In Xing’s military camp, dozens of human soldiers sat around the campfire, grilling wild meat.

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There is no seasoning in this era, and the barbecued meat tastes average, but for the soldiers, it is delicious; after all, it is meat again.

Ordinary people, for months, may not be able to eat a bite of meat.

“This grilled mountain chicken tastes good, ah.”

“Average, lacking some seasoning, if only in the Lu Kingdom, where there is a good seasoning.”

“Shut up.
It’s good to have food.”

“then these mountain chicken and wild dogs, I would like to try tiger and bear meat.
I heard that there is a famous dish over in Qi, called steamed bear paws, is only the nobility of the noble can afford to eat the famous and delicious, ah, we also have bears in the barracks, if we can ……”

“You say this out of fear of the general cut you, that is to be kept for sacrifice, but tomorrow we are going into the mountains to hunt deer.
Maybe we can secretly kill a few to hide.
I heard that the blood and flesh of deer is the real tonic.”

While the group of soldiers was bragging and farting, Ling Ye carefully bypassed them.

There are actually a few hounds in the barracks, but at this time, the barracks are full of barbecue smell, plus there are already a lot of animals imprisoned, and even the nose of the hounds can not detect Ling Ye’s presence.

Swing left and right around a circle.

Ling Ye soon came to the right corner of the barracks, where several large cages of bronze were divided into tigers, bears, foxes, wolves, deer, and a large wooden barrel containing snakes.

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Because these animals are used for sacrifice, Xing soldiers are lazy to feed them.

As Ling Ye approached, each carnivorous animal was restless and growled, with the tigers and bears moving the most.

They are already starving and want to come out, but how can not push the cage, but even that low into the roar is also very frightening, so the Xing soldiers have no one here to guard, just every once in a while, soldiers are patrolling by.

Ling Ye, at this time, while no one is close, looks to the cage door buckle.

This elementary school student knows how to open the simple door buckle with no lock.
We must lift the front of the pull buckle and then pull to the left.
The cage door can be opened.

It can be done in the cage.

Only for the beast with little intelligence, this difficulty is already over the limit.

“The physical strength of the beast, no matter how strong, is only the level of mundane, not strong enough to ignore the degree of human intelligence ah.”

Ling Ye looked at the majestic tiger and bear.
They are considered at the top of the carnivore but are now still imprisoned in the cage, the hunger hard to bear the wretched look, so Ling Ye can not help but feel the strength of humans.

The physical strength is far inferior to these beasts.
Society is not known about the extent of Ling Ye’s previous life.
Still, even in this ancient civilization, humans are enough to rely on the ability to work as a team, and a variety of tools in this world is deservedly the overlord of all things.

Of course, the premise of all this, all in the case of human beings, are prepared.

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For example, if Ling Ye released all of these beasts, he estimated that the entire barracks was enough to turn into a mess.

“I hope you can buy me some time.”

Ling Ye first approached the fox’s cage, using his antlers instead of his hands, and opened the cage door in a few random strokes, and the fox inside darted out.

Ling Ye released the deer, bear, tiger, and wolf in turn and finally kicked the sizeable wooden barrel containing the snake, which had a giant python.

Ling Ye moves quickly away.

Even if he is considered the savior of this group of animals, he will not think that this group of hungry, by the body to control the brain of the animals, will thank him.

A drunk soldier ready to find a place to relieve himself walked to a corner and pulled out his pants when a wild wolf with green eyes pounced on him, and a miserable scream was immediately heard.

Other places in the barracks not long after also shrieked and screamed.

“Tiger, the tiger has run out.”

“Not only tigers but there are also born here.
Get your weapons, ahhhhhh.”

“Grab those deer, quick.”

“What the hell is going on? How can they run out of the cage.”

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General Tu Nao, resting in the tent, heard the commotion and came out to see the image of several tigers and wolves chasing after the human soldiers.
And these hungry tigers and wolves quickly tore those few human soldiers.
Blood and tragic death were ongoing.

Tu Nao was surprised, followed by a fire and fury up.

They captured these beasts with great effort.

“Bastards, do not quickly catch this group of animals.
What panic.”

Some animals were so hungry that they directly attacked the people and started to eat, but some animals were smart enough to escape outside the barracks, such as the dozens of deer that Ling Ye released.

The high priest also came out at this time.
He looked at the picture in front of him, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“None of these beasts are allowed to be let go, especially those deer, quick, quick, recapture them for me.”

The barracks were in a mess, with shouts of drink and screams everywhere.

Ling Ye, relying on his sense of concentration, carefully avoided the crowd, smoothly entered the high priest’s tent, and saw the turquoise blood jade leaf flower.

At close range, Ling Ye fully perceived the delicious energy within this flower.
The aroma made Ling Ye not delay for a moment and directly at the Jasper Blood Jade Leaf Flower into his belly in three bites.

“This flower is too delicious.”

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As in the previous life chewing their favorite spicy food, the difference is only in the degree of nutrition in the sky.

Ling Ye got a lot of help from the energy of the Jasper Leaf Flower.
There was a faint shimmer in his body, mainly from Ling Ye’s antler.
A light powder started to show up around it.

This is not a simple herb but an actual spiritual flower containing the essence of heaven and earth!

A dozen seconds later, Ling Ye’s body skin gradually turned white, and even the size of the body seemed to have increased a little.

Typical sika deer are brownish-yellow skin with white spots.

Ling Ye is now wholly a white deer with a very different appearance.
Of course, the antlers are not white but appear blood red, very attractive to the eye.

No, as soon as Ling Ye came out of the tent after eating, two soldiers spotted him.

“A deer is running into the high priest’s tent.
Catch it, eh? Why is it this color?”

“Never mind what color it is, the general and the high priest ordered that all the animals must be caught, especially the deer, do it now.”

Ling Ye looked at the two human soldiers rushing towards him, not panicking.
His hoof stomped in place and directly hit its head……


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