Chapter 110 The Army’s Reward

A large military transport plane landed on an empty square in the residential area.
Soon, dozens of soldiers rushed down from the transport plane and surrounded the small forest where the crime took place.

Then, an officer strode over.
Chu Yunfan focused his eyes and saw that it was Xue Bailong.
The man spotted Chu Yunfan and could not help but be a little surprised.
He had not expected to meet Chu Yunfan here again.

After taking stock of the situation, he seemed to have understood something.

“You are the one who discovered the Monster Cult?” Xue Bailong walked to Chu Yunfan’s side and said.
“That’s right, Lieutenant Xue.
Why are you the one who’s in charge of this matter?” Chu Yunfan also asked curiously.

Xue Bailong smiled slightly and said, “I am not an ordinary soldier.
I’m in charge of anything that pertains to the Monster Cult in Calm Ocean City!”

Xue Bailong walked to the side of the woman in black and bent down to observe the corpse.
Then he said, “The person the Monster Cult wanted to abduct, was it you?”

“No, the person tried to abduct my sister.
I happened to see it and stopped her!” Chu Yunfan shook his head and said.
Xue Bailong looked at the body of the woman in black and said, “So, you killed her? You sure exceed expectations.
This person is at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Most army veterans would fall at his hands!”

Chu Yunfan just smiled and said, “He was too confident.
He thought that he could kill me for sure, which is how I managed to find a chance to take advantage of him!”

Xue Bailong did not look down on Chu Yunfan because of these words.
Even though the expert was one stage higher than Chu Yunfan, because of her carelessness, Chu Yunfan indeed had a slim chance of survival.

“I was careless.
Today’s matter has been reported to headquarters.
If it’s confirmed that there’s no mistake, then you’ve made a great contribution to the Federation Government.
According to the rank of this Monster Cult member, you should be getting three million as a reward!” Xue Bailong said.

Chu Yunfan was also secretly speechless.
His Shadowless Saber was also worth three million.
The head of an ordinary Monster Cult member was indeed valuable.
It was clear that the Federation Government was afraid of the Monster Cult.

“Lieutenant Xue, can I use the three million yuan to exchange for a Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill?” Chu Yunfan asked.

Xue Bailong was slightly stunned.
Then, he smiled and said, “Why? Do you now understand the benefits of the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill? As long as you join the army, you’ll have unlimited access to all kinds of benefits.
Truth be told, this is against the rules, but I’ve made my decision.
For you, I’ll exchange it for a Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill!”

At this time, Xue Bailong was still not giving up on his plan to recruit Chu Yunfan.
Especially after he found out that this Monster Cult member had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands, Xue Bailong became ever more interested in Chu Yunfan.

What Xue Bailong valued most was a calm and collected mentality of a person to be able to think of a way to kill their opponent who was far stronger than themselves under such desperate situations.
If their strength was not enough, they could train harder.
But this calm state of mind was something that even many veterans in the army did not have.
“Thank you, Lieutenant Xue!” Chu Yunfan said with a nod.

His hand was injured and he would not be able to concoct pills for some time.
To him, three million yuan was far less useful compared to the Three-Orifice Origin Spirit Pill.
With the pill, he had hope of breaking through to the next level Qi Sea Stage before the final exam.

“In addition to the three million yuan, the higher-ups will also provide other rewards as they see fit.
Those like you should be able to get into any regular focus university.
You can choose any major you want!” Xue Bailong said.
“But looking at you, you probably don’t want to go to a regular focus university.
You’d definitely want to get into one of the top ten famous universities, or maybe even Federation University!”

Chu Yunfan did not bother to put on airs and merely nodded.
If it was before, he would have been very happy to be able to get into a focus university.
But now, focus universities were already within his reach.
The entrance criteria to enter the martial arts stream of a focus university was only the seventh level of the Qi Sea Stage.
He was not far from that now.
He thus set his sights on the top ten universities.
And if he was lucky, maybe even Federation University.

“Although today’s incident will be kept a secret, it’ll be recorded in your personal file.
In the future, be it your studies or your work, you’ll have a much easier time than others!” Xue Bailong said.

“I understand!” Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
Turns out there were these hidden benefits as well.

The Federation Government was not stingy with rewards for citizens who had made great contributions.
Only in this way would many people contribute to humanity and the Federation Government.

The soldiers took away the corpse of the woman in black and carried it onto the transport plane.
The arrival and movement of the police and soldiers finally alerted the families in the residential area.
At this time, many people were still awake and they began to come downstairs one after another.
However, they were all blocked by the soldiers surrounding the quarantine zone and prevented from getting close to the scene.
The residents looked solemn.
They all knew that the military did not easily dispatch troops.
And once they did, it would definitely be a big deal.
However, for the sake of confidentiality, the soldiers did not let them get close.

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“When the time comes, I’ll have them announce to the public that the member of the Monster Cult was spotted and killed by the patrolling officers whilst trying to flee.
They’ll just treat this incident as a robber being killed!” Xue Bailong said.
“This way, you’ll remain hidden from the eyes of the Monster for a while!”

“Thank you for your protection, Lieutenant Xue!” Chu Yunfan said.
He could see that Xue Bailong was trying to protect him.
Before he got stronger, it was too dangerous for him to face such a huge monster like the Monster Cult

“By the way, there’s one more thing that I need your help with!” Xue Bailong looked at Chu Yunfan and said.

“Please say it, Lieutenant Xue.
As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely help!”

Chu Yunfan said.

“Since the Monster Cult has their eyes on your sister, there’ll definitely be a second attempt.
So we plan to send people to hide by your sister’s side.
You can go on with your daily life.
Our people will protect you from the shadows.
When the members of the Monster Cult appear again, we’ll catch them all in one go!” Xue Bailong said.

It was obvious that Xue Bailong wanted to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch all the members of the Monster Cult in one fell swoop, or even follow the clues and catch a bunch of big fish.

“All right, no problem!” Chu Yunfan said.

Although his sister’s illness needed to be treated, if there were members of the Monster Cult secretly coveting her, then he would be unable to sleep and eat in peace.
Using the strength of the army to catch all the members of the Monster Cult in one swoop was the best choice.

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