What Qin Wu said got all the students’ attention, and most of them were excited.
Due to their ordinary family background and talent, they did not practice the martial skills for real battles.

Whether it was Mu Zhenfei sparring with Di Ming or Chu Yunfan defeating Mu Zhenfei in one hit, in reality, none of them had used martial skills.
They were just fighting using their strength alone.

Meanwhile, the function of martial skills was to utilize their physique at the maximum level in order to defeat their opponents.

Therefore, many wanted to learn.
Their coach was not teaching an extraordinary martial skill, but it was free, and it would be a waste not to learn it.

Everyone had their eyes on Qin Wu.
He paused for a moment and then continued, “There’s no need for me to emphasize the importance of martial skills.
Today, I’m teaching you guys a set of punching techniques called the Devilish Tiger Punch.
It’s a set of techniques that experts based on a type of devilish tiger from the Ancient Zenith civilization!


“However, one’s cultivation base is required to be at a certain level to use these techniques.
Only those who have gotten to Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping and have sufficient physical strength can practice it freely.
Most of you haven’t gotten to that point, so you must take note as you try it.
Stop as soon as you feel like you can’t take it.
You’ll be at the losing end if you end up suffering internal injuries!”

“What? There’s a physical requirement for learning this Devilish Tiger Punch!”

“That makes sense.
The more powerful a martial skill is, the greater your physique has to be.
Physical strength is the foundation of such cultivation.
A skyscraper has to start from the ground.
The stronger one’s body is, the stronger you’ll be when performing many other techniques!”

“That’s right.
I heard skilled martial artists can even destroy a mountain with a punch.
In ancient times, they were called immortals.
They were worshipped like gods!”

“Coach is right.
The only other way is to cultivate to the point that one has an extremely developed brain and divine abilities with unbelievable power.
By then, you wouldn’t have to depend so much on your physical body!”

“I wouldn’t dare to think of that.
Such a person is rare throughout the entire human race!”


The students discussed it with each other.
Half of the students in the class were only at Tier-4 and Tier-5.
Some of them were still on Tier-3, and only a minority of them had a cultivation base of Tier-6 or above.


Even so, although they had yet to reach Tier-6, they would definitely get there in the future.
They would not lose anything if they learned this martial skill now.

“Watch me!” Qin Wu roared.
He clenched five fingers into a fist and threw a punch.
“Circulate energy all over your body and use all of your muscles.
The first technique—Luring the Tiger!”


When he threw the punch, his aura changed entirely and there was a series of explosive sounds.
It was as if he had transformed into a ferocious tiger.

“Second technique—Earth-Shattering Roar!

“Third technique—Ferocious Tiger’s Headspin!

“Fourth technique—Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!

“None of you can learn the last technique.
You’ll have to open up your qi sea and get to the Qi Sea Stage to learn this—King of the Jungle!”

The students were dizzy from watching Qin Wu’s series of movements.
He did not stop waving his hands.
It was really like a savage beast leaping off a mountain and capturing people.

Chu Yunfan could even sense an energy passing by his face, painfully slapping his cheeks.

Thinking to himself, he felt that martial skills were indeed powerful.
One’s initial ability could be elevated by 120% or even 200% through martial skills.
The greater the skill, the greater the boost.

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He had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories in his head, and there were some compelling martial skills in it.
The Mighty Emperor Battle Book especially had many martial skills with terrifying power recorded in it.
However, the catch was he could only use them when he had the required capacity.

Such formidable martial skills would drain one’s blood essence.
Even if he forced himself to use them, he would exhaust his blood essence immediately.
He would shrivel up like a dried mummy and die.

Therefore, the Devilish Tiger Punch martial skill was the most suitable one for him at the moment.

Chu Yunfan felt like he had gone into a mysterious state.
As he stared unblinkingly at Qin Wu, it was like his coach’s movements were being recorded with a video camera and were replaying in his head repeatedly.

He felt he had learned a little more after every replay.
When Qin Wu performed it the third time, he realized that he had preliminarily mastered the Devilish Tiger Punch.

However, he kept that to himself and did not say it out loud.


“That’s all for my demonstration.
I’ll send the Devilish Tiger Punch demo video to all of your mailboxes after class.
You guys can practice it on your own, but don’t do it too frequently.
It exhausts your physical energy!” Qin Wu said, “Now I need one of you to demonstrate.
Is there anyone who has mastered it?”

“Sir, I’ve mastered it!”

At that moment, Feng Deying raised his hand and stood up, looking quite full of himself.

Qin Wu nodded and said, “Sure, give it a try!”

Feng Deying showed his stance and roared, “Luring the Tiger!

“Earth-Shattering Roar!

“Ferocious Tiger’s Headspin!

“Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!”

Feng Deying demonstrated four techniques, but he did not do the last one, King of the Jungle.
The reason being it took too much of a toll on one’s body, so one could only perform it at the Qi Sea Stage.
Although Feng Deying was already on Tier-9 Physical Stage, which was a step away from the Qi Sea Stage, he was not quite there yet.

His movements were swift and extremely smooth.

“Not bad, not bad.
I supposed you got a private tutor to teach you the Devilish Tiger Punch before!” Qin Wu said.

The rest of the students looked as expected.
Modern society was unfair like that.
Feng Deying might have been practicing martial skills that the less privileged students were only just getting the chance to learn.

“That’s right.
My private martial arts coach told me that the Devilish Tiger Punch is the most powerful of the few widespread martial skills.
However, it takes a toll on the body.
Regular people can’t cultivate it, but it’s different for me.
I’m a genius, so the Devilish Tiger Punch suits me best!” Feng Deying said arrogantly.


“Your private coach has great taste.
Indeed, the Devilish Tiger Punch is the most powerful of the basic martial skills.
It’s difficult for regular people to learn it, but it has the highest value.
Its power is considered exceptional even when one gets to the Qi Sea Stage!” Qin Wu explained why he taught the Devilish Tiger Punch.

“You must’ve studied it for a few months, seeing that you’ve gotten to the Competent Stage.
You’ve got amazing comprehension!” Qin Wu looked at Feng Deying.
He then turned to the rest of the class and said, “This is a great opportunity to teach you guys about the stage categories for martial skills.
The first one would be the Elementary Stage.
You will achieve this stage when you’ve just learned it and managed to perform the entire set of techniques.
When you can perform it smoothly at will and combine the techniques freely, you’ll be at the Competent Stage.
By then, you’ll be considered to have cultivated the martial skill successfully!

“After the Competent Stage would be the Impeccable Stage.
When a martial skill is cultivated to this stage, it’s the limit an ordinary person can achieve.
You’re just reaching the essence of the fist.
My cultivation of the Devilish Tiger Punch is at this stage.

“The Impeccable Stage is followed by the Perfection Stage.
People who are at this stage would have cultivated the martial skill vigorously.
It’s rare that one can cultivate a popular punching technique such as the Devilish Tiger Punch to the Perfection Stage.
If 100,000 people were to cultivate it, it’s possible that not even one will reach Perfection! Of course, it has to do with the cultivators eventually switching to the cultivation of other martial skills!”

Qin Wu taught the students about the stages of martial skill cultivation.
The four stages were the Elementary Stage, the Competent Stage, the Impeccable Stage, and the Perfection Stage.

Chu Yunfan thought about the four stages of martial skill cultivation Qin Wu had detailed.
He could not believe that he had entered the Competent Stage.
Feng Deying had cultivated it for several months and was still at the same stage.
Given that he had achieved the same thing, such efficiency was simply stunning.

“Coach, I think demonstrating alone can’t showcase the Devilish Tiger Punch’s capabilities.
I want to get a classmate to spar with me!” Feng Deying suddenly exclaimed.


“Yes, only real battles can improve one further!” Qin Wu nodded.

Everyone had their eyes on Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi.
With Feng Deying’s strength, Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi were the only ones in the class who would be a match for him.

However, what surprised everyone was that Feng Deying walked straight to Chu Yunfan and said, “Fellow Chu Yunfan, let’s spar!”

Gao Hongzhi jumped out immediately and said, “Class monitor, aren’t you being a bully by doing this? You know that Yunfan only has a Tier-6 cultivation base.
He merely embarrassed you in class in the morning.
Must you hold onto a grudge like this?”

Gao Hongzhi and Feng Deying were old rivals, so they had hated each other for two years.
Naturally, he could see why Feng Deying was targeting Chu Yunfan.
He knew very well that, on the surface, Class Monitor Feng Deying was Class 11’s Prince Charming.
In reality, he was petty, whereby he would take revenge on people who crossed him.

Feng Deying’s face showed nothing after he was called out.
He merely stared at Chu Yunfan and said, “Fellow Chu Yunfan, do you not have the courage? We’re just sparring.
I can suppress my power to be on Tier-6 like you.
How’s that?!”

‘Shameless!’ Gao Hongzhi thought to himself.
Although Feng Deying could limit his power to Tier-6, he was actually at Tier-9.
He had refined his body more than Chu Yunfan had.

It seemed fair, but in reality, it was not at all.

“Fellow Chu Yunfan, underprivileged students like yourself might not have learned martial skills before.
I happen to be able to give you some pointers in cultivating the Devilish Tiger Punch.
It’d be the equivalent to hiring a private coach.
Do you know how much a lesson with a private coach costs? It’s worth a month’s salary for parents of poor people like you!”

Feng Deying could tell that Chu Yunfan was cornered, so he proceeded to speak with mockery on his face.

Initially, Chu Yunfan did not want to argue with him.
However, he had crossed a line by being so aggressive and even brought up his parents.

How could that be tolerated?

“Stop your nonsense.
Let’s spar!” Chu Yunfan stepped out and said.

“Yunfan, he’s obviously taking a shot at you.
You’re at a disadvantage!” Gao Hongzhi said.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll be fine!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
His expression was extremely determined.

Meanwhile, standing at the side, Qin Wu merely nodded slightly when he saw what was happening..
He did not plan to interfere.


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