Chapter 120: The Trump Card of Cultivation


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“Tve finally broken through to the fifth level of the Qi Sea Stage!”
Chu Yunfan let out a breath.
He had finally broken through to the fifth level Qi Sea Stage.
He could feel that both his True Energy and the quality of his physical body had improved significantly.
When he had broken through to the fifth level Qi Sea Stage, not only had he broken through to another stage, but he had also been constantly tempering his physical body, so that it could match with this stage.

Although it was not like the Physical Stage where one mainly cultivated the physical body, regardless of whether it was the Ancient Zenith Civilization or modern cultivation theory, they all believed that it was very difficult for any single cultivation to go very far.
Only when one cultivated both life and
death would one step onto the truly open and broad path.

Only when one’s True Energy volume and physical body had a huge increase could they be considered to have stepped into the next stage.
Among them, refining the physical body was the most complicated process.
It was far from a breakthrough that could be achieved just by swallowing a pill.
Chu Yunfan checked the time.
It was already noon the next day.
He pushed open the door and walked out.
Chu Qingxuan was the only one in the ward.
Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun were no longer there.

“Where are Mom and Dad?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“They went to see the doctor.
We didn’t call you when you were cultivating,” Chu Qingxuan said.
“Brother, did you have a breakthrough again?”

“Yes.” Chu Yunfan nodded.
There was no need to hide with Chu Qingxuan.

“Great, I know that you’re the best, Brother!” Chu Qingxuan was smiling so widely that her eyes were like crescent moons.

“Okay, okay.
Have you eaten?” Chu Yunfan asked as he patted Chu Qingxuan’s head.

“Not yet.
Mom and Dad told us to eat without them.
I thought that if you didn’t come out soon, I’d just eat on my own.
Now, let’s call the hospital to send the food over.
Just now, I checked on the Internet.
The quality of the food at this hospital is top notch!” Chu Qingxuan said with a giggle.
Chu Yunfan snorted and said, “Of course.
We spent so much money.
If the food doesn’t taste good, I’ll go make a complaint!”

The treatment in the luxury ward was indeed different.
There were all kinds of rich options on the menu.
It was as if there was a special restaurant serving them.
Later, Chu Yunfan found out that there was indeed a restaurant that served only the patients of the luxury wards.

After the two siblings had finished their meal, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun came back not long after.

After resting for a while, Chu Yunfan decided to continue his training.
After all, there were only a few days left before the final exam, so he had to make good use of the time to improve himself.

However, this time, he did not choose to continue meditating and cultivating.
With just a few days left, it would be difficult for him to make a huge improvement.
All he had to do was to consolidate his cultivation.

The confrontation with the black-clothed woman made him realize that he still had a huge weakness.
That was that he still lacked a trump card that could tip the situation in his favor at a critical moment.
That battle could be said to be a battle of wits and strength.
In the end, he set up a trap to trick the
black-clothed woman and finally killed her.
In order to make the black-clothed woman believe that he really did not have the ability to fight back, he had no choice but to sacrifice his left hand and was beaten until his bones were shattered.

Although the ultimate reason was that his and the black-clothed woman’s strength was far apart, it was also a fact that he lacked a trump card.

Previously, when he fought with Tang Siyu, they had fought for very long, but he was still unable to defeat her.
Other than the fact that their strengths were similar, it was also because he lacked an explosive trump card.
If he had a trump card that could increase his strength, if he were to unleash 200% of
his strength, then the battle between him and Tang Siyu would not have ended in a stalemate.

Since ancient times, many cultivators had realized the use of such a trump card.
To be able to turn the tide of a battle at a critical moment, or even turn a defeat into victory, using a trump card was indeed crucial.
It was just that it was not easy to cultivate a trump card.
It was far more difficult than
ordinary martial techniques.

At the current stage, many students were already spending a lot of time just cultivating basic martial techniques like the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
They simply did not have the time to cultivate a trump card.

However, as the opponents he encountered became stronger and stronger, they were all the best and elites among the students.
It was difficult to guarantee that the other party would not have a trump card.
After entering university, this situation would become even more common.
Chu Yunfan considered this for a moment.
This was the method that could allow him to increase his strength the most in such a limited amount of time.

After making up his mind, Chu Yunfan left the hospital.
He found a training room not far from the hospital.
Because everyone practiced martial arts, this kind of training room was very common.
People from average families like Chu Yunfan’s family did not have the money to set up training rooms at
home, but they too needed to practice martial arts, so all kinds of training rooms were very common.
It was just like the various internet cafes that were once prosperous in the Common Era.

After entering the training room and changing into a clean set of training clothes, Chu Yunfan took out his Shadowless Saber and began to cultivate.
‘There were not many people in the training room at the moment.
There were only another two or three people cultivating there, making it convenient for Chu Yunfan to train.

After a period of careful consideration, Chu Yunfan found a set of saber techniques from the Alchemy Emperor’s many memories.
It was called the Flow Cut Saber Technique.

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To the Alchemy Emperor, this set of saber techniques was not too profound.
It was just a set of saber techniques that the Alchemy Emperor had obtained in his early years.
He only gave it a cursory glance and did not cultivate it.

To the Alchemy Emperor, this set of saber techniques was not considered too profound.
However, to the current Chu Yunfan, it was the most suitable.
Martial techniques were not something that could be improved the stronger they were, but rather, they had to be the most suitable.

Back then, when he was only at the Physical Stage, he had forcefully used the King of the Jungle and caused one of his ribs to break.
And that move was actually the trump card of the Devilish Tiger Punches—the most powerful move.

This Flow Cut Saber Technique only had three very simple moves: Flow Cut, Overflowing River, and Capsizing Sea.

Just by hearing the name, one could tell that the power of each move was more terrifying than the last, with layers upon layers of overlap.

The first move, Flow Cut, could be cultivated at his current Qi Sea Stage, and its power was very great.
As for the Overflowing River, it could only be cultivated in the Energy Refinement Stage.
And as for the Capsizing Sea, it could only be cultivated at the Acquired Stage.

This was a basic saber technique, but it had the advantage of being able to be cultivated at the Qi Sea Stage.
And its power was not ordinary.

If it was continuously used, the power of the three moves would be comparable to most saber techniques.
Among the many basic saber techniques in the Alchemy Emperor’s memory, it was the best.

It was also the most suitable choice for Chu Yunfan at the current moment.

Chu Yunfan closed his eyes.
The information about the Flow Cut Saber Technique and the cultivation method appeared in his mind.
Then, they formed a cultivation picture in his mind..

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