Ling Ye speculated that there were two reasons why the digestion and absorption ability could not carry on to grow.

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One is that the efficacy of those three red and black fruits can only reach this level, as if the elixir in the mysterious fantasy, only effective for people below a certain realm, and useless when they reach a certain realm.

The second is the problem of Ling Ye’s life level.

Ling Ye now says it’s not the bottom; after all, it’s just a mutated sika deer.
Although their power and life expectancy are far greater than that of the average sika deer, they are not the true spiritual beasts described in mysterious fantasy novels.

“So, I want to keep up to get stronger.
You must break through the threshold of two years old, or find a spiritual herb that will eat it in order to pray for a good change in themselves”

Ling Ye, lying on the ground in inwardly silent analysis.

In reality, he is now more than four months old, but the physique clearly exceeds the same age of similar, more than half a year old deer is a little bigger.
This is purely by Ling Ye this month’s fierce digestion and absorption of food.

Eat more, high absorption, natural growth is fast.

Some deer jumped around Ling Ye, while others purposefully rubbed up against him, as if to say “play together.”

Ling Ye naturally did not have time to pay attention to them.

I looked at the deer herd.

Thanks to the Xing soldiers who kept on hunting in the mountains this month, the deer herd now has a reduced number of deer from more than two dozen to seventeen.

Originally they entered the mountain once every four or five days, but this month the frequency increased greatly to once every three days, and then once every two days after that.

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The deer received focused care.

Fortunately, they focus on the stag, female deer, and young deer as their first targets, otherwise the number of deer must also be in the reduction of seven or eight.

“Recently, humans have been entering the mountains more and more frequently.
This is not the way to go on.
I do not know what the situation is outside the mountain range.
The simulation progress also causes headaches.”

Ling Ye inwardly shakes his head, thinking recently was not very smooth.

The female deer suddenly called out, and the surrounding deer immediately reacted.

Ling Ye vigilantly looked in a certain direction.
He heard human voices and the sounds of beasts roaring.

“This voice is a tiger.”

Ling Ye inwardly stared.

This mountain range is very large.
There are tigers, he has long known.
Even at a month old, the deer herd was really attacked by a tiger, that time he was terrified.

The tiger is the king of beasts in the carnivore kingdom.
It can be rivaled only by the bear.
Even the lion in front of the tiger is a brother.

The deer herd moved quickly.

In the process, Ling Ye found that humans were not to catch them, but in pursuit of an adult tiger.

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Ling Ye did not care much.

His current intention is to survive for one day and try to make it to adulthood.

After successfully getting away from the humans and tigers, the deer stopped to rest, and some hungry ones began to eat grass for a meal.

Ling Ye is the same.
He is now the time to grow, eating a lot every day, comparable to eight or nine adult deer.

“If only there was meat to eat.”

Ling Ye reflected in the middle of the meal.

This month, although there were several human hunters in the mountains, not every time with a hunting dog, the deer encountered several times were purely human soldiers.
Ling Ye also did not have the opportunity to meat, and some small animals, Ling Ye’s bad luck did not encounter.
Alone to leave the deer herd to find food, Ling Ye felt less secure.

In a variety of ideas, Ling Ye slowly waits for the next day.
He is still a little short of the simulation point to reach three points.

Darkness gradually fell, and the deer herd leaned against each other to rest.

The females around the circle, the deer in the middle, Ling Ye, although strong, from the size of the deer.


Comfortable in sleep, keen animal instincts let Ling Ye feel a cold sense of danger approaching.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and Ling Ye found that outside the deer herd was full of a wild aura of shadow quietly approaching.
The footsteps were nearly silent, but the breath held a trace of blood.

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This is a predator!

As if realizing that they were discovered, the figure simply did not bother to approach quietly, but directly pounced on the outermost female deer.

All the surrounding female deer woke up.
One of them reacted quickly, but not fast enough, and was directly bitten by the figure.

With the spill of moonlight, Ling Ye saw what it was.
It was actually the adult tiger that was chased by the soldiers during the day.

It also had two bows and arrows sticking out of its back, with blood spilling out, but the body was able to move freely, with a hungry and ferocious look in its eyes.

The bitten female deer was instantly killed, and the adult tiger let go of its mouth and looked at the other deer with greedy eyes.

This guy clearly wasn’t going to stop.

He was wounded and wanted more food than usual.

It pounced once more, this time on a young deer.

The other female deer, after the sacrifice of that female deer, has reacted to escape, but the deer obviously does not have this ability.
Speed and reaction are on the slow side.

Seeing that the young deer was going to die in the tiger’s mouth, Ling Ye stomped hard on all four limbs.
This was comparable to the top carnivore’s muscle burst, Ling Ye directly approached the adult tiger.

The front limbs support the ground, one of the feet as the origin, quickly making a one hundred and eighty-degree turn.

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Immediately after, Ling Ye kicked with all his strength.

This is the result of Ling Ye’s continuous improvement of his kicking skills in the plot simulation.

This adult tiger did not expect a deer to stop itself, let alone such a swift attack.


Ling Ye’s hind limb deer hoof directly collided with the tiger’s side abdominal muscles.

The pain was so severe that the adult tiger’s lunge disintegrated, and the pain was so great that the whole body fell over in the direction of the side.

After Ling Ye’s hit, his body turned back quickly and attacked again.

He knew that one blow would not kill the tiger, so he had to pursue it while it was still alive.

Not waiting for the tiger to stand up, Ling Ye again did a roundhouse kick, this time deliberately aimed at the tiger’s hind leg.

If a walking animal breaks a leg, its movement will be greatly affected, even for a tiger.

A click accompanied by the tiger’s scream of pain, and Ling Ye again won.

The surrounding deer herd has long been watching in amazement.

Although they do not have the richness of human expression and intelligence, they stand still in place.
Some of the original intention to escape the female deer is also dumbfounded at this scene, which can show how much they are surprised at the scene in front of them.

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