Chapter 119: Breakthrough! The Fifth Level Qi Sea Stage!


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Bai Hong looked at Chu Yunfan with a hint of appreciation in his eyes.
This young man knew how to advance and retreat.
Not many young people knew how to act as such.
Ten percent might not seem like a lot, but in reality, the one who really profited from this was him.
And all Chu Yunfan had to do was provide the pill formula during this whole process.

Bai Hong has come across many who held out pill formulas and wanted to make excessive demands without knowing how to advance and retreat.
Such actions were indeed laughable.
Those people really thought that a large financial group or a large company was built on straws! Bai Hong’s company had
to bear almost all of the operating costs.
The manpower and material resources were all provided by him.
If the other party wanted to bite off half or even more of the share, that would be impossible unless both parties contributed equally.
No matter how precious a pill recipe was, it would be impossible
for those people to equal Bai Hong.

This kind of reckless person would usually die the fastest!

And Chu Yunfan knew when to advance and when to retreat, which was why Bai Hong admired Chu Yunfan very much.
Long-term cooperation was only possible with such people.
Of course, under normal circumstances, he had to act according to the legal contract.
After all, the Federation Government
was not to be trifled with.
They could not just do as they pleased.
The law not only restricted them but also protected them.
If they trampled on the law as they pleased, then such laws would not be able to protect them.
These people actually understood this logic very well.

“Since we have already reached an agreement, the rest is simple.
Ill get someone to draw up a contract.
You just need to sign it!” Bai Hong said.

He had a large-scale legal team under his command.
After Bai Hong brought up the main points, he sent the contract over in less than ten minutes.
Obviously, there was already a template.
He just needed to modify some parts of it.

Chu Yunfan checked the contract and confirmed that there were no problems.
There were not many terms.
Bai Hong was quite kind.
There were no traps and he was not too harsh.

After signing the contract, the electronic contract was submitted to the notary office.
There should not be any problems.

Not long after signing the contract, Chu Yunfan’s bank sent a message.
There was an additional 100 million yuan in his account.
Even though Chu Yunfan had just earned tens of millions before, when he saw this huge amount of money, he could not help but feel slightly excited.
Thinking of the changes that had occurred over the past few months, he felt as if he was ina dream.

“You’re quite straightforward, Master Bai!” Chu Yunfan said as he cupped his hands.

Although there was a clause in the contract to give 100 million yuan, he had heard a lot about the style of these large companies.
Even if there was a payment clause, they would usually delay it as long as they could.

Just having this money sit in the bank and collect interest was a lot of money.

While Chu Yunfan had been working with Lu Qingxuan, she had always been very straightforward in giving the money because she had a favor to ask of him.
This was completely different from the relationship between him and Bai Hong.
That was why he felt that Bai Hong was straightforward in doing things!

“This bit of money is nothing to me.
You also said that in the future, we might still be able to work together.
Little friend, you’re not a short-sighted person, and I am not the kind of person who kills the goose that lays the golden eggs!” Bai Hong said with a chuckle.
He had a feeling that he would be able
to work together with Chu Yunfan in the future again.

“That’s all then.
I’l be off now.” Chu Yunfan said.
Seeing Chu Yunfan turn around and leave the villa, Bai Hong said to Bai Ling’er, “Ling’er, you’ve always thought highly of yourself.
Now you know what it means that there’s always someone better than you.
There’s always someone better out there!”
Bai Ling’er pouted.
She was very cute.
Although she did not want to admit it, she knew in her heart that Chu Yunfan was indeed much better than her, so she was speechless.

“Elder, Tl work hard.
I’ll definitely surpass him in the future!”

Seeing Bai Ling’er reenergizing herself and reigniting her fighting spirit, Bai Hong could not help but reveal a relieved smile.
He had seen all kinds of storms in his life.
He knew very well that it was not scary to be hit by a blow.
What was truly scary was being unable to recover from a setback.
No matter

how talented a person like that was, he was just a piece of trash.

Chu Yunfan returned to Chu Qingxuan’s ward.
His parents and his sister had just finished attending the doctor’s meeting.
When they saw Chu Yunfan return, they all went forward.
“How is it? What did the doctor say?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“No problem.
The doctor said that there’s a 90% chance of success!” Chu Wencheng said.

“Then there’s no problem.
As a doctor, he definitely won’t say that he has a 100% chance of success.
There’s no difference between having a 90% chance and having a 100% chance!” Chu Yunfan said happily in his heart.
Chu Wencheng nodded, feeling rather gratified.
The problem that had troubled him for many years had finally been solved.

And all of this was because of his son!

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“There should be no problems now.
The surgery will take place in two days.
After the surgery, Xuan Xuan will need another two months to recover.
During this period, your mother and I will stay here to accompany her.
Don’t you have your final exams? Let’s wait for a few days first.
I’m afraid that the
people from the monster cult will come looking for you.
Let’s wait a few more days.
You can go back on the day of the exam.
The plane is really fast so there should be time!” Chu Wencheng said.

“By the way, Brother, Lieutenant Xue Bailong asked someone to bring you a box of things.
He said it’s the reward that he promised you!” Chu Qingxuan suddenly piped up.
Chu Yunfan looked at the box on the table.
He knew that it was the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
It was a good opportunity to make a breakthrough tonight.

After the family ate dinner, Chu Yunfan entered a separate room of the suite and began to prepare to make a breakthrough.
He sat cross-legged on the bed and began to circulate the Emperor Method through his body.
Then, he picked up the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pillll from the box next to him.
soon as the pill entered his mouth, it immediately turned into a stream of warm energy that flowed through his entire body.
Then, he began to circulate the Emperor Method to refine it.

The medicinal effect of the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pillll was indeed powerful.
The originally sturdy barrier of the fifth level Qi Sea Stage began to loosen under the impact of this warm current almost immediately.

Chu Yunfan immediately mobilized the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method and attacked the barrier crazily.
The True Energy that the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method could mobilize was incomparable to ordinary cultivation methods.
Ordinary cultivation methods did not have such a powerful impact.
the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method could do it, attacking the barrier over and over again!

Chu Yunfan also did not get fatigued.
Every time he was a little tired, a clear current would flow through his entire body and dispel any fatigue he felt.
He did not know how much time passed, but he finally broke through that thin barrier.

Breakthrough! The fifth level Qi Sea Stage!

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