Ling Ye looked at the changed template, and his gaze stopped at the thirty-year lifespan and the new evaluation.

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“Thirty years of lifespan, my lifespan has increased, and I’ve become able to eat meat.”

Ling Ye was instantly excited inside.

This was simply fantastic.

Usually, carnivores are stronger than herbivores, but that wasn’t the point.
The point was that he could use food to get energy quickly.

What does this mean?

Other animals consume 10% of the food.
Perhaps only 20% to 30% of the effective use cannot be absorbed as waste and must be excreted.
While their effective use may reach fifty to sixty percent, life expectancy is rising.

The key is also a long time to eat, which can gradually increase the body.

When compared to tigers and cattle, the muscle strength of the sika deer cannot be much higher, and Ling Ye now sees the possibility of catching up with these two animals.

“No need for me to personally spend time, I just need to live in the plot simulation world like just now, but this time I must live longer, not like just now, with only nine days to die.”

Ling Ye suppressed his inner excitement and ran back to the deer herd to lie down honestly, while inwardly thinking of a good plan.

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That rabbit must be avoided at all costs.

Not only that, all creatures should be avoided.

The plot simulation world is a metaphysical world.
Although he is currently mutated but still in the category of ordinary creatures, meticulous development is the king.

“System, I want to start the second plot simulation.”

【Permit simulation; deduct 3 simulation points】


The light screen of reading seconds appeared again…

【0 years old, Ling Ye was born; you feel hungry.
After eating all the weeds in the tree cave, you run out of the cave and find three red and black fruits.
A meal eaten, you feel great satisfaction, while digestion and absorption ability have slightly improved】

【Day 2, you try to explore outside the cave, eating as you go, returning to the tree cave when you are full, being careful of development】.

【Day 10, you are always on the move, eating and drinking and then going out for a small walk, never going far, living a monotonous and boring life as a deer.】

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【Day 20, more than 300 meters around all the green plants you have eaten all over, you feel a little tired, want to change the taste, but still hold back】

Seeing this, Ling Ye secretly nodded his head, feeling worthy of himself, more rational than sensible, but soon…

【Day 40, you take care of yourself a period of time, today finally decided to explore a little farther distance, you advance a little, suddenly heard a loud noise in front of you, you leaned over, vaguely saw two huge animals fighting, did not wait for you to see, a fist-sized stone shot, you were too late to dodge, directly by this stone wounded, broken bones in the body, you were scared to rush a little back to the tree cave】

Ling Ye: “…..”

【Day 43, your body’s self-healing power is unexpectedly high, you feel that the broken bones have recovered, but you do not intend to continue to go out, or honest and wretched development is the kingly way】

【In the 5th month, you feel that your body is improving very quickly and your appetite is also improving, although the greenery around you is growing rapidly, you finally feel tired of it.
Suddenly, you see a special golden grass in front of you, emitting a shimmering light.
You think it is a spiritual grass, so you want to go over and eat it, but as soon as you lean over, your body is cut in half.
Before you die, you finally realize what this grass looks like; it is a sword】

【At the end of this simulation, the first time you survive more than a month, complete the first take care of yourself achievement, reward ten times increase card, and you can keep one of the three following】

【Five months of physical fitness】

【Five months of experience】

【Increase in digestion and absorption capacity】

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This time the simulation effect was obviously better than the first time, flying directly from 9 days to 5 months.

Ling Ye first looked at the rewarded ten times increase card.

【Ten times increase card: can temporarily increase your own muscle strength by ten times; no side effects; can be maintained for half a day; this card can only be used once and is only valid in the real world.】

Ling Ye’s eyes lit up.

Temporarily increase your own muscle strength ten times.
This is completely a life-saving magic card.

The muscle strength boost can be felt not only in attack power but also in running as well as a huge boost, with options for both attack and escape.

“Unfortunately, it can only be used once.
It’s best to use it when my power gets stronger for the best effect.”

Ling Ye looked at the three simulated items again and decisively chose the five-month physical bonus.

The next second, the heat that spread through the limbs and bones immediately acted on the body.
Ling Ye felt his whole body gradually filled with power.
The body size did not increase much, but the internal changes were real.

Ling Ye looked around the rest of the deer, carefully ran out, and when far away, jumped forward with all his might, the whole body directly into the air a meter.

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“My jumping power has increased by a large margin!”

Ling Ye excitedly jumped everywhere in the jungle.

The speed improvement is particularly obvious, as is the flexibility.
Ling Ye can even do an aerial diagonal jump to the trunk of a tree, using this trunk to temporarily turn such difficult movements.
That belongs to the feline only talent.

Ling Ye’s hind leg muscles exploded and he kicked with all his might towards a not too thick tree, which immediately swayed slightly and seven or eight leaves fell.

Ling Ye looked at the falling leaves.
He was surprised that this strength was really something a five-month-old merganser could have.

“This is definitely not the power of a five-month-old sika deer.
Even an adult sika deer definitely does not have the power that I have.”

Ling Ye’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light.
He suspected that it was the influence of the environment and greenery in the plot simulation world.

The green plants in that world are different from the real world, containing nutrients that definitely exceed this side, plus his digestive and absorption capacity far exceeds that of his kind, so after he grew to the size of five months in the simulated world, the strength of his physique is far from the degree that a normal five-month kind should have.

“The effect of five months is so great, if I can live in the plot simulation world for two to three years, my physique may really reach the same level as tigers and cows.”

Ling Ye’s heart is excited.
He still has one plot simulation left…

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