Chapter 107: Planning After the Fact


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“Huff, huff, huff!”

Chu Yunfan panted heavily.
His left arm was fractured and he could no longer move.
If he moved even a little, he would feel an incomparable pain, as if countless needles were poking at him.

The other parts of his body were not much better.
The martial skills had been a huge burden on his body, not to mention that he had been fighting under tremendous pressure.
He had used 120% of his strength in this fight.
He was even more tired than when he had fought the adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger, and the damage was even greater.
At that time, Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu were helping him.
But now, he hads faced this fight alone.
This fight had been dangerous from the beginning to the end.
If he was not careful, he could have died.

The reason why the black-clothed woman lost to him was that she was too careless.
Although the black-clothed woman had been very vigilant from the beginning, even when facing someone like Chu Yunfan whose cultivation level was obviously lower than hers, she had to use her full strength to kill a

From the moment Chu Yunfan knew that he could not face the enemy head-on, he began to come up with a plan.
He constantly made the black-clothed woman think that she had victory in her hands.
Although being forced into a desperate situation was due to his lack of strength, it was also due to Chu
Yunfan’s calculations.

After being forced toward the big tree and having no way to retreat, Chu Yunfan seemed to have no choice but to fight head-on with her.
In fact, Chu Yunfan had planned it all.
When the other party broke the bones in his hand, it was then that the woman had let her guard down.
Only then was a flaw

When a person revealed a flaw, it was when they thought they had won.
In the end, he successfully beheaded the black-clothed woman.
This was something that even Chu Yunfan himself felt was extremely miraculous.
Even under such a crisis, he still had the headspace to plan such a turn from defeat to victory.

The clear flow from the Godhead in his mind had allowed him to maintain absolute calm.
Otherwise, in the face of such a desperate situation, even an experienced veteran would have died because the time was too short.
There was no time to think of such a complicated plan, let alone lead the other party
step by step into the trap that he had set up.

Thinking back, Chu Yunfan himself clicked his tongue in wonder.
It was as if an experienced hunter was waiting for the cunning fox to fall into the net.
No matter how careful the other party was, they would not have thought that Chu Yunfan, who had been forced into a dead-end, would not have thought of how to save himself.
Instead, he thought of how to defeat them.
Of course, the power of the Shadowless Blade was also impressive.
If he had been empty-handed, even if Chu Yunfan succeeded in his surprise attack, it was likely that he would not be able to hurt the black-clothed woman.

Although he paid the price of having the bones in one of his arms broken, he still felt that it was worth it.
Chu Yunfan endured the pain and continued to take deep breaths.
He took a deep breath and walked to Chu Qingxuan’s side with great difficulty.
He used his good hand to confirm that his sister had

only fainted and that she was not in any danger.
Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

At this moment, countless thoughts flashed through Chu Yunfan’s mind.
Who exactly was this woman in black? Why did she come looking for Chu Qingxuan?
Moreover, judging from her tone, it was not a sudden burglary.
It was obvious that she had planned it long ago.
Moreover, she was here for his sister.
However, he was also a little puzzled.
His sister did not have much money and had never made enemies with others.
Whether it was money enemies, it was unlikely.

“Genius… A good seedling…” Chu Yunfan carefully recalled every word that the woman in black had said before, he found two keywords.
He knew that his sister was talented.
If it was not because of the congenital genetic disease in her body, she would definitely be able to bloom.
In Chu Yunfan’s opinion,
she would at least not be inferior to their cousin, Chu Yuntian.

But why did the woman in black mention this point? Could it have something to do with this?
Could it be that she abducted people because of their talent? But why?
Modern society was not like society back then.
What could she have done if she abducted them?

This kind of case of abducting people from their homes was definitely a big case.
In modern society, there were cameras everywhere, and criminals often had nowhere to hide.
Even if they wore black clothes, it was actually useless.
In modem society, the developed Internet could find comparative data

from the database in minutes and identify the criminals.

They were willing to take a strange risk.
Why did they take such a big risk just to kidnap someone?

There must be something that he had not thought of!

This feeling made him very uneasy because it meant that someone from an unknown force was targeting their family.
If it was not a sudden idea, it was very likely that there was a gang behind it.
If there was a first time, there would be a second time!

Any random person in black could have cultivation above the Energy Refinement Stage.
If Chu Yunfan encountered such a person again, he might not be as lucky.

Among the teachers of No.
13 Highl, only the older ones, or those who were teachers of the martial arts stream, had the cultivation of a high level.
Some young teachers from the liberal arts stream did not have good talent in cultivation and were still in the Qi Sea Stage until now.
When faced with such a threat, Chu Yunfan’s first reaction was to get rid of the root of the problem.
He smiled bitterly.
He did not even know the background of the other party, so how could he get rid of the root of the problem?!

Moreover, he did not have the strength to do so.
Just this person alone had almost killed him!

Since he could not afford to provoke these people, he would stay far away from them!

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Chu Yunfan had thought about moving before.
Residential areas where rich people lived, like Liu Yushu’s family, not only had better security but also had better cultivation conditions.
It was basically impossible for something like this today to happen.

There were only a few security guards in a civilian residential area like theirs, and they had to be stationed at different places.
However, in a residential area where rich people lived, the security alone was more than ten times that of a civilian residential area.
On top of that, they were all veterans who had
retired from the army.
Such a thing like today could not happen.

There were also all kinds of cameras.
The incident would be discovered as soon as it happened.

It was just that he had never prioritized this matter before.
Whether it was the improvement of his own cultivation or the treatment of his sister’s illness, those were on top of the priority list.

He had only risen to prominence a short while ago, and he had too many things to do.
He had to prioritize them.

Moreover, his family had not offended anyone.
There was no difference between moving a few months earlier or a few months later.
However, what had happened today alarmed Chu Yunfan.
He had to deal with this matter as soon as possible.

However, if he wanted to move to a wealthy neighborhood, just the housing prices alone would be sky-high.
For example, in the Spirit Moon Community where Liu Yushu and her family lived, the cheapest house would start at ten million, and tens of millions were common.
In fact, in the depths of the
Spirit Moon Community, there were mansions like Liu Yushu’s family’s, one of which could even be worth hundreds of millions.

This made Chu Yunfan, who had just earned tens of millions thought that it would be a long time before he could offer such a place.
He immediately felt that his funds were not enough.
He had to think of ways to continue earning money.

Just as Chu Yunfan’s thoughts were flying around, a siren sounded.
The police had finally arrived.

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