Chapter 106: The Saber Slays the Woman in Black

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The woman in black got closer and closer.
Every step she took seemed to squash one’s heartbeat.
Every step made people panic.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was grave.
He had heard of this technique.
There were some experts who had many methods to attack people.
Even walking could turn into a method to attack people.
Their footsteps could make people panic in terms of their heartbeat rate.
However, these people usually had to be
very experienced in actual combat.

The woman in black took one step at a time, trying to disrupt Chu Yunfan’s heart rate.
However, Chu Yunfan’s expression was calm, as if he was not affected by this tactic at all.
A hint of surprise flashed through the woman’s eyes.

However, in the next second, the woman suddenly sped up.
In an instant, she was already close to Chu Yunfan.
A quick sprint forward would be sufficient to close the gap.
The previous attacks were all smoke and mirrors.
They were just to make Chu Yunfan lower his guard.
Now, it was the true killing
Facing someone like Chu Yunfan, whose strength was far inferior to hers, she had used all sorts of methods.
She was being cautious.

However, Chu Yunfan was prepared.
The Shadowless Saber in his hand slashed out horizontally, forcing the black-clothed woman to retreat.
After all, the black-clothed woman was made of flesh and blood.
She did not dare to take the strike head-on.
Her body bent backward and avoided the sweeping
blade at an unbelievable angle.
Then, like an agile cheetah, she stood up and pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

However, Chu Yunfan was even faster.
After his attack failed, he pulled back the Shadowless Saber halfway and chopped down toward the black-clothed woman.
The black-clothed woman sidestepped to dodge the attack, then grabbed at Chu Yunfan with one hand.

Chu Yunfan threw out a punch.

“King of the Jungle!”


The strike met its target, and the sound of bones and flesh colliding was heard.

Bam, bam, bam!

After the collision, Chu Yunfan retreated several steps before he steadied himself.
This was the first time Chu Yunfan was at a complete disadvantage in a physical confrontation other than against that adult Armored Saber-tooth Tiger.
This black-clothed woman was at least in the Energy Refinement
Stage, a whole stage higher than Chu Yunfan.

The black-clothed woman took advantage of the situation and struck out.
Chu Yunfan was already forced to this point, so he had no choice but to face his opponent head-on.
The Shadowless Saber in his hand was his only advantage.
For a moment, all kinds of clashing sounds could be heard throughout the small forest.
Both sides exchanged blows at a very fast speed.
Accompanied by their shouts, they sounded particularly loud in that small forest that was enveloped by the night.

In just a few dozen seconds of the collision, Chu Yunfan was once again forced into a dead end.
The gap between the two sides was essentially a gap that could not be filled with hard work.
Whether it was speed, strength, combat experience, and so on, Chu Yunfan was completely at a disadvantage.
just a few dozen seconds of the collision, Chu Yunfan was in a perilous situation.
He was losing step by step, and soon his back was forced against the big tree.

However, in the eyes of the woman in black was astonishment.
Although Chu Yunfan was at a disadvantage and was in more and more danger with each passing second, this woman was usually able to take down a Qi Sea Stage warrior in just two or three moves.
After all, the strength of the two sides was
far apart.

As she faced Chu Yunfan, she had already used all kinds of methods and even some psychological warfare to create a diversion.
However, she was never able to gain any advantage.
The killing intent in her eyes became even more pronounced.
It was even more necessary to kill such a person.
Thinking of
this, her attacks became even more ruthless, every move had the intention to kill.

Chu Yunfan had been forced into a dead end.
Suddenly, at this moment, he could feel a clear flow flowing out from the Godhead in his mind.
It flowed through his entire body.
His spirit was roused, and he felt an unprecedented sense of calm.
Originally, in the midst of the intense battle, Chu Yunfan did not have the mood to think about anything else.
But now, he felt that his thoughts had suddenly spread out.
Many, many thoughts actually appeared in his mind—many plans and ideas.
At the same time, although his actions did not speed up, it was obvious that he was not flustered by the woman’s attacks.
His error rate was decreasing and the chances of being caught off guard by the black-clothed woman were decreasing.
However, this situation did not last long.
Because he was forced toward the big tree, the space that Chu Yunfan could move around was very limited.
There was barely any space for him to move around.

“You’re dead!”

A series of buzzing sounds came from under the black-clothed woman’s mask.
Her eyes flashed with a ferocious expression.
She was finally going to be done with this troublesome brat.

The black-clothed woman dodged Chu Yunfan’s strike and then moved forward like lightning.
She used the Great Coffin Split to chop down Chu Yunfan’s face.

Chu Yunfan was forced into a corner and shouted, “I’ll fight you till the end!”

“King of the Jungle!”

All the muscles in Chu Yunfan’s body tensed.
Then, all the True Energy in his body rose up and gathered into his fist.
He clenched the fingers in his left hand and threw a fierce punch.

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A loud muffled groan could be heard as Chu Yunfan’s fist and the black-clad woman’s palm collided.
Chu Yunfan, who had nowhere to retreat, did not have enough space to act as a buffer.
He could only take the blow head-on.

However, this head-on collision only lasted for an instant.
With a crack sound, Chu Yun fan’s entire arm was fractured.
In the intense collision, he suffered a huge loss in an instant.

At the very least, it was a hairline fracture!

Chu Yunfan’s face instantly crumbled.
His face, which was slightly young and tender, was covered in a layer of cold sweat.
He grunted and his entire face changed.

The black-clothed woman’s eyes revealed a look of joy.
She had finally heavily injured this guy.
Her hands suddenly reached toward Chu Yunfan’s face once again.

At this critical moment, a blinding snow-white light flashed and swept out like mercury.


‘The blade aura slashed across the woman’s neck and fresh blood instantly spurted out, spraying all over Chu Yunfan’s body.

The black-clothed woman looked at herself in disbelief and her gaze suddenly rolled upward before falling to the ground.
Not far away, the headless corpse seemed to be her own body.

At this critical moment, Chu Yunfan’s right hand gripped the Shadowless Saber and had swept it over.
The three million Shadow Saber that he had bought finally displayed its power.
It cut through iron like mud and instantly cut off the black-clothed woman’s head.
‘Twas careless!

Before the black-clothed woman died, these three words echoed in her mind..

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