The two consecutive plot simulations had given Ling Ye a real taste of sweetness.

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Although the world in the simulation was very dangerous and he was only a very small pawn, the little gain was something that made him willing and extremely beneficial.

There was still one chance left for the plot simulation.
Ling Ye naturally would not give up.

“This time the purpose is still take care of yourself, trying to live through a year.
At the same time, this time not only any creatures do not approach, even some seemingly extraordinary spiritual herbs, myriad leaves also try not to touch; just remember the place on the line.”

Although Ling Ye only did two simulations, from these two simulations he still got some useful information for him.

The first is that his mind and thoughts before the plot simulation, on the simulation of their own actions, will have an impact.

For example, if his second simulation intends to take care of yourself, then the simulation of their own will never wave, only to see the situation.
His second simulation to take care of yourself is not enough.

The second is that what he ate in the simulation world, the second simulation, will still exist.

For example, the red and black fruit that made his appetite metamorphose and his digestive and absorption capacity increase greatly, the first time he ate it, the second simulation is still there, and the continuous eating will make his digestive and absorption capacity increase again.

This should be considered a hidden bug benefit.

After meditating on the plan in his mind, Ling Ye started the third simulation.

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After the countdown light screen appeared…

【0 years old, Ling Ye was born, you unhurriedly finished eating the weeds in the tree cave while going out to look for food and found three red and black fruits, which you happily ate】

【Day 2, you take the entrance of the tree cave as your zero point and explore in a different direction while eating every day, but the distance you explore each time is not much】

【In the 1st month, you encountered a snow-white rabbit at the cave entrance at a distance of about 500 meters at 10 o’clock, and you returned very heartily and listed this direction as a restricted area】

【In the 3rd month, you found a seven to eight-meter tall black bear feeding on a rock at the cave entrance at a distance of about 700 meters.】

【In the 6th month, you found a small plant emitting light and resembling a sword at a distance of about 900 meters in the direction of three o’clock at the entrance of the cave.
You didn’t dare to go there at all and silently classified it as a forbidden place】

“These are the Lord who can not afford to mess with them.”

Looking at the simulation of himself, Ling Ye secretly nodded.
Although it is cowardly, remembering the location will definitely help in future simulations.

【In the 8th month, you explored the cave for more than a thousand meters in the direction of five o’clock, and you heard a loud and clear cry from a high place in the distance, and the branches of the surrounding trees were swinging.】

【In the 11th month, you finally figured out some of the surrounding terrain.
There is a huge mountain range blocking the end of the cave at four or five o’clock, another mountain range blocking the end of the cave at seven or eight o’clock, and at the end of the cave at nine o’clock, you can vaguely see a lot of rocky mountains and gravel land.
As for the direction of twelve o’clock, you can feel a lot of beasts every time you go over, but it’s safe to be 500 meters from the mouth of the tree hole.】

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【In the 12th month, your head feels itchy, and you find that antlers have finally grown on your head, and you are now an adult.】

【1 year and 1 day old, you were out exploring today, and you didn’t know what was going on, but you ran into that snow-white rabbit.】

Ling Ye’s mouth twitches at the corners of the narrative.

What’s going on? It is not easy to get to one year old, but only a day has passed and then you meet the rabbit.
What kind of luck is this?

Fortunately, there is good news; that is, he is no longer brittle.

【1 year and 1 month old, and you’re feeling unlucky.
The rabbit seems to have set its sights on you, and every time you go out, no matter which direction you go, as long as you go beyond 500 meters, you’re bound to run into the rabbit.】

【1 year and 3 months old, you finally tried to fight back after taking a lot of legs and breaking a lot of bones from the rabbit.
You managed to kick the other side hard and looked at the other side’s surprised eyes.
You felt very happy】

【1 year and 5 months old, you and this rabbit every day to go out to fight, with the improvement of physical fitness, you found yourself and the other side can be seven or three open.
Although each time was beaten by the dust, you unknowingly steal a part of this rabbit’s kicking skills】

【1 year and 6 months old, you are tired of fighting and being beaten for a long time.
Today you rely on your speed and cleverly get rid of this rabbit in a fight.
You head towards twelve o’clock for more than 2,000 meters continuously.
You encounter a lot of fierce beasts, and finally you are eaten by a big lizard of 10 meters long】

【At the end of this simulation, for the first time, you survive for more than one year and complete the cowardly and shrewd achievement, awarding a lucky card that allows you to keep two of the following five items】

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【1 year and 6 months of physical fitness】

【1 year and 6 months of experience】

【1 year and 6 months of digestive and absorption ability】

【Rabbit Kick technique stealing】

【Cowardly and shrewd characteristics】

The time lived this time made Ling Ye very satisfied, reaching one and a half years.

Ling Ye clicked on the lucky card note.

【Lucky card: can let the host’s luck in a day be maintained in a good luck state.
There will be no side effects.
It can only be used in the real world.
Note: the lucky card is not omnipotent.
Remember not to randomly cause death, otherwise the goddess of luck comes to be useless】

“Another good reward card”

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Ling Ye nodded happily and immediately began to choose the items to keep this time.

“What is this cowardly and shrewd??”

Ling Ye was curious and clicked on its note.

【Cowardly and shrewd characteristics: After choosing this item, the host’s personality will be inclined towards cowardly, but the cowardly will be tinged with absolute shrewdness, be extremely sensible, absolutely not act impulsively, and the IQ can be improved to a certain extent】


What the hell is this ……

I can’t believe it can affect my personality.

Even if it becomes more sensible, Ling Ye can’t accept that he has become a coward.

He will become a deer of the Chaos Kirin.

After some consideration, Ling Ye chose the fitness and kick skills.

The next second, before the body’s familiar sense of becoming stronger spread through all limbs, but the difference is that Ling Ye’s brain appeared out of thin air with a lot of memories, so that his hind legs subconsciously kicked up ……

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