand out.

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Therefore, from time to time, there would be people from No.
13 High who could get into a focus university, one of the top ten famous schools.
Every year, there would be a few people who could get into Federation University.

The principle of being poor and rich in literature and martial arts was fully reflected here.

After finishing his exam, Chu Yunfan left the classroom.
He did not know that because of him, the teachers of the liberal arts class stream and the martial arts stream in the school were having a small argument.

Because there were not many questions, the students of the martial arts stream finished their papers very quickly.
The liberal arts stream had other papers to take, and the martial arts stream had to prepare for the martial arts exam.

“Do you know the format of the final exam?” Chu Yunfan pulled Gao Hongzhi to the side and asked.

“Teacher told us about it, but you weren’t here, so it’s normal that you don’t know!” Gao Hongzhi said, “The martial arts exam is divided into two parts.
One is the basic exam, in which you’ll enter the virtual world and take a test.
According to the different number of opponents you defeat, you’ll be given a grade.
After that, it’ll be the ranking competition.
There’ll be about ten rounds of competition.
According to the performance of your first test and the outcome of the competition, the final ranking will be determined.
This ranking will be our ranking in the school.
In addition to selecting the top 20, they’ll also eliminate some students who are ranked lower in the focus classes according to the ranking.
Then, some of the elite students will be replaced by those from the ordinary classes!”

“Understood!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
Although they had already split classes once before, they would still make adjustments every semester to ensure that the most outstanding students in the entire martial arts stream were gathered in the focus classes.

This competition was very intense.
For the students who were ranked at the top, it was a competition for the top 20.
For the students who were ranked at the bottom, it was a competition for the opportunity to stay in the focus class.

After another half an hour, the martial arts exam finally began.
The students all entered the training room and connected to the virtual network to prepare for the exam.

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